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  1. .... .......... ....... can it possibly be Hamilton that you're referring to? (though any other is totally cool too. I've always wanted to see Wicked and Something's Rotten)
  2. The lyrics to Lafayette's part in Guns and Ships. DAT FRENCH ACCENT DOE
  3. Started on Psycho-Pass and mowed the lawn. There's a bush in the back corner that somehow managed to grow to be taller than I am not that it says much . Also, I'm sure a good portion of mosquitos living in the volume of air around the property is now fat with my blood T-T
  4. Don't forget the new warning messages! xD YESSS TEAM RED LETS GOOOOOOO OMM: I've been listening through Halsey's Badlands on repeat. First time I've ever done this with any band or album, and no regrets.
  5. (fortunately) >:'D that sounds like a very painful way to go o.o OMM: regarding the recent media explosion over trump's alleged "encouragement for Russia to intervene with the US election"... OMM2: Earlier today I managed to steam vegetables in a pot without burning myself/my mom/the house/anything else. Now I feel very qualified to be casted in Chuuka Ichiban! (or maybe Shokugeki no Souma! S2)
  6. Yeah. Jamming a semester into two weeks is killer x.x I personally wouldn't, but at a high school level, I'm considering taking the second semester of stats so I can prepare for the AP exam. It kinda feels wasteful to only go halfway and not finish it (and in my defense, stats isn't that bad) OMM: time to write my annual declaration of love for air conditioning
  7. OMM1: bless those uni students who put down lures around town. You can literally walk in circles around a single block and get showered by pokemon left and right I haven't watched game of thrones yet WHAT ARE THESE REFERENCES OMM2: Finally finished stats! I'm actually really surprised that I enjoyed it as much as I did. (when I told my violin teacher this she told me her very honest opinions about how people who major in statistics must have no personality whatsoever. I crai.) I mean, yes, I failed at simulations but hypotheses tests are the best Also: #pickuplines2k16
  8. Haha, gg to those not in US/Australia/Japan == The gym closest to my house was blue all yesterday. It changed to red for like 2 minutes before it was held by yellow for the rest of the night xD
  9. haha potato == Dear anon, ... I'm so sorry I know I've committed sacrilege on your favorite book I swear it was an accident plz don't hurt me Signed, me
  10. I downloaded Pokémon Go today because everyone was going nuts over it, both irl and online. My brother and I walked under the 90+ degree sun for an hour or two and came back being level 4 trainers. we're such nubs It's also pretty crazy just how many people play it. Just by walking through the neighborhood, and there'd be congregations of kids camped around the pokestops and people -- including grown men and women -- walking or biking with phones in hand, stopping only once in a while to capture xxx pokemon. Sometimes I'd make eye contact with them and there'd be a short "you too?"--"yup" before we go off on our ways EDIT:: I am now officially #TeamValor. Partially because their insignia is cool, and partly because buzzfeed told me to. Sorry Akazora, blame those hot red flames for our now bitter rivalry
  11. Oh the dilemma D: W-what happened to your avatar??
  12. Me Before You Funny story: when we went in, the ticket booth guy told my friend and me that lately, he'd seen a lot of teenage girls come out of the movie crying, and we might want to take a tissue or two before we went in. We, of course, considered ourselves cold-hearted critics who would never cry at some tragic rom-com in which somebody's obviously going to die (<-- person who didn't shed a single tear during A Fault in Our Stars, movie and book). Heck, the only reason I was even there was because Sam Claflin was on the poster. (did NOT recognize Khaleesi as Lou and afterwards D: ) But oh god I was such a wuss. Three quarters through and there were tears streaming down my face. I mean like Just They're so sweet HOW DO YOU NOT FALL IN LOVE WITH THIS TWO?? (^All the while my friend stayed true to being a coldhearted critic) (^I'm also pretty sure the ticket booth guy was laughing at me when he saw I left the theatre in tears) (^Honestly though I had pretty good endurance compared to the girls who fell apart just halfway through. Ha. Losers.) (^And theennnnn you realize this movie is actually pretty controversial)
  13. Sorry for the double post :3 Free: Eternal Summer This was... not as bad as I thought it'd be. Hikaru no Go is probably closer to a sports anime than Free is, but the animation is nice and I've had a few laughs. Aaaannnnd they toned down on the fanservice! (or up, depending on how much you want to weight Australia) Although I'd still label most characters as one-dimensional, just enough hover above the line to be enjoyable to watch. The epilogue was really nice, too—just enough sweetness and excitement to leave me with a goofy grin. My favorite part of Eternal Summer, however, is uncontestably the ED. (^Yeah ok this is my favorite shot I don't know why either)
  14. A Court of Mist and Fury I'm dying for the final book to come out. Hopefully, Tamlin dies in a hole, Rhys becomes a little less like the personification of PC-ness (don't worry I still l love you), and Lucien continues to be MVP. EDIT:: seems the author went TMI on us. There will now be 6 books to this series.
