Special Volume 1

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Volume 1


Release date: January 28, 1997
Original Work: Gosho Aoyama
Manga: Eiichi Yamagishi
ISBN: ISBN 4-09-142531-3
Publisher: Shogakukan
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Special Volume 1 was released on January 28, 1997 in Japan.[1][2]



The Missing Man

File 1

Kogoro, Ran, and Conan ride a bus to a pension for some rest and relaxation. On the journey, Ran, trying to feed Conan apple slices, accidentally stabs a bearded man in a parka with a fork after the bus goes on to some bumpy road. Ran apologizes and notices the man is bleeding, but he shouts at her that he's okay. Kogoro bickers with Ran regarding Conan constantly staying with them without paying any money. Ran argues back that Conan has brought him good luck in receiving and solving cases. Upon arriving at the pension, a man named Yamashita introduces himself to Kogoro. The man Ran stabbed earlier, Tanaka, leaves the main group carrying skis with him.

Later that night at dinner, the group notices Yamashita and Tanaka haven't come down yet. Ran and Conan go to get Yamashita from his room but find him dead on the floor with a knife in his back.


SV1 Case.jpg

Location: Yamashita's room
Victim: Yamashita
Cause of death: Stabbed in the back
Suspects: Tanaka



  • Kidnapping

    Gadgets introduced

    File 2

    Mitsuhiko shows off his wideband receiver to the other Detective Boys and explains how it is able to overhear phonecalls.



    Location: Unknown high-rise building
    Victim: Junko
    Culprit: Tomidokoro
    Accident (past)


    Location: Unknown high-rise building
    Victim: Tomidokoro's daughter
    Cause of death: Free-falling
    Due to the apartment building's door being unlocked, Tomidokoro's daughter was able to go to the rooftop and accidentally fell to her death.

    When the group overhears a man receiving demands from his daughter's kidnapper, Conan and the Detective Boys set to work to stop him. The group listens carefully to the call for clues as the kidnapper threatens to kill the kidnapped Junko if his demands aren't met. It turns out the culprit resented Junko's father, who was the building manager at the time, because he didn't repair a broken door that led to a building rooftop, which his daughter accessed and fell from to her death. Using the Electronic Notebook Map, Conan manages to narrow the search area to the distance the wideband receiver gets signals. Having overheard a train during the phone call, the group heads for the one spot in range where there are railroad tracks.



  • Murderous Intent

    File 3

    Lead actress of the play "The Tail of a Comet" Michiru Ushio and her co-star Saeko Kusunoki are preparing in the dressing room for their next performance. Michiru comments to Saeko she's sorry that Saeko didn't get the lead part. Saeko claims to be okay but as Michiru leaves she comments to herself that Michiru is a thief for taking the role from her and that Michiru's performance will be her last. Meanwhile, the play begins as Ran, Conan, and Kogoro watch in the audience. As Michiru's scene ends, Saeko playing the role of a shining ghost takes her place as Ran comments that even though the lights are all off they can see Saeko's body is shining. As Saeko leaves the stage, Michiru goes back on with a wire harness to perform a flying scene. Saeko anxiously awaits for something to happen to Michiru during the flying scene, but much to her dismay, Michiru gets through the scene safely.

    As Saeko's first plan to get rid of Michiru fails, she thinks to herself about her motive for doing so in the first place. Michiru managed to get the lead role because her father is the sponsor of the theater group. Saeko leaves the stage after her scene as Michiru goes back on for a solo scene. Saeko watches the scene from a screen backstage as Michiru performs until suddenly at the end of her scene, a massive light fixture falls on top of her.


    SV1C3 Case.jpg

    Location: Stage
    Victim: Michiru Ushio
    Cause of death: Blunt force trauma by falling light
    Suspects: Saeko Kusunoki

    Conan and Kogoro immediately leap into action, leaving Ran behind. Conan and Kogoro begin investigating backstage, discovering a crew member talking about the "stopper" used on the lights to keep them from moving. As the member explains, Conan discovers that the harness Michiru was flying in earlier was tampered with. As Conan points this out to Kogoro it becomes apparent that the light incident must not have been an accident, but rather a murder. The rest of the stage crew are puzzled as to how this could be since everyone was watching Michiru's scene on the video monitor backstage. As Kogoro tries to work it out, Conan discovers water on the ground by the pulley that holds the lights. The leader in charge of the stage production is about to shut down the production for good when Saeko steps forward claiming she can bravely do Michiru's role.



