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  1. Happy Oriental New Year to all oriental people out there!!!
  2. Oppan Gangnam Style!!! Mother Father Gentleman!!! I am from South Korea but I live in Surry, England.
  3. Hello guys, in this topic thingy, you can post your own versions of a TV/Manga episode as well as alternate storyboards for any of the 17 released films(18 if you include Lupin III vs Detective Conan). If you think that some Detective Conan films/episodes were bad, then you may upload how you want it to have ended/happened. Also, please put in the episode number/chapter number/film number of what you're changing. Many thanks KoreanDetectiveConanFan.
  4. 안녕하세요, 저는 한국 사람입니다... 명탐정코난 좋아해요?
  5. From the Black Organization, my favourite character is Tooru Amuro because he's just simply, plain awesome. Then my other favourite character would be Shinich because he is clever like me, I get A* in every subject (no means of cockiness)
  6. I realised that, too bad you can't seem to delete posts. Anyway as this forum thing is popular, many people will see it, I guess......
  7. Who is your favourite character. Good or Bad... Mine is Amuro Tooru because he is awesome at beating people up!!!
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