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  1. Recently I watched Evangelion (a fabulous anime, even I haven't all understand), and currently this is Psycho-Pass, I still have 4 episodes.
  2. Heiji because this is the class embodied, and everytime I see him I know I'm going have a good time. And more, the kansai-ben, this is too much. Of course Akai. There is a lot of reasons : for all frissons he give me during the Vermouth Arc, and later his natural in the gunshots against Vermouth and Gin. This os also a psychological character, who had o story who lerned with the time, when she was Moroboshi Dai. A really fascinating charachter ! Finally Vermouth, default the absence of Bourbon.
  3. Finally I create my account on this forum, and I'm happy for that. I'm a great fan of Meitantei Konan, like everyone on this forum, I guess. However, I living in France (so I beg you to forgive my english if sometimes it would be bad). I started the anime in the middle of january of this year. I'm updated level of the ├ępisodes (on overage 35 ep/week ), now I read the scantrads in French and English. I discovered MK when I was young, 8 aged. Finally, my favorite characters are : for the men Hattori Heiji, and for the women, I can't chose between Masumi Sera and Haibara A├». It's all, see you later !
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