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  1. Spring mornings right after a light shower. Preferably ~60 degrees with the sun up. It's refreshing, and probably the only time I'll feel not dead in early in the day. == Opinion on the Pledge of Allegiance?
  2. I see the same thing. It's pretty weird that our birthday/gender info comes up, but not our bio.
  3. OMM 3: I think this is most active DCW's ever been since I joined last year *cackles* Now all that's left is devising a plan that will ensnare those lurkers so they don't leave again >:'D You have to realize though that the number of people who took note of the change and popped a post = number of people who lurk but don't post = number of people who we need to kick Thanks fam The new SAT was actually pretty easy compared to the old one I took in December. There were no obscure vocabulary words and having 50 minutes to analyze an article made for an essay that I could actually be pretty satisfied with (I'm used to writing book reviews, so analyzing isn't as hard as developing a flimsy moral-oriented thesis in 25 minutes). I did better on the math sections too, but I think it's more in part of me having actually completed Algebra II instead of the test getting easier. Reading was pretty easy, though there was this one question I was iffy on. Overall, I think I did pretty good for someone on 4 hours of sleep and didn't even bother to do the practice sets on the website
  4. Sorry if I came off like that, but discrediting people's efforts wasn't my intention. I'd been looking into SAT subject tests for both Chinese and Spanish, and it struck me that the distance I still had to go with Spanish was far greater than I'd thought. Comparing the thought process I have for the two languages really put that into perspective, and my post was written to reflect a "what-if" scenario where I didn't have Chinese as a marker for "fluency". Being bilingual has always been a prevailing factor in my life because my internal "voice" "speaks" (yay tons of quotation marks) in both languages. English may be my primary language now, but there was a period in my life when I could actually feel the "voice" shift from being Mandarin-centric to English-centric, and as a small child, it was very hard to adjust. (I'm still very fluent in Chingrish.) Despite being a Spanish student of 6 years (though I didn't really learn much in the first 5), I can't imagine ever having the same problems I do with being a English-Mandarin speaker, and thus, in a sense, that same level of fluency. Perhaps I'll one day be able to communicate in Spanish in a conversational setting, but this sort of proficiency won't have some of the defining traits of bilingualism that I feel with Mandarin. With Mandarin, it's completely without thought, while with Spanish, I'm forced to procure a written form of the audio clip in my head, translate bits and pieces, then rearrange it to better accommodate for my English-orientated mind. It's a long and arduous process, and exactly what I've been telling my parents not to do for all my life, only that it's me who's now struggling to find a more efficient process and realizing there are none. Again, I'm not trying to brush off languages students in the classroom. It's quite the opposite really--I probably understand the laborious efforts too well.
  5. For the most part, I'd leave my past the way it is. But I do wish that I'd been better at showing love and appreciation to certain people before the chance was taken away from me. == Summer or winter?
  6. Nice. I wish I could say the same thing; it's a really fun show. Yeah, that's more like it. While you're on it, add NCIS and House to that list too. Or have you already watched those?
  7. Oh yay! Join the fam~ I haven't been following it lately though since I just watch it when it comes on TV. What season are you on? Ummmmmmmmm I want to say yes but I don't feel that yes is a sufficient answer... *dies* (again)
  8. Hey, just wanted to let you know I've sent Maurice a screenshot of your message about the Sucuri problem. :) 

  9. Translator's Note: Keikaku means "plan"
  10. Yes, though in what ways and which degrees is debatable. I do think it's something we shouldn't take for granted though. -- When was the last time you fully let yourself loose?
  11. Any recs? To be totally fair, I haven't gone deep into the thriller genre yet. thus shouldnt be making these generalizations but oh well I think it was my recent meh experience with Gone Girl that sort of turned me off. Ah, that's at the top of my TBR pile. I've been putting it off because I have the "watched the movie lolz" excuse, haha. I really should get to it
  12. Because their parents are cruel people who let their children believe in blatant fantasies. jk jk What's "over 9000"?
  13. I'm just looking through at my posts from beginning of time, and... whoa. I was so genuinely amazed by the concept of an internet community it's hilarious xD
  14. Anime: No Game No Life Genre: fantasy/comedy Plot: A brother and sister pair of NEETs (shut-ins wholy devoted to games, anime, etc) suddenly find themselves in the fantasy world of Disboard, where all conflicts are settled through games. The story follows their journey to defeat Tet, the one and only god of Disboard. Why I like it: It's silly, full of fanservice, and without a true ending, but I really enjoyed the over-the-topness of it all. Disboard has a bright and colorful, out-of-this-world design that melds well with Madhouse's superb animation, and the games they play are usually derived from simple games we play but blown up to whole new levels. (Seriously, some of it's just crazy.) It's a fun series that has little baggage, but I'm sure many will enjoy the ride. Rating: 4/5
  15. RIP this thread May it find peace in the graveyard of other long-forgotten threads.
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