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  1. I'm rather sad that Camel is still one piece despite almost drowned and burned. Killing a recurring character will bring suspense up, it's like they all have plot armors, the thrill is rather missing. He need to take disguise! Cutting hairs is not enough for a person who fake death. RUM is changing his face and name did this mean disguise or did he actually take a plastic surgery?
  2. Shiho x Rei is possible, but dubious due to the age gap is still quite big (11 years). Akai x Shiho is a big NO. He is a first cousin of her and her late sister boyfriend, older than her by 13-14 years. I doubt that Shiho could date a civilian, she won't be able to disclose herself fully (her past especially). How about Saguru Hakuba?
  3. Nagano case! This won't be a case in the border between Nagano-Gunma again, right?
  4. A rare lots of suspect. I just realized that Conan likes to conspire with older siblings to not telling younger siblings. Younger siblings should unite to punish him. 1 more week of waiting.
  5. This case is a probably a promo for the movie with Makoto on it. It's been a while since his appearance. Anything plot related yet?
  6. Rei is quite a shinigami too, like Conan. His old mates all died. I really hope with Taka'aki in Tokyo, we will get a great mystery in Nov. Or he is only there for family confirmation?
  7. I'm super happy to see a lot of Rei and the hiatus of Conan is off.
  8. How will Zero past being seen here? I doubt we will know about his mysterious past (how can he meet Elena, for one). Being dedicated movie about bombing, how many bombs will explode? And which Tokyo's building?
  9. Rumi is probably Asaka. All those scar, she is or was a bodyguard or government agent. I still don't think Kuroda or the sushi guy is RUM... Surely Gosho won't make this arc too similar to unveiling Bourbon arc? 3 RUM suspect (with one real one) in the same page, really? I wish to be surprised. All suspect are actually RUM will be a twist, surely.
  10. 3-6 months from April in theater probably? 8-12 months from April online?
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