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  1. Since 2004 when it aired in english on Adult Swim, which is also why I prefer the English Dub over the japanese version, but I am forced to watch subs due to FUNI cancelling the dub during season 5. I have watched every episode so far. I am getting tired of it though. All of these filler episodes with no connection to the main series plotline are so annoying.
  2. This is true. I remember that, so technically, the BO boss should be someone from at least the first season. I remember reading that initially the anime was supposed to last a few seasons but it blew up with so much fanfare that it made it to today.
  3. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if it was Ran's mother. There is something about her that gives off a creepy vibe. I also wouldn't be surprised if the leader is a major character who has led Shinichi on. Perhaps Agasa? It would be perfect and a perfect plot twist. Agasa being the boss. That way, it would be a major shock and in series terms, it would benefit the BO, since the boss could keep an eye on Shinichi and Haibara.
  4. I personally think that the entire show should of ended years ago. There are just too many filler episodes that are irrelevant to the main DC plotline. It feels alot like they have forgotten the whole series plotline: Shinichi finding the BO boss. Instead, they keep making pointless fillers. If I had to choose 1 episode, the mountainvilla murder case should of had more deaths. It was a creepy episode with an axe murderer, yet only one person died in the 2 part episode.
  5. I miss this wiki. The other wiki's are garbage in comparison.
  6. I love the series, don't get me wrong. But I want it to end soon. It has gone on far too long. Many volumes and episodes constantly show irrelevant episodes with no connection to the series plot. I have the feeling that they have swayed away from the series main plotline. Conan is constantly doing other things rather than finding the BO members. I wan't it to end so we can finally have closure instead of being in "Limbo". Detective Conan is now like Spongebob, Simpsons, Family Guy, etc. They were great and interesting in the first few seasons but later the plotlines changed massively and the franchises have overstayed their welcomes. Too much is too much imo. If they end it, they don't have to "end" the series entirely. They could just end the main plotline. If they could make Conan finally track down the BO boss, get the antidote, go back to being Shinichi and confess to Ran, they could continue after that with their random stories they keep doing. I simply want them to complete what they started. I have waited since 2004 to get the conclusion....
  7. I am curious what episodes are counterparts to these volumes: "The Uptight Party" (緊迫のコンパ "Kinpaku no Kompa"?) "The Secret Visit" (秘密の家庭訪問 "Himitsu no Kateihōmon"?) "Boring Game" (つまんない試合 "Tsuman'nai Shiai"?) "Big Win!" (大当たり! "Ōatari!"?) "Exciting Interview" (ワクワク取材 "Waku-waku Shuzai"?) "Message of the True Criminal" (真犯人の伝言 "Shin Han'nin no Dengon"?) "The Detective Boys" (ザ・少年探偵団 "Za Shōnen Tantei-dan"?) "Heiji's Memories" (平次の思い出 "Heiji no Omoide"?) "The Snow Woman's Plans" (雪女の計 "Yuki Onna no Kei"?) "Mystery on the Lift" (謎のリフト "Nazo no Rifuto"?) "The Legend of the Snow Woman's Silver Kimono" (雪女の銀衣伝説 "Yuki Onna no Gingoromo Densetsu"?)
  8. Mountain villa murder case was very scary. It reminded me of a horror film.
  9. Anything not Anime Original. The AO episodes are usually almost always awful.
  10. If you have downloaded MP4 versions of subbed episodes, they should be compatible with the kindle and the embedded subs should work. MKV, which the latest and currently only sub group is using, wont work. The episodes will play but the subtitles will not show up. Your best bet is finding MP4 versions of episodes. You can message me and I will hook you up. I won't say much in this public area due to legal issues with FUNimation, but I have the entire series to the latest episode in MP4 format.
