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Post your top 5 Animes (and why)!

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Ever wondered which good Animes you might be missing on? Well, what about sharing our favorites Animes of all time with each other? That would be a great way to let others know what other Animes out there actually rock (or we think rock)! ;)

Also mention why you like them. It's always interesting to read what people actually think about an Anime and what they like about it.

I'm only asking for your top 5 to keep it simple but feel free to post more than 5! No worries there.

I'll start:

1. GTO (awesome storyline and characters)

2. Death Note (it's incredible how many twists this show has. You always end up surprised by what happens next)

3. Detective Conan (mm, why why why? :P - no seriously, it has a good storyline and I always like watching Conan make those crazy deductions hehe. DC could be compared to Death Notes at times from the way those guys think and predict/deduce things)

4. One Piece (it may not look like it but the storyline is pretty deep - plus it's fun watching pirates make their own rules and break others!)

5. Hunter X Hunter (another great show with a good storyline. Just like Death Note, you never know what's gonna happen next)

As you can see, I'm a sucker for good storylines. :D

I get bored too easily with cheesy ones... (unless it's a short series: 26 eps max)

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Top 5 Animes? Hmm...lemme see...

(in no particular order)

1. Detective Conan - umm...why would I be here if I don't think it's awesome? Conan/Shinichi's deductions are always so good, and it's also fun to follow a case and solve the case even before Conan does. XD

2. Slam Dunk - I really don't know why, but I'm incredibly attached to this anime. It's totally hilarious and I just love the characters to bits.

3. Fullmetal Alchemist - awesome storyline, the concept is brilliant, and again, the characters are lovable. :D

4. Neon Genesis Evangelion - Psychological stuff that I can never wholly understand--a weird reason for loving it, but that's mainly why I watch it over and over again. And I also love the drawings--the Evas are quite fascinating for me to draw, actually.

5. Death Note - Cause it's different in more ways that one. :D

A special recognition goes to:

~ Doraemon - I will never stop loving this blue cat. Ever. The mini-stories are cute and fun and I just love it whenever Doraemon gets a new gadget out of his pocket.

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My Neighbor Totoro

I can never forget about the Dustbunnies, the Neko Bus and the magical plant-growing dance ritual they do at night! :D

Rurouni Kenshin aka Samurai X

Learned so much from this anime. The songs are great, the drawings brilliant! I've always wanted to have a reverse-edged sword, been tempted to say that the scar on my left cheek was caused by a dagger and even searched for a white plum perfume. :lol: I've been lashedcheek ever since!

Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure

Ever wondered about alternate worlds? I do. :geek:

The Animatrix

Short stories, life-long lessons. nuff said. ;)

Fushigi Yuugi

Well..I was in high school and believed then that I could do anything *quote* For the Sake of My Beloved *unquote*. :mrgreen:

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1.DETECTIVE CONAN~Whatever I say I wont be able to describe how much I love everything about it,the story line,the drawing,the charcters especially AI HAIBARA,I guess she's the reason why I love DC so much! DC will always be my number one anime! ;)

And also,,,

(in no particular order)

2.yamato nedeshico shichi henge~This anime has a really good messagge specially for girls!!Also it has different types of characters but what they have in commen is that they're all SUPER FUNNY!!And that's why I laugh really hard in every episode that I watch! I guess... :mrgreen:

3.Kuroshitsuji ~I was really attached to this anime since I just watched the opening song,It might not have an exciting story line but the way this anime is makes it amazing!

4.Digimon~I've ALWAYS loved this anime so much!!I remember when I was a little kid I was watching it everyday right after lunch in TV.But now I'm not really into it like before because sadly the new charcters are WAY not like the previous characters! :(

5.Tenchi in Tokyo~I love the charcters! :P

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I don't really have any reasons for loving them, but i'll just name them. Skipping Detective Conan since it's obvious ..

