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  1. where have you been

    havent seen ya in a long time

    1. Hobgoblin2012


      Hi, how are you doing? Sorry, I was rarely online, the Detective Conan forums aren't much active anyway, unfortunately. Will check the news around here in the next days.

    2. Balthazar Manfredie

      Balthazar Manfredie

      nice to see you somewhat active again

      its starting to become a little livelier here

  2. I would agree, if only at least sometimes Conan managed to win, which is only possible if he actually PREVENTED Kid from committing the theft by catching him, maybe even turning him to the police (later he can escape). If Kid always manages to commit the theft, check the item and return it, then it means he has won, since he has nothing more to do there and doesn't care anymore whether his disguise will be exposed or not. So, I think the Conan vs Kid cases would be interesting only if at least sometimes (better if half the cases) Conan won over Kid and disrupted his plans. If we always know Kid will win, it seems like Conan is just wasting time there, since nothing is accomplished for him. Not even the solution to the disguise mystery is really an accomplishment because, after stealing and returning the item, Kid doesn't care anymore whether Conan manages to guess who he was disguised as, or whether he doesn't guess.....
  3. I agree about the organization, would also like to add that they aren't presented as being a real menace, considering all the double-crossers they have among the members we know about. Among the members still loyal to the organization, only Gin is a seriously dangerous "bad guy". Gosho should add more members that don't work secretly for semobody outside the organization and at the sime time have the same qualities as Gin or Vermouth. For now, the whole point of Conan keeping from others the existence of the organization seems to have lost any sense: if Ran, Kogoro or whoever else discovered it, the few organization members (that are not undercover agents) would be in more danger themselves rather than Conan's friends: Ran and Kogoro would kick them to death and even the Detective Boys would be able to deal with somebody like Vodka
  4. 1) Vodka without the glasses 2) CONCLUSIVE (not open) endings to ALL the romance stories 3) Eri and Kogoro becoming a family again 4) Conan catching Kaito Kid (he can well escape from jail later, I just want to see him handcuffed for once) 5) Genta accidentally disarming a criminal 6) The Detective Boys managing to solve a case without Conan's help (they did this once, but it was a filler episode, not based on manga) 7) Anokata's execution after the trial (Well, just joking, I am not that bloodthirsty )
  5. Would only like to comment on these specific 3 quotes: We will never know until the ending about how will those characters change. Ran may well start being involved in the Black Organization story later, at the final stage and, we don't know how good she would be in fighting alongside Shinichi. Maybe, better than people think. Also, who knows, it's not a sure thing he will start being focused on global mafias, maybe he WILL return to investigate "normal" murders. A life of a global anti-mafia fighter is tough, we don't know whether he will make such an extreme decision, as to dedicate HIS WHOLE LIFE to working with the FBI. Also, since Shinichi wouldn't probably be the same after the story ends, as you say, how do we know he won't change for the better due to the experience and won't start appreciating other things and people (Ran including) more than before, since he will be more experienced and serious now, not just a somehow careless teenager?
  6. I only hope they aren't young...At least, their youth should be fake in my opinion. I can't see bosses of such a big organization to have a lack of experience that comes only with age and a long time of withstanding dangers, such as feuds and eliminations of gangland rivals.
  7. I don't know. Some people say she is too "flat" and "it's annoying she is afraid of ghosts" but I personally don't understand how can such trifle things make seriously HATE a character. I personally can only hate characters who have done something evil, and even in that case, not always. Ran surely has done nothing evil. Theoretically, I could understand why some people wouldn't be interested in her character and feel indifferent, but not the hatred. Only the fact she is considered sometimes an obstacle for Ai to be Shinichi's romantic partner can partially explain the level of hostility, but then even though I support ShinRan and Ran is one of my favorite characters, but I don't hate Ai.
  8. I agree about the lack of a greater arc, but I think from a purely "mystery" point of view it's better than the others because the murderers are more difficult to figure out and we have more chance to suspect the wrong character. I think that's the main point in a detective mystery.
  9. Also, in the epilogue of the episode about the attempted murder on Matsumoto's daughter, we are shown a photo of Matsumoto at his daughter's wedding 3 YEARS LATER. I think it's unlikely Conan will take so long to destroy the organization, by then (3 years later) the boss should theoretically be either dead, in prison or maybe on the run, but not in open view at a wedding. I think I read somewhere Gosho said Conan will take no more than 1 year (of the manga time, not the real time where it's already decades) to take them out, but who knows, maybe it was false information, I don't remember where exactly I read it, unfortunately...
  10. Hobgoblin2012

    Conan x Ai

    Looking at how Yukiko and Yusaku are fine with Shinichi being a child again, I imagine so could be Ai's lost relatives But it's not like I really want her to necessarily stay a child, I she doesn't it's ok anyway. It's probably because of my personal nostalgia of childhood and the lack of possibility of experiencing it again. But I don't know whether Ai wants to stay as a child or retun adult, Gosho hasn't said that yet I think.
  11. Hobgoblin2012

    Conan x Ai

    But why? I mean, fans who don't like the idea usually say it would be like "running" from destiny/life, but who would blame her for wanting to start from the beginning after everything she has suffered? I mean, requesting her to stand up to everything and face reality etc even after the black organization matter will be over, this would be too much for somebody who has suffered imo. Just being curious about your opinion.
  12. Hobgoblin2012

    Conan x Ai

    I definitely do. Even 3 aren't enough imo, I stopped appreciating non-childhood-friend romances long ago. If you like Ai's character, how can you be okay with her dying??? What if she stays a child but DOESN'T end up with Mitsuhiko?
  13. I don't think it's weird at all, especially about Seiji; for some reason Gosho represents quite a lot of murderers in such a way that it would be weird NOT to feel sorry for them. Don't know why he follows this pattern, but Gosho always seems to carefully avoid introducing killers who act because of some evil/selfish motive like greed, thirst for power etc. Usually they act out of despair for private justice and I think wouldn't even commit the crimes in most cases if the police did their job and punished the original perpetrators. I really can't help but feel that it's the "victims" who are the real villains of the stories, not the murderers Conan catches (not really in Tatsuya's case though, I agree about him too). That's even if I don't say for the 10000000th time how much I am pissed at Conan for not condemning the victims' actions for provoking these revenge "chain reactions". Reading morals like he often does to people like those is like kicking a wounded person laying on the ground imo.
  14. Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas

    1. Hobgoblin2012


      Thanks, Merry Christmas to you too!

  15. Ran is one of my favorite characters in DC. I really admire her faithfulness to Shinichi and she is a great friend!
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