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  1. Seconded. It felt like a bit of a throwback to those kind of episodes for sure. I'm never really optimistic about any anime originals, I just hope to be surprised. Next one looks like something more "typical" for the series. This one wasn't too bad, but it was really predictable, and there really wasn't any mystery. Not always a bad thing I suppose. It seems like AOs, at least quite a few of them have been aiming more for comedy rather than mystery lately... where as there is just the right balance in the manga. Not like there's a lot of room for 1 parters to really do much though to begin with... Hmm, dunno about that, but I'm generally in favor of getting rid of Genta whenever possible At least we'll have the Darkest Nightmare to watch in a couple months, in addition to the Ramen case. I really wonder what the delay is with the Shin/Ran flashback at this point, and find it odd that they are going to be airing a new ending before they animate this case. Maybe the ending animation for SAWAGE LIFE will contain some bits of the flashback case as well (but I sincerely doubt it). Title sounds interesting? We don't have a preview for that one yet, do we?
  2. Yoko/Higo case was pretty stellar. Anime did a good job with its adaptation... Episode 824 is one of those childish cases that can't really represent the series as a whole... but it was quite "fun" I guess. A few comedic bits, and some really far-fetched parts, and I have to say the gimmicks usually either work or they end up destroying the episode for me. I was okay with it this time around... That Gundam... Pretty sure Gomera would have killed the lady too , not even up for debate.
  3. File 966 Chinese: http://imgur.com/a/FJGwn (minkun) File 966 Chinese: http://imgur.com/a/t4FvV (mihua) http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4667386676 (minkun) http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4667930300 (mihua)
  4. I'm going to be optimistic about this chapter... could be a good one. It would be nice to get back to the "plot" after Heiji and Kid.
  5. Not really digging the new forums... I'm wondering if I didn't enjoy Space Patrol Luluco as much because I've never really seen any of TRIGGER's anime (except for Kiznaiver). Perhaps if I was able to catch some of the references, I might have enjoyed it more. Last season definitely had a lot of disappointments. Agree with you there on Joker Game, Bungo Stray Dogs, and Kabaneri, though Mayoiga didn't really so much disappoint me, since that would be too light of a term to describe my feelings Re:Zero has delivered a similar feeling of suspense as I got with Erased, so I've definitely enjoyed it, but my big worry I suppose is the conclusion and it not living up to a majority of the series. I also don't really know what the "main plot" is, so no clue where it's eventually going to go with all this. It's been a great watch so far, and Episode 13/14 were great, so that kinda cleared up my worries about the new arc. It'd be nice to see this series extend another season, and go say, 50 episodes if need be. I'd be pretty welcoming of that, and so far, it doesn't seem to really rush anything. Orange is looking good, I'm quite interested to see where it's heading. I'm kind of a sucker for those concepts, but dunno how I'll fair with the majority of the series since I'm not really big on Shoujo or Romance anime (Though like Rakugo, I think this'll be quite the exception). ReLIFE had me pretty mixed I guess, but for a SoL and all of the "development" that happened in such a short run, it was pretty decent. Fun to essentially see APTX4869 in another anime (assuming we're assuming it takes off 10 years, instead of shrinking you...) - Was a bit bummed that a majority of the side characters were in the spotlight in comparison to Arata, but glad they didn't neglect them either. Looking forward to a second season when/if it gets here. Even for CGI, Berserk's animation is pretty terrible. Can't say much about the story since I haven't read the manga, but I'll hope for the best and that it improves. It felt very awkward to watch, and there wasn't really anything noteworthy about it. Even going in with lowered expectations, and having no knowledge of the source material to compare it to, it's a pretty big disappointment.... it's also only the first episode so I don't really want to kick it to the curb just yet. Taboo Tattoo seems kinda generic... but if I had to say one positive about it, it's got some pretty nice animation/fight scenes. I've never understood the whole running with toast in your mouth to school trope either... Well, I'll keep up with this one for now and hope it delivers in some area. Not a fan of the stylistic changes, again, for the sake of comic relief. Lately I've felt that shows have been doing this far too often, and it just feels cheap, and hardly ever genuinely funny. Weird character names in this one too... Have 91 days (the one I'm most excited for this season), Qualidea Code, Mob Psycho 100, Neijimaki Seirei Senki, Regalia, and Shokugeki no Sama S2(if I ever start/finish Season 1) on my list for now. I think If I'm disappointed with the line-up this season, especially since my time has been pretty limited, I'm just going to work on my backlog.
