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  1. steal his costume (especially hang glider cape). and throw him some fishes too.
  2. Now translation is out, i find it weird that saegusa is not being closely protected. Killing him will be easy.
  3. makoto always wandering around the world, it's hard to have a fast development. (it's good that they developing if all). they are not MC that's why support is lacking i suppose.
  4. I think Komei like Aoi. Dunno as a woman or novelist...
  5. this one is great. i have to watch the subbed since my japanese is not that good...
  6. is kansuke missing? kuroda instruct them to search for information and i don't know what else...
  7. aside from the first episode and suzuki vila's murder, i don't remember any decapitating...
  8. there had't been case this bloody before... how the anime will handle it? they probably will censor it, that last page...
  9. i'm back! merry christmas and happy new year all

    1. Metantei Kiddo
    2. Ryo


      Welcome back!

    3. Kid the Phantom Thief

      Kid the Phantom Thief

      Why thank you! Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you as well!

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  10. it's according to sera. i wonder if shuukichi can fight...
  11. that shogi match pretty much sealed it. he is the smartest of three.
  12. Timeline (& technology progress) is hard in Conan. when eisuke was a child, did the cellphone was already exist? i always find it weird that the boss's e-mail didn't have any .s or @s. just a bunch of number and #
  13. i like them because they are so hilarious together and best pair ever. who care about chiba and naeko, give me story of how yusaku and yukiko met...
  14. the freaking sinetrons and stupid horror movies are more damaging i think and boring to boot. children become so dramatic after watching them. so that's why DC is no longer on TV. i didn't know the reason up until now.
  15. Welcome lunar1412 ! have fun around here! i don't why, i can't see image from imgur (i haven't taking care of my proxy and some website are not found in mine. )
  16. Valshe is already retired as an utaite in vocaloid wiki. i think her charm is her ability to sing both male and female voice. will it be male or female version?
  17. could i get shiho & zero pair? 1. takagi & sato 2. yukiko & yusaku 3. aoko & kaito (i like them for the scene if aoko realized that kid is kuroba kaito, ooo big fight!) least like couple: 1. gin & shiho (like, hell!!!!)
  18. i find it weird that shuuichi (ichi-1), shukichi (ichi-1), and masumi (mi-3). could they (shuuichi and shukichi) be twins?
  19. i have just watch mocking jay, so when i watch movie 19 trailer, i thought "somebody brainwashed kaito kid!"
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