One Piece Great fighting scenes. Love all the characters in Luffy's pirate team. :D

Bleach And again, great fighting scenes and characters. Although I hate the filler part. :3

Full Metal Alchemist It's a anime that's really humorous, yet sad at times. Especially about Ed and Al's past, I nearly cried. Hahah, :D

Soul Eater Can't think of any reasons .. Simply like it. :P

Naruto At first I thought it was a very long anime. But I felt really bored so I tried it and I became unstoppable. Hehe, :P

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I guess I should reply to this... :P

um, I'll do what BAKAx3 did, and skip DC (since it's obviously at the top of the list)

in no particular order:

Fullmetal Alchemist - the original version of the anime (with its movie) is just plain epic. I'm following the new series, so I can't comment on that yet, but it also appears to be doing well.

Gundam Wing - I haven't seen all the gundam series, but of the sum total of eps I've seen, this is the only series I've finished (with Endless Waltz)... great story, interesting characters, etc

Rurouni Kenshin (only through the end of the Kyoto arc, and the first four eps of the OVA, and the movie) - I love this story. It's the first manga I bought, after starting to watch the English dub of the anime. That being said, I have very strong feelings about it: I hate what they did in the last 30 eps of the anime, and how abbreviated the last two eps of the OVA felt.

Slayers - before Sailor Moon, this is the show that really got me started watching anime. My friend showed it to me when we were still in middle school, before DVD's became popular (licensed VHS o.o). Somehow, I still haven't finished it yet, but I now have the means to do so. I'm might have liked Nahga the White Serpent, but I decided to avoid the OVA's after I saw the one where she replicated herself and then all the copies started laughing in unison... just to warn you all, if you haven't seen it yet :P

DeathNote - this one impressed me because of the writing. The way Light and L went after each other was truly entertaining. It probably could have ended in the middle, after L died, but I can kinda understand why it kept going. The live action movies were good because they actually did stop at the midpoint, although there were small elements of the story which they changed.

that was tough ^_^; I have a lot of other series that I also like, but since I had to limit myself to five, there they are

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My 5 favorite Animes are-

#1 D-gray man, because I like Kanda and I think it has a good plot and good characters

#2 Death note, it is intellectual and makes you have to think, it has a great plot and I love L

#3 Detective conan (case closed), it's a great anime and every episode is another awesome case that makes you think, its never the person you suspect most

#4 Soul eater, Its original and has great characters that really work

#5 Black Cat, Its original and has a good plot

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my faves would be

1 Detective Conan - love the crimes :D

2 Shugo Chara! - so cute!! :D

3 DN Angel - very interesting :D

4 ???

5 ??

i don't really know any other ones.

can anyone suggest one thats not too romantic or violent to me???

(manga or anime)

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can anyone suggest one thats not too romantic or violent to me???

(manga or anime)

K-on is a good one that's not romantic or violent... it's about a group of girls that decide to form a rock band... it's new last season, so you shouldn't have trouble finding it.

looking at the list of anime I've watched, let's see.... Azumanga Daioh, Lucky Star, Twin Signal

...Twin Signal might be tough to find. I thought about some others to suggest, but they might be kinda on the mature side (even though they're not overly romantic or violent, they do cover some mature topics)

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thanks for the suggestions. i'm reading K- ON! and Lucky Star right now. ( i like to read the manga before i watch the anime)

but i don't think i'll like Twin Signal. It's like sci-fi isn't it? i don't really like that either. I'm picky.

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o.o that is picky

I wouldn't consider it sci-fi like gundam or Tenchi Muyo are sci-fi, though... it's just about humanoid robots, and the title character (Signal) was designed to be a big-brother type to a kid named Nobuhiko... it's a cute story, but if you're really not interested, I won't keep trying to persuade you

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my #1 is Detective conan.. i have alot of reasons to love it.. the story line, characters, opening and ending themes, movies, OVA's and everything about it.. i love it since i was in elementary.. and not to mention, it's very addictive.. :lol: DC forever!!

2. one piece-- it's funny and full of adventures..

3.hunter x hunter--i love it for the same reason.. i love anime series with adventures..

these two shows a great story of friendship.. it's not just the story and adventure that matters in this series but also the moral.. in short, these series has sense..

4.special a--romance, comedy.. everything packed in one series.. and i love the characters here.. they're all looking so awesome..