  6. Well, pretty much everything from this season is wrapping up... and I have to say, I was a bit disappointed with the line-up this season. I think while there were more shows this season that I liked in comparison to Winter, Winter had more exceptional shows as a whole (Konosuba, Erased, Ajin, and Rakugo all sat really well with me) - This season was certainly good, but it didn't deliver in the same manner... RE:Zero - My favorite anime of the season for sure. I think it delivered in pretty much every department and still has quite a bit of potential. I ragged on it before for Subaru being a bit "obsessive" over Emilia or the character interaction between them, but I got some of the answers I wanted to in Episode 13. I was a bit worried where the show was going with Episode 12, but I'm pretty confident I'll enjoy the rest of the series. For not a whole lot happening in the first half of the show, It didn't feel slow, and the character development was well executed. My initial worry about the series was pacing and that it would be repetitive given the concept and "time travel" or whatever you want to call it is involved. Great opening and ending to boot (Still really digging STYX HELIX) 8/10 Ace Attorney - While I did have some fun with the series (some), it did end up being a disappointment even with one of the longer cases towards the end of the first cour (is that the correct term?). A majority of the comedy did not strike me as funny, and the actual cases just didn't leave much to be desired either. I had hoped to enjoy this one much more than I had, and I know... I should play the games (but I still won't have the time to play the games without sacrificing far too much) - and maybe I will someday... The presentation of the cases felt a bit "childish", and the animation and art felt really lackluster. It was too spotty for my liking. Very mediocre as a whole. 5/10 Kiznaiver - I think my main issue with this series was that I had a certain expectation for it and it didn't live up to it. I kinda thought the series would be going somewhere else over its run and maybe explore the "experimental" nature of the city more, not just relating to the Kizna system/project. I will praise the series for having some pretty good/consistent animation and art, and some decent background music (and a pretty unique opening animation), but It didn't really hold my attention that well or give me any sense of urgency as the show progressed. It was pretty obvious that there was something past related to Agata's pain in the earlier episodes and how Sonozaki was connected to it all, but the pacing and time it took to address it was far too long. The concept of the show was simple, and I had really just hoped there would be something more to it. The characters were really nothing special, and they kinda seemed like card-board cut-outs in some cases. That being said, I still did enjoy some of the series, and it was a bit different from the normal... but it was quite the let-down. 6/10 Joker Game - I enjoyed this one quite a bit, but I have one main problem with the series, and that was the "episodic" nature of everything. The order of the episodes also slightly confused me, more or less because of how they handled it... Not that any of the characters of D-Agency were really treated with any value, killing Miyoshi in the previous episode and then having an episode (a conclusion at that) right after that set before the events of Episode 11 was really quite the turn off. There were some characters that were highlighted in the beginning that made you think they would have more of a prominent role, but that just didn't happen. I don't even think we saw Sakuma after the initial set-up and I had the impression he'd be a "main character" so to speak, instead, they just seemed to highlight Yuuki as much as possible. Aside from this, each episode was pretty fun to watch, and I think I got pretty much what I wanted to see out of this series, it was just executed much worse than I expected it to be. OVA confirmed and maybe potential second season on the way? Not sure, but it had a bit of an open ended ending, or that Odagiri's mission will be followed up on in the OVA? Opening for some reason reminds me of Bacanno!, and I like it (probably because both are a bit "jazzy" and set in the 30s) - 7/10 Mayoiga - What a mess... really, is there much to say about it (There is, but nothing positive)? I was really hoping that I'd like this one, but it became a train-wreck quite quickly, and I still don't know what kind of series it was trying to be. Comedy? Mystery? Horror? It didn't deliver anywhere... but I suppose my problem is that because while it was a train-wreck, I didn't enjoy watching it crash. I probably should have just dropped it, but at some point, I just wanted to see how bad it could get, not even for laughs, but because I was genuinely intrigued... and no one died? Well, maybe I had some expectation that there would be a massacre of sorts given they introduced 30+ characters (still think that was a terrible idea). I know we don't have to care about all of them, but you think I'd remember more than 5 by the end of the series, and I was more invested in some of the characters for comedic effect, in contrast to the main character who was unlikable and a complete ditz... at