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  1. Heiji and Shinichi: 34 Ran and Shinichi: 16
  2. 10 years later... I will be more organised... Procrastinate less... Yet still be watching anime ^-^
  3. Let's see... Watch anime. Listen to Vocaloid. Check e-mail. Search fan art. Read fanfiction. Go on DCW. Sadly, I have not been doing any of these lately... But I have prepared a list of animes to watch during the holidays~
  4. I prefer less 'popular' and 'mainstream' characters for some random reason...
  5. Heiji and Shinichi: 33 Ran and Shinichi: 17 *I don't ship yaoi. In fact, most of friends ship yaoi (and yuri) but I don't...*
  6. Ohayou, Premium-senpai! I think I remember when you were more 'active'... Ehhhhhh, I haven't been on DCW for a while... But I think it's getting active again! Yay?! *keeps ranting randomly*
  7. Banned for putting me on the naughty list >~<
  8. O-O So much yaoi!!! *taps on Avatar-neesan's shoulder* Hehehe she started shipping yaoi recently... But I have to say... I DON'T SHIP YAOI!!! Kaito and Shinichi: 10 Heiji and Shinichi: 9 Shiho and Shinichi: 10 Ran and Shinichi: 11 Akai and Shinichi: 10
  9. I regret... My procrastination... My science assignment... My art assignment... And the animes I want to watch so badly...
  10. I'm right-handed too! Most of my classmates do not get what I fangirl over
  11. Bakemonogatari Amagi Brilliant Park Selector Infected WIXOSS (for tomorrow)
  12. *claps* I didn't bother with ShinRan, but I didn't want to eliminate them either... I wonder what's the next canon elimination game?
  13. I want to draw/write a manga someday... Not professionally because I'm actually terrible. I'm not that sure about the future other than that... I've still got time... *procrastinates*
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