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  1. Next one is about Detective Boys, huh. Is it a light one or a dark one? We are not going anywhere with Koji Haneda yet, that's for sure. I wish Zero meet Ai already. It seems that Gosho will let them meet each other when the plot have gone further.
  2. So you got it right! I wonder, in which case we will see plot again?
  3. add trying to tap girls conversation at that.
  4. Yes, she is British. Well, there is a possibility she was tied with them via Mary.
  5. Until we know why Rei knows about Elena, I keep my belief that there is a possibility he is involved somehow with BO, even in his childhood.
  6. It's nice to see a passionate but cunning one like Rei... Hopefully he can gain a better control over his emotions... Heiji is too easily baited for me...
  7. for any person, writing is usually done with dominant hand unless you can do both... i don't know if okiya can write with both hands or not... he probably can't.
  8. So far RUM is as clumsy as Vermouth... Then why he is special? Pisco is discarded easily after all...
  9. why did i get warning about this site being a forgery site?

    1. Uncle Sporkums

      Uncle Sporkums

      It's one of those things that happens. Read the DCW topic in the "site" section.

  10. so interesting! i hope the closure can be as great as offseason halloween!
  11. Is that Gunma police will come out? He is ghost-related too.
  12. while vermouth wants BO to fall, she only allows 1 silver bullet, shinichi that is. i don't think vermouth will share her info to RUM but if she is asked, she probably would tell
  13. will shuukichi come? i kinda miss him and amuro. (i miss plot too)
  14. the timing was risky for that trick. btw, a group besides skye have translated to ch.927. the quality is medium i think.
  15. no filler chapters. gosho, u are not young anymore. finish dc in steady n not too quick pace.
  16. i wonder how old is the boss and is it possible for him to be dying of health problems, and somebody else being the boss, like RUM. i want some twists about boss. when will we see him/her?
  17. so great! kogoro, ai, n conan being a combi (more like conan is trying to keep both of them to not acting rashly)
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