least until it became old, which it did, quite quickly... Animation was pretty mediocre, if not terrible at times (also didn't care for the CGI one bit) to boot. Well, this was one of the worst anime I've seen to date... 2/10 Flying Witch - I think this one ended up surprising me the most this season, particularly because I really am quite turned off by these "slice of life" shows a majority of the time. While it might have treaded into the territory of "cute girls doing cute things" it mostly stayed away from that and felt rather unique for a show like this (contrast to Bakuon). I really enjoyed the art in the show, and it blended really well with the music. It was a relaxing watch, and I think it had pretty good characters, at least for a show in this particular genre (that being said, I've had a pretty bad experience with SoL). The use of magic was probably not what I initially expected, but I liked the approach here, and it meshed very well in the world that was presented to us. If there was any particular complaint, it's mostly about the genre itself, and that just not being appealing to me, or the fact that generally nothing happens, and it feels slow. Comedy was pretty spotty, but there were some pretty solid scenes. I don't want to say any of the humor was terrible... but I'll say this is perhaps the first "Slice of Life" show that I've thoroughly enjoyed (but it did take some getting used to at the start) - 7/10 Boku no Hero Academia - This series wasn't really anything special. It's a concept that has been done time and time again, regardless of anime. It's a very cliche set up, has cliche characters, and does feel like a rather generic Shonen... but that being said, is that really always a bad thing? I think this is one of those series, at least for me, where despite having basically seen something like this done before, it was well executed and fun to watch. The animation was pretty consistent, and quite good at times, and I really like the artistic approach in having it feel like a comic book. I like the pace they've been going at and the anime in general seems well directed. I can't say the music really did much at all for me, including the opening. I don't read the manga, so I was kinda hoping the end episodes would have maybe ended with an important character death to set a "darker" tone in the next season. Well, it was good for what it is, but I really don't think it deserves all the hype it's been getting. - 7/10 Bungou Stray Dogs - The concept of the show, or rather the basis for each character's abilities/names being modeled after famous authors is pretty cool, but I can't say I'm too invested in the concept as I only recognize just a few (though I checked the wiki at some point and recognized a plethora of the to be introduced characters). I am looking forward to the second season, but I have one major gripe with the show as it is... and that's the comedy. It was just far too prominent and I found it increasingly annoying as things progressed. It made little sense to me, and the gags were not funny 95% of the time. Otherwise, the series was pretty decent I suppose? I wish it ended on say Episode 11 rather than 12, it would have made far more sense than to end the season there imo... but whatever... otherwise, Atsushi's progression seemed a bit awkward. He's pretty much every Shonen protagonist ever, at least from what I've seen, but at least he developed and wasn't looking to be a bland character for the rest of the series. On this note, it does feel a little cheap that he was able to defeat Akutagawa on the basis that he was the main character, but I suppose with them presenting him as a character with such an extraordinary ability, it doesn't feel too forced. I suppose It was just partly disappointing how things turned out considering that Akutagawa was the main antagonist for the majority of the season. - 7/10 Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress - This was a pretty decent action anime this season, at least in terms of pure entertainment. The animation started out pretty stellar, but it seemed like they ran into budget issues or something halfway through, with some of the latter episodes relying on stills when there should have been animation. It was a real bummer for some of those pivotal moments, and I was pretty disappointed... The first couple episodes showed quite a bit of promise, but I didn't really care for it after Biba was introduced (but probably even before that with the Kabane colonies). Good music though, and I really enjoyed it this season, even if it's not really the best in terms of "plot" or if there's an awful lot of convenience. Decently satisfying conclusion. Kinda open-ended for Season 2 or not, but I'm guessing it'd be awhile. Only other gripe would be the characters really. Ikoma started out fairly interesting, and Mumei was the star of the show but she quickly became "useless" or treated like a side-character. - 7/10 Sakamoto desu ga? - While I still haven't seen the final episode (I think it airs tomorrow?) - I was really disappointed with this one, partly just because the comedy didn't really resonate with me, and what little did became old fast... very fast. Even for just 12 episodes, there's only so much you can do with this concept, and I don't think it holds