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  1. 1. Detective Conan-Great storyline, totally awesome characters. 2. Magic Kaitou 3. Lupin the 3rd 4. One Piece 5. Dragonball Saga
  2. Well, I went to BelleCon, I got to see and meet both Todd Haberkorn and Colleen Clickenbeard. It was a lot of fun.

  3. Guess what people, Yesterday, I got the Nokia Lumia 520 smartphone from Walmart. The cell phone service is At&t. It's a go phone and It's totally awesome. With it, you can download thousand of apps and games from the phones app store. It comes with xbox live, espn, a gps and more, you can get free wifi with a wireless internet connection. It's only about $65.00 from WalMart. It's a really cool phone for being prepaid. So, for people who might be looking for a nice, prepaid go phone, I would t...

  4. I would like to personally like to thank all of you who voted in my topic. And it is more than clear that Shinichi is ''in no doubt'' the better detective. East or west, Kudo is the best
  5. Well, peeps, forgot to say yesterday that if there's anyone who should be killed of DC, it's Gen and Vodka
  6. Hi, I really do love Ran because she's smart, pretty, etc. But, let me just say one thing about her, from episode 6, she had somewhat figured out that Conan and Shinichi are one in the same but, Although Conan figures ways to prove her wrong. The reason why He does that is because if the BO ever found out that Conan\Shinichi is alive. Well, let me put it this way. He just wants to protect her. If anything were to happen to his friends and family. Even her, He'll just blame himself. I love everything about her.
  7. Well, As far as DC goes, I'm on episode 128 and on movie 8

  8. Well, As far as DC goes, I'm on episode 128 and on movie 8

  9. Well, besides of being in the middle of season 3, I'm also on movie 7

  10. But why? Sure he's really cool and he solved a case in the episode No immunity for Diplomat part 1
  11. Well, I'm half way done with season 3 of DC

    1. PhiBrainChild


      Faster! Although, you may try to skip the "TV Original" episodes. I've started skipping them after about 300-350th episode because they were too repetitive and uninteresting. This list can help you: http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/Anime

    2. ConanEdogawa1990


      Well, if you did that, then you won't know what

      Happens at the end

    3. ConanEdogawa1990


      Well, as for me PhiBrainChild, I kinda skipped a

      Few episodes but only because I've seen some

      Of the episodes before and didn't want to see them


  12. Well, I can honestly say I love every episode
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