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  1. I fell asleep in the first half of Jurassic World. plz don't hurt me Anyway, I plan to go at it again sometime soon. From what I saw, it was pretty good. (plus I have a brother giving me the death glares every time this particularly sensitive topic is brought up. idek when he'll ever forgive me)
  2. BBC Sherlock Like whoa. Excuse me while I go cry under a cloud of despair under 2017 rolls around, thnx Vampire Diaries It's a show about teen drama, the dreaded love triangle, vampires, and hot models. It's actually really enjoyable though (<-- person who binged through 4 seasons in 2 weeks) The 100 Only got to the beginning of the second season, but it's pretty good. Have yet to see the Bellarke hype everyone and their grandma's going crazy over. can I just say bellamy looks a lot better in action than he does in those posters cuz heyyy
  3. Thrift Shop - Vitamin String Quartet http://clockwork-mockingbird.tumblr.com/post/102261850667/push-play-and-just-trust-me It's a string version of Macklemore and Lewis's Thrift Shop :'D
  4. YES WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? UNDER A ROCK? I DON'T THINK SO I'M PRETTY SURE EVEN THAT ROCK HAS WATCHED MULAN (but seriously go watch it right now alright just do it; she's my favorite Disney princess)
  5. Dear Anon, You're really a rare kind of friend. For so long, I've been missing that—even in friends that I've known for years upon years, it is our new friendship that I've found to "click" the most. I'm so glad to have met you this year. Signed, Me PS: You're not without your flaws tho :V
  6. I wonder how non-bilingual people learning a second language perceive the concept of "being bilingual".
  7. My favorite book genre is fantasy/sci-fi. My least favorite is historical fiction or thriller (former because the covers always look dull, and latter because I think cinematographic effects work better for the genre). It's all in the opportunity cost :V
  8. Same difference leave me along ok I know nothing about codes orz Also: Noticed that the quoting system is working a lot better. I used to have problems with moving it around when I'm composing a post, but now it has cool new abilities. Your post draft is automatically saved so that it'll appear in another page of the same thread. OMM: It's actually pretty nice outside, considering the weird super hot/super cold polarity we've been experiencing for the past week or two.
  9. Can you not? I can, though "Find Content" was always a feature we had. And yes, soy stalker pro Observations Cont: - Videos are automatic now too (along with images). Super convenient, tho idk if we still have the range of options the BBC drop down gave us. - Mobile version isn't too different aesthetically. - Yay sound effects!!
  10. Rewatched Mulan. "Shame on you, shame on your family, shame on your cows...!"
  11. Anime: Haikyuu!! Genre: sports Plot: Hinata, a vertically-challenged volleyball striker with the classic "untapped potential" (i.e.: he can jump), vows to surpass Kageyama after his team was crushed by Kageyama's in a middle school tournament. But when he joins Karasuno High School's volleyball team, he finds that his sworn rival is now his teammate. (MAL) Why I like it: I've always been a fan of sports anime, but even besides the classic elements of superb dynamics between characters and individuality, Haikyuu really excels in other things like animation and comedy. It's incredibly entertaining, especially when a rally gets played up so it becomes more like psychological warfare than anything. Also, Oikawa. 'Nuff said. Rating: 5/5
  12. Dear anon, THAT SHIP TEASE DOE CAN U BE ANY MORE OBVIOUS *dies* Signed Yours truly
  13. LIVE BY THE MBTI DIE BY THE MBTI THAT IS OUR CREDO FROM NOW UNTIL THE DAY WE RETURN TO THE SOIL *is reminded an MBTI thread on DCW was created over a year ago by some user named kirsch* eheheh
  14. Kirsch

    Your latest Buys

    Went Memorial Day shopping on Sunday. I ended up buying a bunch of clothes I can't wear to school on a daily basis, so I didn't really save any money orz but omg halter tops and lace are so pretty individually but together theyre just perfect
  15. Testing out the new site. Isn't this so cool? :'O

