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  1. Jonathan Coulton - Space Doggity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsV-qozMz9A
  2. I noticed some of that. Agasa in the background really stuck out. Still, I did enjoy the case despite it being quite "mediocre" in terms of manga cases. The cliffhanger was done quite well I think. The next episode will probably be awful, but I don't really want to judge it before I see it. Needless to say, I'm not looking forward to it. I like how they switched up the dialogue at the end of the case in comparison to the manga. I probably glossed over it in the manga, but I never noticed Takagi was told by Kuroda to follow through with Conan's instructions. I don't know how I missed that.
  3. New Sherry's Soliloquy (File 958) Translation by Shelury I like to mix it, got a problem?
  4. It's more of a complaint towards how the black blood actually comes across in the newer episodes. I think they pretty much stopped using red blood sometime soon after Clash. Red blood was still quite prominent at this time, and the blood didn't even look nearly as bad... Can blame the art-style and animation though... The anime was at its best in the late 90s early 2000s.
  5. It's hard to say... I think the Korean release of M19 leaked last year in early September. We might get lucky and see it earlier, but hoping for anything but a couple clips of cam-rips is pretty wishful thinking. October is a safe estimate for when we'll be able to see the movie online.
  6. DVD rental release is in October I believe. The Blu Rays come out in November I think? Maybe October as well.
  7. It's set a record for biggest opening weekend for the series, and one of the biggest opening weekends in general. 04/16-17: ¥1.21 billion ($11.1 million) - Detective Conan: The Darkest Nightmare (Toho) WK1 04/23-24: ¥679 million ($6.1 million) - Detective Conan: The Darkest Nightmare (Toho) WK2
  8. I actually enjoyed this one quite a bit, despite it being a pretty mediocre case in the manga and one of my least favorites last year (though I never disliked it). The added intro scene was kinda funny, though dunno how 2 free passes translates into 6... I think she's broken... instead of calling an ambulance, maybe the bellhop should call a mechanic...
  9. File 958 Chinese: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4506280334 File 958 Imgur: http://imgur.com/a/Kj38a (Higher quality scans)
  10. New Sherry's Soliloquy (File 957)
  11. This year's movie pre-story was as silly as ever. I had a couple good laughs with it, so it wasn't too bad. I have to say I enjoyed it much more than 19's. I found the one last year to be really bland, and didn't have any fun with it at all. I believe CR scrapped some of the promotional bit for M20 and replaced it with the preview for Episode 814. 814's preview was mixed in the ending for the original broadcasting, so I suppose this was to be expected.
  12. Perhaps Episode 187 - The Unknown Gunshot that Rings in the Dark?
  13. I was just linking them for other people, it was completely unrelated.
  14. Because shipping stuff... People like different things, and Gosho hasn't exactly done Ran a lot of justice throughout the years... Not to mention the movies don't do her honors, and they also like to not so subtlety imply that Conan/Ai is some sort of thing. While I'm definitely not supportive of her getting a love interest of any kind... I see the appeal behind the Co/Ai "ship" at least to some extent, I guess? Yes, from a canon perspective, Ran is undoubtedly end-game, and her character kinda revolves around Shinichi to some extent, + we're still kinda waiting on her response to his confession (never-mind the fact that Shinichi has only ever really expressed feelings for this one person anyways). I don't think anyone really questions that (don't quote me on that). Besides, I'm quite sure that Gosho said something about Ai/Conan being "impossible". I guess people try to look at a different reality and take it to fan-fiction, which is certainly fine. It's more about what people think is "better" - so there certainly is a debate in this department... I mean, it's pretty evident isn't it Oddly enough, I kind of like both characters more without Shinichi in the mix I'm not sure it's too bad on DCW, but these shipping wars can get pretty heated elsewhere. Always find it quite annoying... It's kind of funny when someone posts something Co/Ai or Shin/Ran related from the actual series and someone gets particularly angry about it. I've had the pleasure of seeing many not so civil conversations
  15. I finally wrapped up all of the winter stuff I wanted to watch... I really enjoyed Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu... or at least the later half. I'm still a bit mixed on the series in general, given I didn't find hardly any of the actual rakugo enjoyable (some of it almost put me to sleep), but the characters were pretty great and the story in general. The last couple episodes really sealed the deal for me. It was certainly an "odd" one. The voice-acting was really good and I really liked the music. Looking forward to the second season! Oddly enough, I kinda enjoyed GATE. I thought from the first couple episodes it would be even more absurd, but I really didn't mind it all too much. The concept was somewhat "unique" in a sense, but my main problem was that you always knew how things were going to turn out and nothing really developed in the direction I hoped it would.. There wasn't really much suspense or anything. Not much to really say about the series, I just thought it was quite "fun". I really liked Ajin's conclusion as well, well... at least for the first season. Given I didn't follow the manga or anything, I had no idea that the 13th episode would have left it on a cliffhanger. Great series though! It was my second favorite anime last season, not behind by much at all. As for Spring... I'm currently watching 11 anime. My Hero Academia, Bungou Stray Dogs, Flying Witch, Ace Attorney, Joker Game, Kiznaiver, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, Mayoiga, Re:Zero, Sakamoto desu ga?, and Uchuu Patrol Luluco My Hero Academia looks pretty good so far, but I'm really not too thrilled on the premise. To me it just kinda strikes me as another one of "those" Shonen, and most of what I've watched I didn't really care for. It's okay so far, and I'm willing to tough it out. Pacing seems a little slow, but I'd rather they be true to the adaptation. Still seems odd that there are only 13 episodes this season given the pacing, so only downside is there's gonna be a lot of waiting... I really don't have a strong opinion on