  15. Happy Asteroid Day! Hang out at your local uni observatory or just get out your amateur telescope to celebrate this day of scientific geekery! (I'll be doing the former, if only because I suck at the latter)
  16. A little late to the party, but join us in worshipping Maurice and you can be forgiven
  17. Toradora! I was in the mood for some mindless, tropey shoujo, and where better to look than the show with one of the most iconic loli tsundere? I was actually pretty pleasantly surprised by it in the first cour since I'd thought it be one of those "so there was premis--then they fell in love"-type shows, when in fact Toradora! spends a lot of time developing Ryuuji and Taiga's friendship. Not that their relationship made any sense, but hey, that's not something you see a whole too much in the genre. Of course, that positive aspect was easily offset by 1) Taiga's irritating personality 2) Ryuuji's pushoverness 3) the fact they dragged on what could've been a one cour show into two cours 4) the ending and 5) the unnecessary drama. Considering that shoujo is basically defined by unnecessary drama, know that Toradora!'s unnecessary drama went above and beyond the usual. I just... the last few episodes tried so hard I was actually cringing for the characters. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun Still on my shoujo spree, I turned towards this show. I liked this far more than I did Toradora!. Shizuku and Haru, the main couple, were "unique" people, so to speak, and they did weird, startling things as individuals. Together, however, you really didn't know exactly where they were headed (except for the general direction of "together"). There were a few times when I laughed out loud or just sat there, wordless, as the quirks of the show and its characters suddenly gets all "in your face." I also really respected the fact that Shizuku, thank god, wasn't one to constantly stutter or have disproportionate/unreasonable reactions to the things happening around her. If she wanted something or felt something, she said it outright and was firm about it. Including, or especially, with matters concerning Haru. Because let's face it: IRL, none of the things Haru did would be attractive and would most likely land him in jail. But in the anime, we can all just admire how well they animate his eyes and hair and the chicken, for some reason Free - Iwatobi Swim Club I don't know why I watched this. This is really just your typical moe-blob but with muscled guys, if that makes any sense. I fast-forwarded through most of it because it was 10% swimming, 40% Haru saying he only swims "free," 40% assorted mindless dialogue, and 500% fanservice. At first, the fanservice was limited to spontaneous stripping, skintight swimsuits, and muscles muscles muscles, but after the fourth episode mark, they began to really push it. No opportunity was overlooked in getting any of the guys into some "situation" (ex: I never knew mouth-to-mouth respiration--you know, the procedure that's supposed to be life-saving and all that--needed as much buildup as it had) Ao Haru Ride The anime was okay, but oh god the manga it was so good I was practically squealing when it finally got to the point where it finally hits you and you realize just how far the story and the characters has come and it's so GAHHH-- But since this is the anime thread, I'll stop there and just say that the anime is worth the watch, but it really becomes far more worth it if you finish the manga as well. (^I'm really bad at writing about stuff I like alright))
  18. Went to see Finding Dory with Raki and co. Hanging out was fun, though I can't say the same for the movie itself... I may or may not have fallen asleep for a quarter of it Whaaaat? I think it feels better to wake up earlier naturally than it is to be dug awake at a set "waking time" by your alarm clock. But then again, I'm not a morning person and have almost never experienced the former so :V
  19. *whispers* but technically.....
  20. Do it. I triple dog dare you.
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