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  1. Just don't let Yaiba in. He is even more magical than Akako in my opinion. With the movie is next month, Gosho is probably will let Heiji joins the case. Or we got Momiji?
  2. 988 is out. Gosho is currently gathering one eyed people and or people with trauma about their eyes? (for RUM and the herrings) When is the last arson case?
  3. Because Osaka is famous for the comedians? It will be a change of pace if they did.
  4. Nah, Zero isn't like that. If he knows, he and Conan will more secrets together and become closer. He will tease Conan, probably. He might also think, "I wonder, do there are other survivals?" Having Rei and Heiji in a case sounds like Christmas present to me.
  5. It's so unlikely that it will be a twist of they are actually a team. One can only hope that plot will be moving forward instead constant stream of new BO member candidates...
  6. I wonder the theme on this one. It's very rare that Momiji was featured in the manga... Maybe Gosho is keeping the story in the movie so that it won't run too wild?
  7. How big it the possibility that all of them are RUM because RUM is actually a team? Organization are checking Kogoro & Conan and other detectives, probably.
  8. I finally watch it in cinema! It started to air 2 weeks ago in my city. I like the friendship in this movie, it's good to have only a drop of romance. I wish mystery portion is bigger and action is smaller. Overall it's a great one. (I'm maybe a bit biased as I watch the other movies in my notebook while this one on cinema.)
  9. The Darkest Nightmare is out in my country cinemas! Finally! :D

  10. Conan remember lots of things and he is like a walking encyclopedia... Is shinichi bad at remembering people?
  11. Hyoue Kuroda: A normal, high-ranked police. If Haibara's detector can be trusted. Or maybe she can only detect the organization members when they are keen on her? Like Conan can realize a murderous intent from time to time. Sakurako Yonehara: A smart mob character Wakasa Rumi: Maybe she is Asaka but she is not RUM. Mary: Akai's mother. She probably a British, American, or international agent. She is not a result of APTX.
  12. english version is out. so, why the corpse was dead again? accident? wakasa being a psb is interesting theory... but if so, why choose that name as alias? surely rei can tell his team that it's a bad name.
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