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  1. Found out that I'll be za UK
  2. OMM: I can never decide if I dislike student teachers or if I just feel really, really bad for them.
  3. Yeee so much action in the trailer. What's their angle though? The Black Org appearance is, without a doubt, fanservice (I mean they completely threw subtlety out the window when they decided to squeeze in every last BO member/spy/alphabet soup agency in the teasers and trailers), but then there's the deal with RUM. Has the animation studio or Gosho stated whether or not this will be canon? I'm hoping that this will be at least semi-canon, like what they did with Kid in Movie 3. Otherwise, they're building themselves a ridiculous amount of hype with almost no weight. I actually wouldn't mind a DC action movie with BO elements. The Michael Bay in me still likes some exploding Apaches (taken in small doses) and Vermouth/Akai are pretty cool. Ran though why just why
  4. I'm on the fence on this one. Real dislike belongs to English class. The person below can play an instrument
  5. Florence and the Machine - Queen of Peace https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSM0lLbVYOo
  6. It sounds like this is a pretty hard time for you. Hope things get better! I KNOWWW I CAN'T BELIEVE I MISSED IT LAST NIGHT I MEAN SERIOUSLY WHY THE YEAR LEO GETS HIS LONG-DESERVED OSCAR I'M JUST ROLLING AROUND NOT BEING THERE TO WITNESS HISTORY BEING MADE NOW ALL THE LEO-OSCAR JOKES ARE VOID/NONAPPLICABLE/WHATEVER GAH *cough* Anyway, heard that Mad Max completely swept away the evening... Haha, can't believe it's been so long
  7. Durarara!! I'm only on the first season. It's a confusing show. Most of the first cour made no sense, and although the finale of that cour sort of straightened some things out, there's still so many muddy explanations. It shouldn't have taken that long for the viewer to sort out the limits of the universe -- I spent a couple of episodes thinking that the plot was revolving around supernatural characters and incidents. It's as if the creator created an amazing 2/3 of the cast and decided, "Wow, this is gonna be awesome!" then failed at the last 1/3 and execution of the plot. The music tho. It is... unique. But sometimes they'd play a light medley people are threatening to murder each other. Coolest thing about the show: http://dollars-bbs.org/ Password is baccano
  8. Played basketball and ran around in circles because oh gosh look it's the sun!!
  9. Dear anon, Despite what I told you, appeasement really is a trick of a coward. I was too scared to face the problem head-on, and you were right to call me out for it. The what-ifs still bite at my heels. Did my decisions help, or were they useless overall? Please keep playing my devil's advocate. Me
  10. OMM: That moment when the only happiness you ever get out of a class is from looking through your perfectly formatted and color coded notes orz It's definitely time to get out our illuminate hats and alien footage and declare armageddon on the world. Or we can blame it on Trump. (... or global warming....) And welcome back!
  11. OMM: I hate saying goodbyes. I know exactly how I feel about MK and Moho leaving (like crap and some more abstract, vaguely negative feelings) but the goodbyes really drive it in. So here's my super teary goodbye that's going to guilt-trip you into -- nah, nevermind. Just wish you both have a great time outside of DCW. You guys take care of yourselves and be happy Can you pretty please at least swing by once in a while? Christmas is mandatory, btw... jk, jk. ​OMM2: Lovely 30+ inches of snow. No school for dayyysss~~~ It's really a winter wonderland out there. The roads are like trenches dug between the mountains. My shoulders are super sore from all the shoveling though, and my driveway and basketball area is still buried under the now melted-and-hardened ice. Gahh.... ​OMM3: ​DAMON SALVATORE ​(pls help me)
  12. Two days, man. Missed you by two days.

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      You know what I'm talking about! :D

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      Whatever, I know you're really busy right now so wish ya all the best :)

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      And happy youknowwhat :D

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  13. Welcome! But please make sure not to double/triple post.
  14. Even though you couldn't find mine, I'm still dying over how adorable these are T-T
  15. Kirsch


    Too many nights of sleeping past 2 and waking up at 6. ​nobody correct me about how bad high school is because I really don't want to know
  16. Duh, there's no stopping me once you start talking books That's great to hear! I'm biting my nails in suspense/excitement, heehee No idea xD But something about the title "Ant-Man" sort of puts me off. I've never been a fan of how Marvel and DC (did I get that right?) name their characters in general. Still not over "Bat-Man"... Deadpool sounds pretty cool though. I think there's a movie about him coming out soon
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