  • Sudden Death

    File 4

    Kogoro, Ran, and Conan are in attendance at movie director Nagira Oosawa's party for his latest hit movie. Oosawa gives a speech to the crowd with his wife Asako standing next to him as Conan overhears a few ladies in the crowd gossiping about Oosawa and Asako's relationship. Kogoro offers his thanks to Oosawa as Conan notices a man standing next to him wearing shoes with shiny rubber soles like rainboots. Conan, puzzled, asks the man if it's raining outside. The man gives Conan an excuse when all of a sudden Oosawa is seen loudly shouting at Asako for forgetting to bring his medicine to the party. Conan feels sorry for Asako until he realizes she oddly has a strange smile on her face as she look across the room at the man with the shoes Conan talked to earlier.

    Later that night, Conan runs off for the bathroom only to discover water is covering the entire floor. While in the bathroom Conan discovers a cockroach scuttling across the floor behind him when Oosawa comes in to the bathroom as well. Conan washes his hands when all of a sudden Oosawa clutches his chest and falls to the ground dead.


    SV1C4 Case.jpg

    Location: Restroom
    Victim: Nagira Oosawa
    Cause of death: Electrocuted and heart attack
    Suspects: Asako Oosawa



  • Haunted Building

    File 5

    Genta tells Conan, Mitsuhiko, and Ayumi a story about a abandoned skyscraper in Beika 4-chōme where the ghost of the building's owner who committed suicide is said to be seen in one of the building's windows. Mitsuhiko dismisses the story as nonsense, irritating Genta. Ayumi suggests that the group should go check out to see if the story is for real or not. The following day, the Detective Boys manage to sneak in to the building carrying flashlights. Conan asks the group how on Earth they plan on proving if they see a real ghost or not and the other members reveal they have brought hand mirror omamoris. The Detective Boys explore the building and find no ghosts, but get spooked by strange sounds and lights until Conan points out the sounds are simply wind blowing through the air duct system and neon signs glowing through the open windows.

    As Conan peers out one of the windows, he discovers that the building still has more floors to explore above even though the group hadn't come across a staircase leading to the next level. The group manages to discover a ladder in the elevator shaft leading to the next floor and they follow it up. While exploring the new floor the group is startled by the sound of a phone echoing throughout the area. As Conan tracks down the source of the sound, they discover the ringing came from a cell phone lying next to a bloodied corpse.


    SV1C5 Case.jpg

    Location: Underground
    Victim: Unnamed man
    Cause of death: Stab wound



  • Trump Card

    File 6

    Ran and Conan go snorkeling while Kogoro relaxes on a beach only to find a corpse with a heavy weight attached to her feet floating in the shallow water.



    Location: Underwater
    Victim: Mitsuko Sekine
    Age: 24 years old
    Cause of death: Drowning
    Suspects: Dr. Tanaka

    The corpse is revealed to be Mitsuko Sekine after being identified by one of her friends. The local doctor, Tanaka, is surprised to find out Kogoro is a detective and claims that Mitsuko committed suicide. Tanaka gives a valid reason for how she did but Conan seems uneasy about the doctor's reasoning.

    Mitsuko's friend calls Tanaka a murderer as he leaves the scene and she reveals that Mitsuko and Tanaka had been seeing each other until Tanaka broke up with her after becoming engaged to the daughter of a major hospital. Kogoro tries to confront Tanaka and pin the murder of Mitsuko on him but Tanaka reveals he has a solid alibi.