  11. I wish I could understand japanese...
  12. As much as I love this show (To death), I want it to end. As of late many of the newest episodes are nothing story progressing and I personally believe it has gone on for far too long and should of ended many seasons ago. I really hope next season will wrap up unanswered BO questions and conan will finally find them and it all ends. I love DC, but I want to see real progress... they don't have to entirely end the series. They can finish the entire BO arc and return conan to shinichi, and simply continue the show as Shinichi. OR, end them all entirely, and produce a spinoff with new characters. Perhaps a BO spinoff showing the DC series from their point of view? DC can't go on forever. Eventually people will get sick of it. There are just too many episodes.
  13. Ok nevermind. Just noticed this is 100% a bootleg. All those movies on 3 DVD's, and it has email addresses on the box? Ha.
  14. This DVD bundle seems a bit suspicious: http://www.ebay.com/itm/DVD-ANIME-DETECTIVE-CONAN-17-Movies-Lupin-Special-Box-Set-7DVD-Case-Closed-/171249316481?pt=US_DVD_HD_DVD_Blu_ray&hash=item27df413281 Personally, I never heard of official english subbed releases, but apparently, that DVD box set is region free and contains English Subtitles. Is this legit? Because if so......... why are there fansub groups if they make official DVD's with english subtitles?
  15. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=727582820589921&set=a.476070835741122.124972.388009634547243&type=1&theater That Anime sites facebook said it. They said that apparently movie 18 will be the final movie. Did I miss something?
  16. Obviously shinichi. But its still a pretty close one though. If they did a IQ test they would likely be exactly the same score.
  17. Shinichi and Ran will make little shin and ran`s. The awkward thing is, ran will likely miss conan when shinichi returns to his normal self, and she will probably name her boy if she has one, conan. Then the boy will be the spitting image of shinichi as a kid, so it will still look like conan. Lol.
  18. Another one: The Black Organization finally catch both Shinichi and Shiho. Gin grabs shinichi by his hair and bashes his face into a wall several times until his face looks like spaghetti. Vodka takes a steamroller and runs over shiho.
  19. Not trying to be rude, but can you type properly?
  20. lol. I moreso think she wont end up with anybody. She seems like a loner. But if Akai is REALLY alive, when shiho returns to her normal self, and whenever akai comes out of hiding, it would seem right if they got together. After All, Akai is secretly looking out for Shiho as he loved and dated Akemi before her death.
  21. -When you can word for word the entire english dub (I can) -When you sometimes get so immersed you THINK you are really there. -When you get into a real case in real life and actually use a towel to pick things up, and shout to call the police.
  22. Likely, (VERY Likely), he will end up with Ran. If all goes to bad and he cant get the antidote, afterall, its detective conan not detective shinichi, then he may stay like conan and some of the events of OVA 10 would come to life. (He would grow up to be a teen as conan, and grow to look virtually identical to shinichi.). He would probably also date haibara. Because i know he would not date Ayumi for 2 reasons: 1. Gross. In real terms, she is 10 years younger. He REALLY be 26 in 10 years, while she would be 16. 2. Genta and Mit would probably destroy conan. But i still think the ending of the show will be an ironic and mad ending just to mess with us. I would not be at all surprised if Shinichi wakes up in a hospital from a coma and discovers he was put into a coma from the drug he was forced to take, and everything was a dream.
  23. To be totally honest i prefer the english dub. The reason: In 04 i watched it on adult swim and i was hooked. It was cancelled in 2010, but may be coming back. I prefer it to subs, because in subs i have to read, but in dubs all i have to do is listen, meaning i can pick up more detail. Plus, i like that i can actually understand it, unlike the japanese subs. I recently ordered season 1 of case closed. I already watched all episodes, but will ASAP be buying Season 2 to support the series. Funimation said they have bright plans for case closed this year. (Finally)
  24. He has suspicions. He has asked conan many times before why conan is always right next to him when he passes out. And in season 1 or so he had the suspicion that conan is someone else because of how smart he was, but that was until he accidentally mixed up Kogoros photos with the crime scene photos.
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