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  1. the use of kid as scapegoat killer already done in karasuma mansion and four masterpieces. how will they do it in this movie?
  2. we need to know when APTX starts to be distributed as a poison, was it 1 year ago or when. (more information is needed)
  3. i don't remember ever cried because of DC... if i have to choose the most painful episodes, it will be totori spider mansion case. i can't bring myself to watch it ever. reading it already makes me depressed. in DC, people suicide very easily.
  4. conan and ran think that the girl might be in middle school. if that so and she is an APTX victim, she is the only one who shrunk to that age. i prefer to think that she is a victim of another drug or having a weird disease that makes her weak and shrunk.
  5. mysterious child have the same eye color with shuuichi, that green eyes. probability of being akai's mother is getting higher.
  6. ran's growth to a damsel in distress (and totally helpless most of the time) is what makes we irritated. even when sonoko in danger she had more courage than ran. i feel like out-of-season-halloween is the last time ran is being brave. or is it just my feeling?
  7. subaru okiya is also a character that rarely open his eyes. if BO have spy in police, it will be more pausible to be put in totori (new character ). So far, Gosho have rule out agasa and yusaku. will he rule out heizo too?
  8. heiji is too young to become anokata. not to mention he is really hot blooded and reckless. i didn't see any trial for osaka couple, except they are way too slow... Chekhov Mod Hijacking-comments-for-personal-reasons Note: Vermouth said the boss was cautious. Heiji is not.
  9. we need a photo or video of his very dark grandpa... heiji got it from him.
  10. since he became a kind of sensei to detective boys? next week is break.
  11. to meitantei kiddo vermouth is worried about conan and ran. gin rank is high, i don't think he never meet anokata
  12. remember when gin tried to kill kogoro and shuuichi grazed him with his bullet? kogoro is not anokata.
  13. i would like reading first meeting of yukiko and yusaku, now that we already know how chikage and toichi meet. they are not childhood friends, are they?
  14. i do learn about viscosity last semester, but i haven't try to make ooblek (water+cornstarch). how many cornstarch that would be needed? it's an outdoor bath after all, they should be in a large number. cleaning will be hard too. conan and heiji haven't check the bath, right?
  15. just pointing out that they are weird, not really suspect them. and i think i haven't seen any prosthetic eye...
  16. nagano polices are special, because they are the only polices that believe and rely on conan so quickly. kansuke first and the next one is koumei. even with takagi and sato, conan need more times to make them rely on him and allowing him on investigation. or is this my feeling only?
  17. i don't know if somebody already mention this or not, but will it be great if RUM is BO's spy in the police? we already have some spies in BO, shouldn't BO also have spies in police? it will be easier to pick out the spies that way.
  18. ikr, that karasuma mansion is full of unresolved plots.
  19. ran is clingy, isn't she? a bit too much for me.
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