  • Bank Robbery

    File 7

    Conan is waiting for his turn to speak to a teller at Beika Bank when he spots a male worker looking for the branch manager of the bank. The manager seems distracted however and glances at his watch. A black car pulls up outside the bank and a man comes out just as Conan's turn is up. The man waves a gun around, demanding the bank fill his money bag. Spotting the manager, the man tosses him the bag to fill it up. While the robber's back is turned a security officer attempts to sneak up behind the robber only for the manager to speak up, causing the sneak attack to fail.

    Determined to stop the robber from getting away, Conan manages to put a tracking sticker on the robber's money bag but is caught in the process. The robber holds a gun at Conan's face only to suddenly remark "Time is up" and runs away. A teller shouts that they need to get the robber's license plate number when the manager suddenly volunteers to do the job himself. The manager fails to get out of the building in time and get the number as Conan quickly gets on his Turbo Engine Skateboard to track the car down.



  • Masterpiece Thief

    File 8

    Conan is reading a newspaper article about how a thief known as Kaitou Nero has struck again, stealing a masterpiece painting and continuing to elude police. Kogoro makes a comment that given the chance he would catch the thief after just one try. A female client then arrives at the agency with a manifesto from Kaitou Nero saying that they will steal the "Angel's Bath" (天使の沐浴 Tenshi no mokuyoku?) tonight. The client mentions that she and her husband are unable to involve the police in this matter so Kogoro accepts the case. As Conan pulls a slingshot out of his pocket he remembers that he promised to hang out with the Detective Boys that day. He decides to follow Kogoro to the client's house instead.

    At the house, Kogoro and Conan meet the painting's current owner, the Ootsuki Trade President Fumitaka Ootsuki, and discover he has quite an extensive collection of fine art throughout the building. The "Angel's Bath" is stored in a loft type room of the house that is only accessible via the press of a button on a remote control carried by Ootsuki. Conan poses a question to Kogoro, wondering why the client couldn't call the police to help.

    Later, while walking around, Conan overhears Ootsuki having an interesting conversation on the phone regarding the painting to somebody. It seems that Ootsuki's collection isn't entirely collected through legitimate means, which prevents Ootsuki from involving the police. Conan then discovers a listening device under the couch Kogoro is napping on, causing him to ask Ootsuki's wife if any unexpected people dropped by in the past few days.



  • Poisoning

    File 9

    Conan and Ran are attending a fancy dinner party at Sonoko's house when Sonoko walks over to talk to Ran about forgetting about waiting for Shinichi and to come with her to pick up cute guys at the party. As Sonoko says her plan aloud she is greeted by Nanbara: the "idiot son" of the head of XX Shuppan and a horrible person, according to Sonoko. Nanbara while carrying a wine glass forcibly leads Sonoko and Ran walking around with him so he can go make coffee when he comes across his friend Takechi who is carrying a case around with him and wearing gloves on his hands. Nanbara gloats about being surrounded by ladies when he trips and knocks the contents of his wine glass on Takechi.

    Sonoko offers Takechi the use of the shower which he accepts. While Takechi cleans himself up Conan asks Nanbara why Takechi is wearing gloves and carrying the case. Nanbara explains Takechi's germophobic tendencies before excusing himself to retrieve coffee cups. Nanbara later makes coffee for Conan, Ran, Sonoko, himself, and Takechi. After Takechi adds sugar and cream to his coffee and takes a sip he collapses to the floor, dead. Once Megure arrives and reveals Takechi died from poison, Nanbara recalls that Takechi had been acting strange recently. The police then find a suicide note on Takechi's jacket, but Conan isn't convinced.


    SV1C9 Case.jpg

    Location: Suzuki Zaibatsu Home Party
    Victim: Takechi
    Cause of death: Poison
    Suspects: Nanbara



  • Continuity

    In The Missing Man

    • To Detective Conan, Roller Coaster Murder Case (Manga: 1): The beginning of the chapter makes a reference to the scene where Shinichi Kudo was drugged by the Black Organization.
    • To Detective Conan, Bloody Idol Case (Manga: 6-9) : Kogoro makes an allusion to the case, as he recants the story of his first locked room. Theres is a flashback shown, with Eiichi Yamagishi, Yuko Ikezawa and Inspector Megure in the background.

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