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  1. there was kaito kid special episodes in conan. the new one focus on kaito kid manga only. i have watched both in 1st episode. it look like remake because the story line is almost the same. hopefully they will be differ in the next episodes. lupin iii vs detective conan have 2 movies. 1 tv spesial & 1 cinema movie. just google it. i watched it in animeplus.
  2. nice to meet you too, moonlit flower! hello to you!
  3. hello shahd and soka. u can call me kurara-neechan, kurara-chan, or kurara. but please don't call me kura, it's mean turtle (kame) in my language. i'm interested in bourbon and every bo-related chapters. both of u like akai?
  4. no, they rarely tease me. my mother tease me why i still read comic at this age, when she is to blame. she introduced me to comic rental store. sometimes they said conan childish (it being compare to kindaichi, don't read kindaichi unless u're a horror lover), but they and me like conan for the plot.
  5. Thank you. it's nee-chan actually. or just call me by my nickname.
  6. waiting for new conan chapter... ._.

    1. s-b11119


      I hope you enjoy the new chapter

    2. Kurara-chan


      i'm up to 908. kaito kid to newest chapter too.

    3. Kurara-chan


      in english that is

  7. waiting for new conan chapter... ._.

  8. i vote for shinran. i want another guy to be with ai. a guy who will love her for what she is and not interested in other girls.
  9. Amuro. probably cause gosho showing so much love in creating him, he have a combination in appearance that no one else has. he have a light tanned, blond hair, handsome, great combination of brain and body, some thieving skill. he basically gentle but can be cruel if needed
  10. i haven't read all comments in this topic, only some, so i'm sorry if somebody already post it before me. I got this crazy idea after seeing vermouth warning bourbon about his movements. this is a rare thing for her to do so. i think he might be vermouth's child with the boss. maybe vermouth chose to be chris vineyard after having a child, and bourbon have a light hair color (i wonder is it really colored? he have the same color in his flashback after all) and same age as chris~ as for the boss he have to be a dark skinned japanese. a relative of heiji will make everything merrier. is his grandfather still alive? he may fit. what do you think?
  11. I'm a new member. i'm 22 years old. i have been visiting DCW for sometimes and decide to join the gang. I have some crazy thoughts that i will share with everybody.
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