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  1. Hey I was wondering, where could I go about getting subbed episodes of Case Closed for my Kindle/Tablet? I am just about to finish season 5 of the english dub, but I want to continue watching more of the show (I have been watching it at the gym and to say the least its been helping me keep at it) Since FUNimation won't be dubbing anymore for a loooong time, the next best thing is to download subs, but where would I go about doing this? Any help would be great!
  2. Actually I may end up watching them tomorrow at the gym since I am out of Case Closed episodes to watch on my kindle (my friend bought me seasons 3 and 4 on my kindle) So I will let you know what I think after I watch them!
  3. No I haven't had the chance to yet, I have some of the videos bookmarked on YouTube to watch later when I get the time!
  4. A bit late to the party on this one, but I might as well voice my opinion, I like the English dub better than watching the sub, I have my reasons. One reason I guess is that to me the voice actors of the main characters fit surprisingly well for a dub, when we get to minor character's and one off characters I felt like they didn't even try to cast them and found someone from the break room to try and voice them. Now for me the name changes were not that much of a problem. The names in my opinion seemed to fit the characters well for an English dub. My only big peeve with the English dub is that half the time they don't even know if they are in Japan or the US...when I started watching the show I assumed that they were in Japan and then some episodes they all of the sudden wanted to be American, it was almost as bad as the localization of Phoenix Wright games, I just wish they just stuck to the whole "Yeah we are in Japan and we are speaking english, don't question it" approach. Now finally for me I love mystery shows and I like to be able to hear and see everything that is going on around me to see if I can beat the show to solving the crime. I find it harder to focus and put everything together with the sub, maybe I will get use to it eventually, but as of now I still think the english dub is very good for what it is, and if FUNimation for whatever reason continued to do the dub of the show I would support it fully.
  5. Thanks for the welcomes ^-^ I will be sure to pop in every now and again to discuss things about the show as I get more into it! Each to their own I guess I am currently watching some of the sub, I can tell you this it will take getting use to but I feel like there will always be a special place in my heart for the dub and the awesome job the cast managed to do!
  6. Hey! I have just recently got back into watching Case Closed/Detective Conan and I stumbled upon this awesome website and I thought I would join! I use to watch the show a lot when I was younger when it first aired on Adult Swim, after it was taken off it faded into the back of my memory until I found an issue of the manga, after that I got right back into watching it, so far I am in the middle of season 4 of the english dub. I do hope one day FUNimation does dub or sub more episodes, or gives it to someone else to do,but I will continue to enjoy the show after I finish watching the dub! Anyway I hope to have a great time here!
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