    1. Metantei Kiddo

      Metantei Kiddo

      The comment system is pretty damn cool :D

  16. Sorry for the double-post, but it's been almost a month since my last one— Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch. It's about a thief and his gang, the Gentlemen Bastards, who specialize in robbing the wealthy nobles by donning disguises and scheming like Leonardo DiCaprio's character from Catch Me If You Can. There's a lot of complex plots and subplots and backstabbing and wordbuilding, and the narrative is gritty and hilarious at the same time. Am I making sense? I don't know. I really love this book, but I don't know anyone who's read it so... *hinthintnudgenudge* (Note: If you're interested, know that there's a lot of (reasonable) cursing, gore, death, sex, alcohol, etc, etc, in case those kinds of things bother you. None of it's overdone, just more realistic portrayal of city slums, gangs, and cutthroats.)
  17. Sluggishly worked through course modules. I recently broke through new Internet fronts, and productivity has been especially low these past few days... (Read: relapsed hard into certain OTPs. Gifs leave me dead with feels every ten minutes or so.)
  18. WHAT IS THIS WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN LIKE THIS LOOKS SO SLEEK BUT WHAT I just decided to drop by and I'm met with this totally different DCW Forum. I had to check site addresses a few times to make sure I'm in the right place because, whoa, Maurice really revamped the place. I really like it, design-wise (yay minimalist), though I haven't done my fair share of exploring yet to comment on usage and stuff. (Wonder what else is missing? Friends list, for one. Are the signatures gone too? Is there a way to get those back? What's going to happen to the Rate Avatar/Sig Above You thread? WHY IS CHANGE SO OVERWHELMING??) (And Maurice, if you're reading this: thankyouthankyouthankyou for maintaining DCW even after all these years ) == EDIT: Observations so far: Old quotes, signatures are gone. New quotes work, but now it'll be harder to read through and understand old threads. Might be especially significant in the DC Anime/Manga discussions since they heavily utilize quotes. Oh man DCW looks so modern it's like seeing your baby all grown up okay this just got weird real fast The "All Activity" tab mashes together the old "New Content" and "Status Updates" wall. (I think this design is to accommodate for slower traffic?) Emoticons are automatic now Images are the same, though the buttons are on the button instead of the top and it's organized a bit differently. Now we have this "Attachments" feature. Haven't used it yet, though I'm thinking it makes it easier to pull up previously uploaded pics (Wordpress has a similar function.) The BBC code feature in the posting box isn't there anymore (or I can't find it). Idek what technologically clueless people like me are gonna do—I can't memorize codes for the life of me. I'm inclined to mention the Rep button looks very clickable. (I'm seriously tempted to go around repping a bunch of posts just for the satisfaction. Don't ask.) Avatars are circles now. Haven't quite figured out the changes made to profiles yet. Can't seem to find the repped content, bio, (some fields of) user info, etc. May just be me—I'll keep looking. There's a convenient "Create" button up top. I think there are less features in Settings? The top "Detective Conan World" header is linked to the forums instead of site home. No "HOT" labels, which I like. (Idek what the algorithm for that was, but it made no sense.) Less emphasis on unread threads, which I don't really like. Sometimes we need that extra pressure to click through all the threads and post. The design is modern and not quite minimalist like I'd said, but definitely far simpler than the old design. I can't say enough how much I love this new style, but I do miss some of the old graphics. No more "Moderators," "Top Users," "Highest Rep Content," etc. Again, I haven't fully explored everything yet, but I think a lot of less-used features were cut and the site has become more compact overall. Why do all the buttons look so clickable? I think that's enough for right now. TL;DR: whoa change
  19. I like browsing through my recommended feed on Youtube just to see how my history has made them think about me. I find that recently I've had to delete a lot of the suggestions in case someone decides to go peeking one day ​okay so its a lot of anime crap and not even the mild crap orz
  20. Waffers <3 And watermelon, but it really isn't the season.
  21. I feel like we're at a point in DCW history where a lot of members can be added onto here
  22. 10 years later, I'll probably be called old by my younger cousins. Then my older cousins will call karma.
  23. I wonder who had the brilliant idea to pit Captain America against Iron Man. I mean Come on We all know Iron Man >>>>>>>> the captain
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    Wait just saw this now. What's wrong with it?
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