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  1. As of "today" in DC timeline, the gap between Haibara and Mitsuhiko ages is huge. But you're right... after they grow up (a decade from now on), Mitsuhiko will be 17 and Haibara 29. If she does not choose to stay single forever, that could work. We shouldn't forget that Mitsuhiko's knowledge is above the average for his age and the potential crush Haibara has on Conan is due to his intelligence!
  2. Professor Agasa is suitable to tell the "Japanese puns" as comic relief however it's very unlikely that Akai would be kidding. He's one of most serious characters in DC franchise. So good question Kirsch... what is the meaning of the short but very disturbing phrase from Akai?
  3. In addition to all those reasons, no matter the circumstances... Shinchi lied to her!
  4. My guess (it's a shame that this time I have no elements to try a deduction. Arrrgh... I'm feeling like the awaken Kogoro!) Vermouth is very close to the boss The BO has been working on the silver bullet for half a century (50 years) No children would organize an organization like BO. They should be least teenagers fifth years ago If Vermouth was one of the earliest members of BO, she should be 50+20 years old To avoid her aging, she somehow managed to keep her appearance But she wants the APTX which can de age her body, so she can actually get younger or even live longer
  5. You're correct. Indeed Gin is somehow cold or even worse... a sick criminal. However the ironic way that Akai has referred to Gin as "Mr Boyfriend" may have some purpose. Nothing happens "for free" in DC plots. I hope that you're correct.... it would be shocking that somebody as intelligent and with so much common sense as Haibara could fall in love with Gin.
  6. Pilaf


    Hello, welcome to DCW I'm also a newbie. We are in same boat! Unless we become victms it's fine (just kidding... DCW members are good residents of Beika City). No victims here!
  7. Welcome to the family (my bad... it sounds like the BO guys greeting somebody who just gained his/her beverage name! (Just kidding) So... once again, and properly this time, welcome to the DCW community!
  8. Welcome! I wish you feel at home. DCW is the place for Detective Conan fans!
  9. Hi! Welcome to DCW. Community members are nice so feel at home!
  10. If your time is short, then I recommend the Slayers OVA's. The TV series have twenty something... (I don't recall the correct number of episodes) Although the TV series are funny, the OVA's are hilarious and infamous. Give a try!
  11. Hi Don't push yourself so hard! If you manage to survive the first step, you'll need a lot of energy to stand the rest of "Slayers" marathon. Once you start watching it, you may get addicted. So I recommend the OVA's, which are shorter and do not require much time The best one is "Slayers -- The Book of Spells". Three half hour tales, which do not require any knowledge on the Slayers world. Just watch and see Megumi's voice granting an even more acid personality to Lina Inverse!
  12. The mystery is... will this movie return to the essence of DC? Like the first ones which the amount of action and the curiosity about the case resolution were properly mixed together. Some movies like "The Raven Chaser" and "Private Eye in Distant Sea" relied too much on visual effects. While the first one still had a complex (but still logic and challenging) end, the last movie had a quite frustrating end. All I wouldn't want to see is a two hour "TV only -- filler episode". Dimensional Sniper should be released by end of year in DVD and Blu Ray in Japan. Let's wait and see!
  13. Going straight to the point -- Do you know Lina Inverse? If you are a die hard fan of Detective Conan, it's impossible that you had never seen. Maybe you do not remember where, so here it goes -- Lina is the protagonist of Slayers, one of the very first animes launched in DVD in late 90's. Watch the Funimation trailers! The character voice in japanese is performed by no less than Hayashibara Megumi, in other words, the voice actress who gave more life to Haibara Ai. Although Slayers takes place in a world which monsters and knights are part of landscape, you'll still feel at home. Imagine how Haibara would do to, without the use of physical force, knock out the most evil enemy? Yeah, that's it... with her intelligence and sharp tongue. Just a short phrase from her would disturb anyone who opposes to her. Watch Slayers! Pay attention on the verbal techniques of Lina Inverse and post your comments. I bet that you won't feel uneasy!
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