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  1. User 4869, when is early summer in japan? june or july?
  2. i can cut bread with both of my hands and i'm lefthanded.
  3. well, i did read gosho said he will not get kaito to confront with DC's BO again. <-or has new interview overwrite this? conan will be there. shuuichi will come of course. shuuichi kinda become conan's partner in confronting BO's. they are totally protective about ai too. ai need to twist their arms first before entering the battle (if she want to confront BO, that is). but i don't think ran have a good mental state to confront BO... kogoro is a better choice. for BO's side, probably the high ranking one: Boss, RUM, and Gin (vermouth is on conan side) the final probably will be full of strategies before entering the action part. maybe. any type of police will help in action part, but the strategic part is for main chara only (minus ran).
  4. I previously think that silver bullet is being made to make an antidote for people who have a rare disease in which they reach a certain age and then they age backward, becoming younger and younger->mystery child is akai mother's and afflicted with this disease. one of the reasons why shuichi interested with miyano sisters. silver bullet is made to make they age normally, atsushi college think that a stupid and pointless research when people is interested with becoming eternally young. but when elena's voice recording for shiho about drug was revealed, i'm not sure with this theory. i do think that vermouth is like that because she is being tested with silver bullet (sample) and unable to age. she hates miyanos for that. she doing her best to kill shiho so the silver bullet research is completely over. more plot is needed, obviously
  5. (After Bourbon’s flashback scene) where did Elena go? (Volume 84.) Add why and when he knew Elena, is it before or after deep research of silver bullet?
  6. it's three weeks already right? if counted from 16 feb.
  7. the preview went wrong is usually when there is a remake episode or remastered. aside from that i don't know what other reason is.
  8. i want to see vermouth and ai as a team to confront BO (not gonna happen i guess)
  9. if you want to try answering before the answer is given, try detective school q or kindaichi. detective conan rarely giving us hints first before the unveiling
  10. scotch is not date is shown by the way he died actually. akai's father... is he alive?
  11. hearing his sleeping schedule already terrifies me...
  12. is it true that gosho is unhealthy? skye saw it in chinese forums...
  13. 21 is a crossover again. is the rest of manga original of magic kaito so unworthy to get animated? (aside from kaito kid vs corbeau for finale) this story didn't really have much plot, when did the last time that the organization is seen?
  14. 20th episode is dark knight. have nightmare appear before in specials? i kinda forgot...
  15. does he is working on magic kaito or 3 week without releasing anything?
  16. i know they do since a long time ago, but what showdown? nothing important?
  17. there are still chapters that are not animated yet, why recycling again episodes... when is kaito corbeau will starring?
  18. why is bourbon seems to know elena? i have a feeling he knows the truth about miyano family.... a bit straying off the topic
  19. both are important, ran is a lover and shiho is a partner. i do curious about shiho's choice after being free. (entering high school, perhaps?)
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