Bungou Stray Dogs so far. There's only been two episodes, and the premise is certainly "interesting" I guess... I don't really know much about the names or the history behind them, aside from a few of them, or how that really correlates to how much I'd enjoy the series, but I definitely want to see how this one pans out. I've enjoyed both episodes so far, and some of the moments remind me of some distinct style I can't place my finger on... Flying Witch is the odd one I'm watching this season, at least for me, since I really don't watch much of the "Slice of Life" stuff. It's kind of a "relaxing" series so to speak, but no real opinion of it yet. I dunno if I'll like it, it just seems really bland so far. I still somewhat like Ace Attorney. I know I haven't played the games, and it's still pretty average so far... The animation is probably the worst part, and the comedy really isn't that good either, but I'm still having some fun with it. I'm kinda curious how things will turn out. I certainly don't mind sticking with this one for now. Joker Game is still my favorite anime of the season so far, though the second episode was pretty slow. I got a good feeling of suspense from the first episode, and the second one was a bit of a let down... That being said though, I still have some really high expectations for it. I don't think this one will disappoint me. I don't know how to feel about Kiznaiver. The premise is certainly different, but dunno where it could go. I might end up liking this one or hating it, but I'll weigh my chances. So far I've enjoyed it, and the art-style is really nice. It's just a bit "different" from what I expected I guess. Don't know how to really describe that. Kabaneri has been a pretty fun series to follow so far, though the second episode had some pretty awful subs (I suppose that can't be helped). I enjoyed Attack on Titan earlier this year, and this is certainly reminiscent of that, in not such a bad way. Not sure how much depth or anything the series will have, but it should certainly deliver in the action department. Mayoiga is just not sitting too well with me at all at the moment, but I'm probably going to sit through the entire show anyways, just to see what comes out of it. This one may end up surprising me. I've probably said it before... While I think it has potential, I think it also could end up being an absolute train wreck. Well, at the very least things certainly seem to be moving so far... and the pacing is really my biggest worry here with so many characters and 13 episodes. Re:Zero has been one of my favorites so far, and I think it's still holding up after the 3rd episode. I'm always a sucker for time-traveling stuff (though not sure if this really applies here?) and I think it's got a lot of potential. I think the people responsible, well the animation studio are the same as Steins;Gate? Very convenient - Well, I have some high expectations for it, but 25 episodes for this concept is a bit worry-some I guess. I wanted to try Sakamoto since some people said it was the comedy of the season... and while I got a couple quick laughs, I really didn't find it that funny... Well, I don't want to judge entirely from the first episode, but I'll give it a chance for sure. I got around to checking out some of Osomatsu-san not too long ago either, and I didn't find most of it funny either, and inevitably dropped it, so I'm hoping for a comedy I'm able to have some fun with. Luluco looked rather "odd" with its cartoonish thumbnail, and I thought I'd give it a go since it was available on Crunchyroll. Surprised to find out that the episodes were only 7 minutes long, including opening/ending, so I suppose it's not really too much to keep up with this. Nothing really to say about it though... I mean, I kinda like the art-style, I guess? The only reason I haven't dropped it is because it's short. Not sure if I'll check anything else out. Bakuon and Hundred are on Crunchyroll, but a quick check-up on them tells me that'd be a bad idea... I was going to check out Big Order, but people were comparing it to Mirai Nikki, and I honestly hated that series, so I think these 11 shows this season is more than enough for me Needless to say, this is a pretty wicked season (so far)! Winter wasn't too terrible though. I enjoyed Rakugo, Ajin, Lupin, Erased, and Konosuba... the rest, eh... Last season I had some high expectations for certain shows as well (Dimension W mainly) and it turned sour quite quickly. I hope most of the "good" shows hold up at least.
  16. I get your point, but I just think it's a bit presumptuous to come to this conclusion.
  17. I don't really see the correlation. Movie 20 basically had Rum to further hype the movie, and the main guest character was even built around having "odd eyes" I just brought up the M18 thing since I agree about it being different this time around, different in a way that they wouldn't really give any hints to Rum's identity. Even the manga doesn't have much to really go on. While I'm pretty adamant on this issue, I'd really need to see the movie myself to really get a proper impression, and that'll be awhile yet. Before the spoilers, I had included the possibility that they might do something to give some sort of clues on Rum's identity, and I'm glad they didn't. That would have been a really bad decision.
  18. Gosho is quite the joker. Well, at least he took advantage of the moment
  19. I already think it's strange that they decided to put Rum in the movie, even if all background because it's so early... but I understand why when it comes to hyping up the movie. Heterochromatic woman is a prime example of this. They utilized "Rum" and the fact that they have a prosthetic eye to their advantage (and I know they aren't the same thing, but you'd be surprised at how many people still think she's going to turn out to be Rum, or at the very least question it). Even 1 year later, we may still not know Rum's identity in the manga. I think with a movie "reveal" like 18, this was done simply because we had plenty of information to piece together Okiya=Akai in both the anime and the manga. It did not matter at that point. At this point, there's still not much to go in in the manga, especially the anime... so I think taking anything as evidence (especially something that can hardly be regarded as any form of proof) in a movie not connected to the manga is a bit presumptuous. I myself am still betting on a new character. There's really no reason for me to think otherwise at this point. Here's some major spoilers from the Red Thread's page (Do not open - If you wish to remain unspoiled)
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