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which character is your favourite- poll version

fav. characters  

179 members have voted

  1. 1. main characters

  2. 2. government force and other famous detectives

  3. 3. black organization

    • Gin
    • Vodka
    • Sharon Vineyard (Vermouth)
    • Chianti
    • Korn
    • Hidemi Hondou (Kir)
    • Tequila
    • Pisco
    • Calvados
    • Irish
    • Rikumichi Kusuda
    • Generic
    • Akemi Miyano
    • Ki'ichiro Numabuchi
    • Bourbon/Amuro Tohru

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I voted:

Genta, because he is the funniest and is similar to my cat, both physically and psychologically.

Ran, because she is a faithful, courageous, open and simple person. I would really like to have friends like her in real life.

Yamamura, because he is the funniest after Genta.

Vodka (didn't really want to vote for him, but the poll requests to put a vote for the black organization), because he has the most classic mafoso-Al Capone-like appearance, and his stupidity is funny.

By the way, where is the cat Goro option? He is one of my favorite characters too, I like cats.

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Heiji because this is the class embodied, and everytime I see him I know I'm going have a good time. And more, the kansai-ben, this is too much. 


Of course Akai. There is a lot of reasons : for all frissons he give me during the Vermouth Arc, and later his natural in the gunshots against Vermouth and Gin. This os also a psychological character, who had o story who lerned with the time, when she was Moroboshi Dai. A really fascinating charachter !  -_-


Finally Vermouth, default the absence of Bourbon.

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Actually my favorite one is Mitsuhiko. Reason for that is that he is actually really smart for his age. I think that if the show actually took in age progression and showed the mental development that he could quite possibly be just as smart as Conan or Heiji going by age wise.

Given what we've seen of Kudo when he was Mitsuhiko's age during the flashback episode about little Kudo doing the search based on the code that the old Kaito Kid gave him, I don't think Mitsuhiko is ever going to be as bright as Kudo.


This poll is so old that one of my favorite characters isn't even on it:  Masumi Sera

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I recently picked up series again , started where I left of sometime 2 or 3 years ago, and I found an extra interest on Mouri Kogoro this time around. He's got to be my favourite character now..

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Indeed Haibara Ai. She has the same intelligence as Shinichi, frquently is a key person to allow Conan to save the day

Most importantly... Conan once said "you are not my assistant... you are my partner!"

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For main characters my fave is definitely Ai Haibara. she's Mysterious and Brilliant :)

For DC officers it's Miwako Sato. She's strong and smart too :)

For BO member is Kir. She's a loving sister :)

My other faves are Conan, the DB and FBI :)

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My top 10 list:

1. Shuichi Akai: Do I even need to explain? The Black Impact episode explains it all.

2. Kogoro Mouri: He's incredibly funny, especially when his original voice actor was doing his voice. And when he's serious, he becomes the 2nd most badass character in the series.

3. Yusaku Kudo: Again, I don't think I need to explain, he's pretty much the smartest character in the series.

4. The Gosho boys: Not really in a particular order but you can say I prefer Shinichi and Hakuba over Heiji and Kaito.

5. Gin: Pretty much the most badass BO member.

6. Megure: He's also funny.

7. Chianti: I like her aggressive altitude.

8. Korn: He's weird but, I like the way he talks.

9. Masumi Sera: Her being Akai's sister is enough.

10. Shukichi Haneda: Since he's most likely the middle brother.

Other honorable mentions:

Unkown child, Bourbon, Vermouth and Yukiko.

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On 8/9/2011 at 1:48 AM, Parkur said:

That's because he's an annoying arrogant jerkface

Finally! Someone agrees with me. I like Conan because unlike Shinichi, he's cute with his ahlele~ and all that... Anyway, I'm forced to like Conan.

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