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  1. I'm also disappointed that Aoyama didn't give more attention to Ran. Reminds me a lot of how Akira Toriyama is treating Gohan from Dragon Ball. How can you say that Ran wouldn't have the strength to fight along with Shinichi ? Who knows, anything could happen. I also think that Shinichi is only working with the FBI so that he can chase the BO to get his normal body back and go to his normal life. It's obvious that he'll have changed, but I definitely don't see him chasing global mafias.
  2. I love reading mangas in the first place. Art is also often better in manga than anime, and it's canon. Those are my reasons.
  3. Wanted to vote for both Goku and Freecss but couldn't. I'll go with Goku.
  4. 1- Goku. Need I say anything ? He's basically the figure of anime and manga, and Dragon Ball greatly participated in the worldwide popularization of manga / anime all around the world. Authors of the most popular shonen all admitted that Toriyama's work was a huge influence to them. Goku is also very charismatic, and it's the perfect hero anyone can wish for: strong, kind, powerful, friendly, and silly at the same, which serves a lot for humor. I also like him because he's a fighting genius: he learnt the Kamemeha in seconds while it took 50 years to Master Roshi. 2- Gon Freecss. The main character of Hunter x Hunter. At first he may seem like your average shonen protagonist, but he's above it. Of course he shares several traits with other shonen protagonist, but in this manga / anime, nothing is black and white, but instead grey. Gon is extremely stubborn, but also very selfish, which is clearly exposed in the last arc to date if you ever watch it. Yet he's very friendly and joyful at the same time. In fights, he doesn't care about what can happen to him, and sometimes doesn't realize that the enemy he is fighting is clearly stronger than him. For example he got beat very badly in a fight where in order to win you had to make your opponent surrender. He didn't give up even though he got his left arm broken. Gon is the type of guy who will literally fight his enemy to death. 3- Ran Mouri. She is the main female character from Detective Conan, I think she is a very interesting character, and never loses faith in people she cares about. This is a trait I admire amongst people, and I think she illustrates this well. I also love that we get to have a strong female character not used for fan-service (in a perverted way I mean, e.g. boob and panty shot every so often). 4- Saitama. The main protagonist from One Punch Man. This guy is only a big satire of shonen. I like to call this an "anti-shonen". First Saitama is already the strongest and beats all of his enemies with one punch, hence the name. Also his looks. Every protagonist is very stylish with their unique design, but Saitama is bald, and looks like an average human. Yet he's very epic and satisfying to watch fighting after the villain has beaten up everybody else. I find hilarious how non-chalant he is when his enemy is showing off about their power and how "superior" they are. He just stops them with a big "shut up !" and they get mad and killed right after. Lolz.
  5. Sorry for the repost my mistake.
  6. Anime: Hunter x Hunter (2011) Genre: nekketsu shonen Plot: Gon Freecss is a 12 years old boy who dreams to become a Hunter like his father, to find him. Hunters are highly skilled people at various things who benefit a lot of things: access to restricted areas, high wage, reductions on method transportation (e.g. plane, train, bus, etc) and other privileges. Why I like it: because of the storytelling, the charcter development, the fights, etc. basically everything. Nothing in this anime is black or white, everything is grey (sorry I don't want to tell you anymore to not spoil you). Gon is also arguably one the best anime protagonist I have ever seen. Rating: 5/5 easily.
  7. Biomac

    Dragon Ball Z?

    My favorite manga / anime of all-time.
  8. Biomac

    fairy tale

    I heard it's one of the worst shonen ever. Essentially works on fanservice apparently. But it's only what I heard though I've never watched the anime or anime. I'd recommend you something else if you ask me.
  9. The animation is way better now and we had plenty of great fights in the current arc.
  10. I guess I'm a little biased since I'm not up to date in both the anime and manga. And yeah I'm not trying to fanboy around (Ran is obviously my favorite character just look at my profile pic lol), but I can definitely see this debate creating flame wars on some other forums. And I was just trying to say that I think people just make to much of a big deal from this debate, that's all.
  11. I don't want to be condescending, but is there even a debate here ? It's been pretty implied to me that Shinichi will end up with Ran. Aoyama stated in an interview that there will be a happy ending. How could it be happy if the major female character, Ran, isn't with Shinichi at the end. Just my thoughts though some people probably won't agree. Finally, why does it seem to be such a huge issue amongst the fandom ?
  12. 1) Dragon Ball (whole franchise): father of modern shonen. So many epic fights and great character development. Watching Goku growing up from a wild child who didn't even know how to count, from the greatest hero in anime is very impressive. Fun fact, Akira Toriyama wasn't even very interested in manga before, and is a natural talent. He managed to create potentially the most impactful anime ever. Just compare Goku to about any shonen main character and you'll similarities appearing. 2) Hunter x Hunter: watched only the 2011 version and started the manga, but gosh, it's truely great. This is no ordinary shonen, every character is in the grey zone, nothing is black and white. All the fights are about who is smarter, and not who is stronger. Also the Chimera Ants arc, one of the best arc in anime ever created, and such a great development here for the main character Gon Freecss. 3) Detective Conan: of course so much nostalgia here, and I love Sherlock Holmes, and so mangas being my favorite books... Great character development here, cases are just so creative and satisfying to watch being resolved. Also it's very balanced: you have humor, action, romance, love, feelings... I love that combination of those elements, everybody can find something to rely to here. 4) One Punch Man: first that opening though, gives me the chills everytime. Funny as hell, and a very good satire of shonen, yet epic at the same time. Seeing the main character being already the strongest and reflecting on how it is to be at the top made me think a lot about shonen. 5) Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood: not much to say here, but I enjoyed it a lot. Full of humor, fun to watch and a good plot. A classic.
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