Special Volume 7

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Volume 7


Release date: April 26, 1999
Original Work: Gosho Aoyama
Manga: Masaru Ohta, Ekoda Detective Group
ISBN: ISBN 4-09-142537-2
Publisher: Shogakukan
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List of chapters

Special Volume 7 was released on April 26, 1999 in Japan.[1][2]



The Locket's Secret

File 1 - Part 1

File 2 - Part 2

The Message is Three...!

File 3 - Part 1

A young woman named Ami discovers her grandfather, a famous photographer, murdered in his own house while visiting him. After the fire on the estate is put out, Ami gives an omamori charm containing a puzzle to Korogo per her grandfather's will. With Ran and Conan's help, they and the police discover three secret photos hidden by the victim in three separate locations inside the estate which resembles a large camara, corresponding to the puzzle. The photos reveal that the victim had been continuously blackmailed three famous individuals for hefty a sum of money: Junko Takehara the actress for her having undergone plastic surgery, Yota Umishima the secretary of a politician for his involvement in election fraud, and Yukio Takayama the doctor for his adultery. Meanwhile, Conan has found another clue that the victim had left: a mark on his chair containing the letter "Z/B".

File 4 - Part 2

Despite admitting that they were blackmailed by Ami's grandfather, the three suspects all deny in killing the victim. Noticing the suspects' unusual action and realizing what the clue truly mean, Conan stunts Kogoro and reveals the culprit identity.



  • The Dissimilar Sisters

    File 5 - Part 1

    Kogoro and Conan accompany Ran for her shopping spree at the mall in the city. There, they met a beautiful pianist Kiwako Matsumoto who is on the stage performing, which Kogoro flirts with her by giving her a plastic flower from the bush. Though noticing her strange hand movement, Conan is forced to leave with Ran and Kogoro.

    After they returned to the Beika, the three ran into a murder Shigekazu Yagi, the principal of the nearby Music School. Due to the lack of trace of the victim fighting, the police conclude that the murderer must be one of the teachers or employees in the school. The suspicion falls on the discoverer, Masao Ichikawa, but he reveals that the victim himself had made a lot of enemies in the past. Two more suspects, Kiwako the pianist, who is also a teacher at the school, and introverted incompatible her sister Chieko the piano tuner, have solid alibi during the time of the murder, with Kiwako performing at the mall, while Chieko had been tuning a piano at her client's house until shortly before the murder. However, the sisters begin to fight in front of everyone, with Ichikawa confirming that the sisters always fought together at the school due to their different and incompatible personalities. Conan, noticing their actions, concludes that one of the sisters must be the murderer but he has yet to find the trick that she had used.

    File 6 - Part 2

    The sisters' differences as night and day causes Conan to become suspicious. Realizing the trick that the culprit had used, he tricks her into revealing a vital information that would soon incriminate her, and reveals the truth through the stunned Kogoro.



  • Murder in the Wind

    File 7 - Part 1

    File 8 - Part 2

    The Haunted Mansion Murder Case

    File 9 - Part 1

    File 10 - Part 2

    Kaitou #808's Collection

    File 11 - Part 1

    File 12 - Part 2

    The Christmas Murder Case

    File 13 - Part 1

    File 14 - Part 2

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