up, nor do I really see the appeal in this. Maybe I have a crap sense of humor, but I only had a handful of laughs throughout the series, which isn't good... since that's well... the entire point of the show. - 5/10 Uchuu Patrol Luluco - Aside from Midori being played by Haruko's VA (from FLCL), and that being a nice treat to hear since it's been quite some time... I can't say I really liked this one too much. It's way over the top wacky "fun", with some pretty spotty humor (most of which wasn't funny to me), but the main problem being that it was a side project, and it felt like one. This is my first time watching "short" anime like this (each episode is about 5 minutes once you cut out opening/ending) - and I don't know if the craziness really helps it or not. I quite liked the art-style, but the animation did come across as really cheap, and I wasn't a fan most of the time. The only reason I did not drop this show was because it was so short. - 5/10 Bakuon - I'm still on the fence on whether I'm going to just outright drop this or finish it... but it feels like K-ON with bikes, and I didn't care for K-ON one bit... but I didn't make it very far in either series. I don't really see the appeal of these anime, but I guess it's not just my cup of tea. I've been trying to be open minded and try different things, so I've been trying more "slice of life" type anime. I was pleasantly surprised with Flying Witch, and extremely disappointed with this K-ON clone. - 3/10 (Episode 5) Konosuba OVA - The OVA didn't disappoint, although I'm not fond of them pulling a Wiz again when introducing Yun'Yun (though not nearly to the same extent). It's a bit more on the "ecchi" side, but I think the comedy works here quite well. It held up right with the rest of the series. It wasn't really any better, it wasn't any worse. Consistently funny. I think my problem with Konosuba in general is that with Season 2 starting in January... I think that some of the gags with Megumin and Darkness may become old, and Aqua may just be more of a bitch than I can handle. For now... I'm really looking forward to S2, and this OVA will have to do for now. 8/10 Detective Conan - I know the show doesn't have "seasons"... but I figured I'd include some thoughts here too... Pretty disappointing season for DC, partly because of the shear amount of anime originals, and them being unwarranted at this point in time considering we just had like 15 in a row. Episode 813 was a bit awkward, making DC feel like a cooking anime, but if you ever want to learn how to make Bourbon's delicious sandwiches... give er a go... Episode 814-815 was a pretty mediocre manga case, and the rest of the fillers were pretty mediocre. 820 had some potential, but it, like most other one parters felt too rushed to have a proper mystery, and the rest of the fillers, like 816, were either uninteresting or just flat out terrible. The Ran kidnapping AO wasn't too bad, but it was far from great. Luckily, 822-823 has been one of the best cases in the anime in quite some time. Good case, and great comedy. To recap... - One good manga case, one decent manga case, two decent anime originals, and the rest was trash. Next couple AOs don't have me interested either... Ratings have been particularly bad for the show lately, and I can kind of understand why (though the last couple episodes were great, and they had terrible ratings). - 7/10
  7. No gripes about the episode, I may have even enjoyed it more than the manga... music was fitting when it needed to be, and it was plain and simply comedy gold. No problems with the animation either really. Glad that canon is back! At least for another week.
  8. File 964 Chinese: http://imgur.com/a/3iCLH Detailed chapter summary from Spimer: http://forums.dctp.ws/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=13114&start=30#p866008
  9. Sherr'y Soliloquy (960) - Translation by Shelury - Coke and chips will make you fat Sherry's Soliloquy (961) - Translation by Shelury - Why don't they implement the I-400 as well? Sherry's Soliloquy (962) - Translation by Spimer - "Will her CV be Yamamura Momiji - san?" Sherry's Soliloquy (963) - Translation by Shelury - Niku-jyaga...I suppose what I said was humiliating
  10. Really digging this ending! Probably my favorite of the season. Failure - Another Space Song
  11. 821 wasn't too bad, though they really made Kogoro look like an idiot in this one Also two dementia case characters back to back (I mean it wasn't outright stated that the old lady from 820 had dementia, but probably something of the sorts)... Really looking forward to the next case... YOKO-CHAN! (glad they worked in that bit at the end with Kogoro) Detective Boys' AO case after Yogo/Higo case.
  12. RULES 1. Please use spoiler boxes until a full English translation is available. 2. NO DIRECT LINK to any Japanese scans (RAWs) or English scans (Japanese spoiler images are allowed as long as the amount and quality of which are very far away from a full scan). HOW TO USE A SPOILER BOX? Just simply type the following: [spoiler]Text you want to write[/spoiler] File 963 Chinese: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4613172735 File 963 imgur: http://imgur.com/a/nKsmO Text spoilers translated by Spimer Further summary from Spimer: No break next week. File 964 on June 22nd.
