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  1. Didn't Shinichi tell her he was going on an important case? I mean, did Ran expect to be filled in with details? The title of this topic who is the best for Shinichi, which I assumed in his career, his life and such. This is who I think will be best for Shinichi. But since it's your opinion I can't argue much. I can't believe I'm defending ShinRan, but Shinichi and Ran wouldn't be friends of they didn't talk. And I don't Shinichi talks about Holmes all the time. Those flashbacks were just the more exciting part of their childhood (which I did not watch, so I'm guessing here) and Shinichi is the leading in the matter of things like that (riddles, things that requires brain, etc) so obviously Ran will just follow him around. Isn't that what I've been saying the whole time? I know CoAi will be more interesting in ShinRan (my opinion anyways), which is why I support AiCon. Plus I get a little sick watching ShinRan scenes. No offense. Eh, I remember reading somewhere that you told me you were neutral. Sorry. I must've replied to the wrong person. And look, I won't admit I'm a pro at English. My english was just enough to communicate casually. The way you write is rather formal but I'll do my best to understand you. Sorry if I misunderstood anything. That is exactly my point. Getting worried is fine. But my other point is getting angry isn't. I don't see why she would get mad at Shinichi for going out on a case without telling for long or dating a girl. It was his choice. She was his childhood friend and that's that. But I can see about being jealous and getting worried. I seem to not make my point clear enough. WORRYING IS FINE, GETTING ANGRY ISN'T. Shinichi is on multiple cases. He pitched in a meeting between one of them maybe? At least, that's what I would thought. Yeah, like you said, that depends on how you look at it. I see it as an incredibly reckless act because Shinichi would've done it, and I'm sorry, I'm going to be frank here that you didn't convince me. I didn't see her as a crybaby (yeah, I did, but maybe I view her a little differently now.) She is selfless, I recognize that. But I don't see her as patient. Because like I said, waiting for someone you love is normal to me. In the end it's all a matter of opinion so this argument shouldn't even start in the first place. Though, I respect your level-headedness in replying, which I found rare. I seriously need to rewatch DC. And plus I'm trying to make it as unreasonable as possible and it wasn't directed to you in the first place, so will you please drop it?
  2. Yup, I'm mistaken. Shinichi suggested the date, so I'll try something more unreasonable; Shinichi forgot (which will save him), so technically, Ran forced him to. Yeah, unreasonable, I know.
  3. I see her as clingy (clingy, not selfish. In fact, she's the opposite of selfish) not because she's worried. It's because she's getting mad at him. Or break in people's house because she thought Shinichi is... 'making love' (someone like that. Need to re watch DC) and many more. Needed to note that she and Shinichi isn't even girlfriend and boyfiriend yet, so I view it as being clingy. Shinichi needed to go on an urgent case. Or as she thought, urgent AND important case. Yet Shinichi still find time to meet her (although running off halfway, and yes it is fault on Shin's side) and call. She has no right to get mad, or shout and I also can't see any reason for getting emotional (I just can't see it). Worried is fine, angry isn't. Seriously? Shinichi liked Ran since preschool? I wasn't aware of that. Didn't he realized his feelings when he shrunk? And really, I never used the 'ShinRan barely interact' argument. I found that stupid, considering they talk just fine during the first episode. I didn't see any strong will in her. Waiting for a man isn't strong-willed. I know quite a few people who waits for really, really long time or they just chase them in their own. So to me waiting is quite a normal thing to do when you're in love. I don't know about you, but I never saw someone who loved without waiting. But if you're talking about her physical strength... Well, she can bend a pole while smiling. I see her strong enough but not really effective (defense broken, gone. If she's unprepared or panicked, the end. Plus, stability is a must in martial arts and Ran isn't exactly the calm type). What are we talking about? Which tendencies? Getting angry, worried, crying? In any case, I still held a grudge against her for the 'bomb vengeful brother and the three writers' case. She endangered quite a lot of life's because she thought Shinichi wouldn't do it. Yeah, I particulary remember that one because Sera is one of my favorite characters. Not exactly 'clingy ness' but I still don't like that reckless side of her. And I do not see her as 'weepy', okay? I see her as clingy, or in the past, 'possesive'. Note: In. The. Past. Well, it's not exactly my argument, so... And I would rather lose Internet than saying that (not literally), since as you can see, I love Ai and don't really like Ran. Ran would be the clear winner, definitely. Since Gosho said 'happy ending' and everyone knows what his idea of 'happy ending' would be. I don't give a damn. I stuck by my own decision and opinion, not what's decided by the manga from the start. Of course, it was still technically possible, so I can't give up hope, can't I? Not after I defended CoAi for so long. Nice to see someone neutral in the war, but if you truly are neutral, I suggest you to not vote for thread like this.
  4. Really? Sorry, I just assumed, since you didn't put a name. Yeah, I can't either. And also clingy people. Really? I though Ran made him promise to bring her on a date if she won the Karate championship or something. Must be a mistake in my memory, I'll go check. I'm not saying that to you! I'm also not saying you're saying it's Ai's fault, someone else is! I'm replying to someone else who said Ai is the cause of Shinichi shrinking, so I tried to made something just as unreasonable. Ai indirectly caused Shinichi to shrunk, and if I remembered right (which is most likely wrong), Ran also indirectly made Shinichi shrunk. It's unreasonable—exactly what I want.
