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  1. I just want all the secrets to be revealed.. I want more suspense and thrilling plots towards the end.. I also want a happy ending..
  2. Hi welcome to DCW Btw I know also that you are active in Tumblr cuz I saw some of your post Have fun!
  3. I'm actually hoping this will happen. Ran and Shiho meet for the first time. The live action of DC when they met is pretty much what I wanted to happen but I want it in anime and canon too. Anyways to answer your question if they meet for the first time if Shiho is with Shinichi at the time Ran will probably be jealous. But since Ran is a nice person she probably can feel that Shiho is someone she knows and be friendly with her. There is probably some seriousness atmosphere I think will surround it
  4. I would switch with Sonoko becaue she is rich and lives carefree and plus hanging out with Ran seems cool Although Ai is my fave I woundn't want to switch with her, I don't want to hide and fear for my life everytime I go out. It's very stressful.
  5. Hi Guys, I just need to ask those who can read Kanji Characters. Help me out pls. Which of these Kanji pictures is the Proper Kanji Character for Princess? Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4
  6. I was wondering file case 914 and 915 is not out yet in English?
  7. minna ogenki desu ka?

    1. NinjaGuy24


      Hey I'm good just working on something (:

    2. 4everDC+17


      genki desu,, anata no?

    3. Kirsch


      Tanoshii desu ne? D:

  8. Hi there welcome to DC world Im a huge fan of Ai-chan too. Have fun In here and looking forward to share some insights with you
  9. Manga that I'm currently reading is Akatsuki no Yona. For me it's very interesting, they just started the anime last year. It's new and still on going
  10. Takagi and Satou are good candidates discovering BO first.
  11. 1. Ai Haibara 2. Ran Mouri 3. Miwako Satou 4. Conan Edogawa 5. Heiji Hattori
  12. Kaichou wa maid sama was my last manga now I'm reading Vampire Knight, I ship YUME (Yuuki and Kaname) Pureblood vampires are cool
  13. Just recently watched Vampire Knight. I just love Kaname and Yuuki. I hate it that they discontinued the anime. Not done reading the manga though..
  14. Could it be that another side effect of APTX 4869 is that even you return to a child form over time your body grows weaker and get sick??? If the mystery girl took it long time ago then it is possible that her being sick or weak was another cause of APTX. Time is important in a story if we could only know... ????
  15. I just hope Ran is not another damsel in distress in this movie so overrated..
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