  13. To my understanding, Detective Conan does not really have "seasons" and I think the wiki is marked according to DVD releases or something of that nature... The wiki was also edited awhile back (not sure why) where season 24 started on Episode 763 not on 740. "Season 25" also probably hasn't been edited yet, nor do I have a clue where this would begin due to what I said earlier... (but no, the current "season" should be 25)
  14. So now that the case is out in English... Enjoyable, but still rather mediocre for a Heiji case, which is kind of a shame. I think this one, unfortunately just felt too similar to some past cases, demon dog especially, and there was some benefits to seeing the large panels/page spreads since they looked really nice... but it also made the case seem longer than it actually was. I liked the moments with Sango, though he was a bit wacky in this case, more than I remember him being... the thing with the JSDF was pretty funny, and a bit unfortunate at the same time. But of course, the end... new character...
  15. I liked this one. Unfortunately, there just isn't much room to properly flesh out a good mystery/case in one episode, but I thought it had an "entertaining" cast of characters. The culprit was obvious after his really "forced" reaction, and the voice acting in the end bit by them was pretty cringe-worthy, I actually had to laugh at how bad it was.
  16. File 962 Chinese: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4599456010 Imgur link (Higher quality): http://imgur.com/a/iuKEj No break next week. File 963 starts a new case! File 962 Text Spoilers - Translated by Spimer: http://forums.dctp.ws/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=13084&start=165#p865767
  17. I think that is probably common knowledge around these parts... Did we really need a thread for it? Though it's great that you want to help spread information. If you're talking about someone who is uploading the episodes somewhere, just a reminder that it's probably not a good idea to do so here. Detective Conan is broadcast over in Japan @ 6pm JST on ytv if I'm not mistaken,and Crunchyroll airs the latest episodes with English subtitles on Wednesday @ 3pm EST.
  18. It was a pretty enjoyable AO. Though it felt a bit slow for all that happened and the culprit was far too obvious. I'm gonna have to get used to the new forums. It looks nice, but it seems to lack a lot of the features that we used to have.
  19. File 961 Chinese: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4584573851 File 961 Imgur: http://imgur.com/a/NVVYj File 961 Text Spoilers, translated by Spimer: http://forums.dctp.ws/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=13084&start=150#p865642 Also... does anyone know how you go about posting spoilers now that the forums have changed?
  20. Seems like DCW isn't flagged as a deceptive site anymore... at least now. 818 was a fun episode, a bit different from the norm. I usually like 2 part AOs, so hopefully the follow up episode doesn't disappoint. The recent Ventriloquist AO was pretty fun, but the second part killed it for me. Canon returns with Episode 822-823 now (Manga chapter 925-927). A couple more one part AOs are on the way after 819.
  21. I kinda liked 817... It was "different" - but they really showcased how "convenient" the cases can be in this one. Next week's AO looks like it might be quite fun. Initially I was expecting File 925-927... but I guess the title was alluding to something else entirely (which does make sense)... The new opening has some of the best visuals we've seen in quite some time, though it's probably not a very good representation of the series itself, and seems to be more or less a representation of Movie 20. I'm not really complaining though, since this beats your typical Conan visuals by a mile, and it's not like openings/endings were consistently a great representation of the series to begin with. The song is still growing on me. It's a little weak I suppose for an opening song, but I don't mind it. B'z tracks are always iffy with me because of the vocals, so it usually takes me some time to adjust.
  22. The Disappointing and Kind Alien was... disappointing. You were right about that one.. They haven't abandoned the silly concepts yet... so I did think this one could have gone either way. I'll give it props for getting a couple quick chuckles out of me, but the mystery/case, despite being well delivered, was pretty uninteresting and simple. You can't really expect much from 1 part AOs though... I can't ascertain whether or not it was better or worse than the UFO AO we got a couple years ago, but it was pretty mediocre even for a DB's filler. Maybe the next one will be better, but it's looking like another run of the mill AO. B'z movie theme will apparently debut with Episode 817, so looking forward to the opening if anything...
  23. File 959 Chinese: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4541119367 Imgur link: http://imgur.com/a/8xlKN
  24. Text Spoilers from File 959 Translation by Spimer of DCTP Break on May 18th. 960 on May 25th.
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