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  1. Hey where did ya go snowflakes? :P

  2. Sup ! Are you back ? XD

  3. ^Oh. Thanks. One year later. O_o
  4. Oh God. I'd actually do these in my head. XD Dear Anonymous, ... You.... when she told me that, I just wanted to run out to you and hug you and tell you it was alright and please don't be sad. God, I never realized until she told me. </3 -your cousin. ------- Dear Anonymous, DAMN, you nearly caused me a heart attack. D: Don't lurk in the shadows like that! ... But... I love it when you guys do that. It makes me feel respected or something, at least. Unlike many other people. And stop teasing me so much for God's sake. <_< -your cousin. ------- Dear Anonymous, UUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGHHH. We are PERFECTLY FINE together. Don't butt in with your nauseating spoiling and ruin the boy, his manners, his temper, mine, and yours. From what I've experienced it seems only we can fathom our relationship. If we're left on our own we can deal with each other on our own. Just reminding you, just 'cause your brother was an innocent angel-darling it doesn't mean mine is, too. Really, what happened now? The boy's crying 'cause you gave him a damn, and you know how kids are, he thinks he can get away with this and that this is what he should always do, you're irritated, and I feel like I could punch you in the face. HE'S BECOMING A GIRL. He's ruining my stuff with his dirty hands that are patting the stupid dog-ess you're actually sympathizing with these days. I see you've got three daughters now. :V -your (only real) daughter
  5. Someone is back on DCW..? :P

    1. snowflake


      Same to you! :P

      Just for a week though.

    2. premiumemo


      Aww thanks..

      I too came for a couple of days, but then dcw went down, so currently my span is undecided xP

      But welcome back and make the most of the week..! ^_^

    3. snowflake


      Oh. Well, have fun during your stay. :P


  6. -for the shoulders, what you could have done was moved the one on the left more to the right, that way it looks less like she's jerking it back or something. -for the face, I think starting the jaw higher up would have made her face smaller and more proportional. Also maybe move her eyes farther apart from each other and have the one on the right's tips with an edge rather than a straight line, maybe? I like the expression on her face, though.
  7. The second pic is ep 409-410. Ran dresses up as this princess as a replacement for a girl who wasn't there.
  8. Dear Anonymous, I'm 100% sure you've never been in this room before. But it reminds me of you. There's some direct link between you and this room. It just reminds me of you. I'm stuck in it for one good month. I'm guessing you'll be stuck in my head for a good month. Not like you were ever out of it in the first place. <_< I wonder why. -me.
  9. Dear Anonymous, It hasn't been a day yet. PLEASE don't shout whenever something you don't like goes wrong, or whenever you speak. I got completely healthy ears, thank God. I can hear you. When I was your age I wasn't allowed a quarter of the time you stay in front of the television. T-T I always was thankful that at least you're not my son, but apparently that's closest to the current temporary case. I'm a very bad mother, forgive me in advance. And PLEASE behave. Please. -your sister.
  10. If there is I'm too happy to see it. <3
  11. ... ... YOU SAID YOU WERE DRAWING, I DIDN'T EXPECT TO BE THAT TOUCHED!!! <3333333333333333333333333333333333333 T-T *crying from happiness* *HUGS* It's really nice.... <3
  12. Dear Anonymous, Despicable. Of course not. If you don't take this seriously, well too bad, I do. Unfortunately such matters are up to me COMPLETELY. So don't give me that disgusting "it's okay" of yours. You have NO idea how much I'd enjoy kicking you in the face right now. -Someone who sometimes wished she didn't know you at all.
  13. 0. XD I am the last person in this earth you ask about soccer. What is an unusual talent you have?
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