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Found 1 result

  1. Okay, I've been a huge fan of DC for a long time, finished the entire series in a few weeks and the movies and ovas etc. And now I'm trying to get my friends into DC. But, DC is just a tad bit longer than most other anime. This is where my problem starts; How do I successfully get my friends addicted to DC, or even just start watching it? They have listen in on me rant about the art style, the characters, the fillers, the art style, etc. Only, once I attempted to introduce it to them, I realized I had never even once said anything positive about it, even through, it's, you know... DC? and it's practically made up of epicness. My plan is to a) give them a slimmed down list of episodes to watch, introduce it through an AMV that shows all the epicness, or c) strapping them to a chair with their eyes taped open and forcing them to watch the entire series. Now, there are problems with all of these; if I give them a slimmed down version they aren't going to get the full DC experience, even if they go back and watch all of the episodes again. If I introduce it through an AMV there are possibilities for spoilers, and experiencing the better art style would make it hard to look at the 1996 animation. (I haven't really found one that's even semi acceptable yet.) If I force them to watch it, well, who routinely has about 5 weeks of free time in their schedule? I mean at least one person would notice their absence. And if I had to repeat it with all of my fellow anime nuts, well... Nuh uh too risky. Well, thanks for reading all that (if you actually did, I tend to ramble) I have come to this marvelous forum in hope of enlisting aid in my plight, aka; locating a suitable AMV for me, compiling a slimmed down list that somehow doesn't take away from the marvelousness of DC, or helping me kidn- *ahem* make them watch the entire DC series. Come on. I really need help here. Someone? Anyone? plz help~
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