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  1. I'm starting to doubt that Mouri Kogoro does falls asleep every time Conan injects him with the sleeping needle (i forgot the name sorry :| ) I think he pretends to doze off and knows its Conan that solves the cases, and the only reason he's pretending is because he wants to know what Conan is up to, and who Conan "really" is. Also, wouldn't he become immune after all the times he's been hit with Conan's sleeping needle? What are your opinions?
  2. Can someone tell me which episode this was?
  3. I'm fine. Thank you for asking. Hope your enjoying the site. Do you mind if I call you emilyy-chan?? :)

  4. Hi I'm a HUGE DC fan and me and my sister have been watching this since DC first came out and I just wanted to share my opinions! ^.^~!! I believe that Mitsuhiko might be Anokata and that Professor Agasa might be the "highest ranking member' of the Black Organization. Heres why: 1.) Mitsuhiko - high possibly of being the boss. although theres many holes as to how he became a kid and for what reason he took the pill to become small, because the pill was orginally meant to kill right? I was thinking a minor character that died in the hands of the BO made the Anokata take the pill on accident? such as Ai-chan's sister? 2.) As mentioned in many previous posts, Agasa is highly speculated to be Anokata. I believe he's a major member of the BO and the only reason he's housing Ai-chan is to find a solution (or rather, pill) to countereffect the APTX 4869 (shrinking pill) for Mitsuhiko. Gosho mentioned that we would be surprised- as well as Haibara right? That means for Agasa to be the Anokata would be too expected, therefore the possibility of him being the boss might be small- although possible. also, I read that Gosho mentioned that even Ai-chan is comfortable around the boss, meaning her BO radar off. therefore wouldn't Mitsuhiko be a highly possible suspect as Anokata?
  5. im good!! how are youu? :D

  6. Aww really? thats great to hear :))

  7. Hi, your welcome. Nice to meet you! How are you?

  8. Your welcome, like the username, I created an anime character with a similar name :P.

  9. Hello Emilyy418 ^^ Welcome to DCW, hope you have fun.

    (/oAo)/ |________| *Flips the happy table*

  10. Hello, Welcome to DCW!

  11. So I was reading the timeline, and i want to know when this happens in the anime series- like which episodes- its in IN BOLD is the part where i need help on. edit: can someone please help!! thank you!!!
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