  5. Probably too late to answer but this is an interesting topic (to me anyways). I don't give a darn whether Shinichi ends up with Ran or sewer rats, as long as they didn't just toss Ai aside. What I'm worried about is that Ai ends up being forgotten while ShinRan rode unicorns to happy sunset. Or worse, never again mentioned after the 'BO battle' everyone know will be there sooner or later, in any form. I'll be severely pissed if that Gosho made it like that. At the least (even if CoAi didn't come true), Shinichi will be shown working on a case with Shiho, throwing witty remarks as usual. This will be satisfying, even if it's only a short scene.
  6. But Ran is the one who asked him to go on a 'date' with her. So she indirectly brought him to that place. But all I'm trying to say isn that 'Ai brought him to this situation' is unreasonable. What will you do if you're her? Kill Gin and take the poison away? Plus, Gin uses the poison without her permission. You talking to me? Well, Ai is a mentally stable person. She just felt what everyone will feel when hunted by a dark organization—scared. And most of her fears are proven anyways. and you wouldn't be so stable either if the only person you cared for was killed. And Ran is as reckless as Shinichi, so I'd say she is not calm (I'm not saying she's mentally unstable though).
  7. GrimmReaper

    Conan x Ai

    Is this topic dead? Because I have some things too say.
  8. It's the matter of opinion. If it's up to me, I'd say: Ran, clingy and selfish. No real personality and is a tool of the story. Only loved by Shinichi beacause that's what happens when a male stuck on a female too long (and vice versa). I think there is a name for that symptom. Have to research some more. And she is also boring. Ai, selfless and strong (physically and mentally), intelligent and sharp (often exceeding Conan himself),deserves more love and understanding, what her family are has nothing to do with her. Are you saying you'll judge someone by what their family do (btw, her parents aren't evil). The main reson for Shinichi being Conan is Shinichi. He's an idiot for rushing in anything suspicious like that. Also, Ran is the one who brought him to that place anyway. My answer: Ai will certainly help him in his career a lot, and balances him off well (paranoia and recklessness). She is sharp and intelligent, which would be useful for detective work. She also isn't the type to get lonely and worried when Shinichi has a sudden case and have to leave without calling. What's more, she will have a clear future with Shinichi (unlike Ran, who already has a future blocked by her obsession with Shincihi).
  9. Erase Ran from the story. Either that, or Ran being less clingy. And also that thing about the Masumi siblings and the mysterious girl cleared up. And if possible, a showdown between Heiji-Conan-Ai-Sera against Kaito Kid.
  10. Woah, woah, dangerous topic here. And the way you ask the question means we're supposed to give our own opinion and ignore what the characters wants. Anyways, I'll definitely vouch for Haibara. It has a little chance compared to the original pairing, but I'm not giving up. My reasoning; She gone through much more than Ran, and I prefer imagining Conan with her than with Ran. Plus, Ran is boring and is slightly too perfect (and too clingy). And also, I couldn't imagine Haibara being with anyone else (except maybe Akai or Kaito, but I still prefer CoAi). Plus Shinichi has a better future in career with Haibara. She can help him in ways more than one.
  11. @gas057 I couldn't help but to think you're referring to my post above so... Well the thing is, she can worry about him, but not telling him to explain himself, get mad, cry, ect. Well, perhaps the cry part is slightly justified, since she's worrying, but that also means she's emotional — something I dislike. And are you sure she wants to hear the details of his work? I mean, it would take a long time to explain and Shinichi is busy (or so she thought). She's supposed to be considerate character, right? And some jobs do need a long time to work on. And Shinichi calls back to her sometimes even when he doesn't have to. She have no right to get angry over him not telling her where he's going anyway. He also doesn't have to tell him what he's doing. As you quoted above, she doesn't own him. She's not his girl. Whoa, you hate the main character? That must hard on you. Though I also dislike Shinichi to some extent (but Conan is a different story altogether).
  12. Ah, that so? I always stick to the animes and movies, so my bad. 1. I don't get how is Ran getting angry is 'advertising'. But I guess I'm at fault here, so sorry. 2. And again, like I said, having a father as a police and having a lover as a police is different. Especially how Shinichi seems to always get stuck on extremely dangerous situations. And the level of danger Kogoro and Shinichi get is way different. And Shinichi tends to confort situations more, which is the reason he's stuck in his current body. 3. Sorry, I've always thought Aoyama wrote the movies himself too. 4. That's irrevelant. I watched DC with dashing over episodes in weeks, so I don't really care how many years DC has gone. The actual time for DC to go doesn't concern me. I can understand Ran lovers, in a way. Since I was one of you once too ^^ But as DC grew, she gets irritating. And I was fine with her now. I just like her least. I apologized for hating her in that thread too, btw.
  13. Sorry for not making it clear. I guess I need to improve on that. No, I'm just writing in what Ran thinks Shinichi thinks about her. In Shinichi's head, Ran is definitely more than a childhood friend. She's his love, crush, anything that line. And I was writing in what Ran thought Shinichi thinks about her, based on what Ran knew. She thought Shinichi thought she was 'just a childhood friend', remember? IF Shinichi only thought Ran as a friend, and as Ran was tricked to believe -Going on a case-, that's^ what Shinichi would feel. Annoyed and irritated. Basically, I was writing in Ran's point of view, based on what Ran knew
  14. Shinichi knows he was in love with Ran, definitely. But Ran didn't. For him she's more than a friend, but Ran didn't know that.
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