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  1. I'm rather sad that Camel is still one piece despite almost drowned and burned. Killing a recurring character will bring suspense up, it's like they all have plot armors, the thrill is rather missing. He need to take disguise! Cutting hairs is not enough for a person who fake death. RUM is changing his face and name did this mean disguise or did he actually take a plastic surgery?
  2. Shiho x Rei is possible, but dubious due to the age gap is still quite big (11 years). Akai x Shiho is a big NO. He is a first cousin of her and her late sister boyfriend, older than her by 13-14 years. I doubt that Shiho could date a civilian, she won't be able to disclose herself fully (her past especially). How about Saguru Hakuba?
  3. Nagano case! This won't be a case in the border between Nagano-Gunma again, right?
  4. A rare lots of suspect. I just realized that Conan likes to conspire with older siblings to not telling younger siblings. Younger siblings should unite to punish him. 1 more week of waiting.
  5. This case is a probably a promo for the movie with Makoto on it. It's been a while since his appearance. Anything plot related yet?
  6. Rei is quite a shinigami too, like Conan. His old mates all died. I really hope with Taka'aki in Tokyo, we will get a great mystery in Nov. Or he is only there for family confirmation?
  7. I'm super happy to see a lot of Rei and the hiatus of Conan is off.
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