5.spiral-- i love mysteries.. i love hiyono-san for giving narumi-san so much trust..

mysteries. mysteries. mysteries!!

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1. Detctive Conan because it is a diffrent kind of anime. First of all I accidentlly stumbled on case closed and from there on here I am.

2. One Peice first when I saw it i did not get it at all but for some reason the next day I watched the next episode and on and on and on. Now I have start but the magizines of bleach and naruto and one piece and I kinda like it better in written form I don' know why because they are the same right?

3. Bleach kinda New to it but so far pretty good Awsome watching the fights used to watch on hulu but now just where ever I find it.

4. I forgot its name but it is about tennis haven't seen it since this tv station named toonami turned off haven't seen it since. I don't know why I watched it but I thought it was pretty cool on thing is that I hate tennis

5. I half to say Mar very strange anime but after awhile you get used to it haven't seen it in a while the wierd thing is about the only reason I started watching it I like all the cool Items they have and some of their speical powers and personallity.

I hope that clears things up Chow.

-katiokid1412 :D

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I'll share my top 5 as well ^__^...

1. Naruto/Naruto Shippuden- I loved this one mainly because I like ninjas. They're cool and stealthy! (That's why they're ninjas afterall) And the story is awesome, too! especially the Naruto Shippuden movies! All of them have great endings!

2. Detective Conan- Mystery, Romance, Comedy, Horror, Action. They're all you need! And they're all in one anime! enough said! :D

3. Fate stay night- I really thought at first that this anime is boring. I'm actually mistaken! It really has a great story. Great characters and a very good ending! (Whew, I love endings!)

4. Eyeshield 21- Has a creative story concept. Although, I have only watched a few episodes of it, I just loved it's story! The way the hero hides his true face and becomes a hardcore football player is just pure awesome!

5. Digimon- I can't really think of any more animes I watch except this one. I like it because it teaches kids friendship and teamwork. :roll:

That's all! :mrgreen:

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I like naruto so much. He believe in making friends and me too. He never give up spirits is awesome. I love to make friends like him. Naruto is an insolent, troublesome child, who likes to perform pranks.

One Piece is awesome. It took me forever to get into it myself but once I finally gave it a chance I fell in love with it. It just has such a incredible cast of characters that make you want to keep going and going. Luffy is awesome but as we all should know the best character in the series.

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Here my favourite anime!!!

1st Detective conan : coz i want to be like him have a smart brains and so.. cool.. also like revealing the truth behind crime..

2nd Shugo Chara : Pretty cute, adorable and awesome anime... but i think it's popularity down now coz character in season 3 doesn't seems many as season 1 and 3..hehehe..i think..

3rd Negima : I like Magicians, and comedy romance in this featured anime!! hehehe.. cool!!

4th Naruto Shippuden : i like ninja selfliving and knowledge in their life...

5th YuGi-oh! : i like monster card and gonna be duelist! hehehe.... it's fun!!

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My list goes as follows in order of greatness

1- Welcome to the NHK (if you watch it you'd understand)

2- FLCL (for obvious reasons)

3- Golden Boy (The quintessential harem show)

4- The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzuyima (Just Me a loose association of people and the nation of japan on this one)

5- Tentai Senshi Sunred (Funniest show ever! EVER!)

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i've found a lot of new ones so improved version.

1st- Detective Conan!! ~ of course. ^^ such awesome characters and story lines.

2nd- Tsubasa!! ~ Love the characters and the plot.

3rd- Shugo Chara!! ~ cute!! XD

4th- 07 Ghosts ~ really good plot ^^

5th- Pandora Hearts ~ really creepy XD and awesome plot line again. ^^

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That's quite interesting but tough question.

Based on one view I don't really have a list but based on another view, this is my list.

1.)Yu-Gi-Oh! GameOfDarkness;DuelMonsters (cool mind games, intelligent inferences)

2.)Hunter X Hunter (revolutionary kind of adventure;adventures feels like unlimited)

3.)Detective Conan (logical reasoning/deduction amazes me)

4.)Detective Academy Q (logical reasoning/deduction amazes me)

5.)One Piece (unlimited adventure; full of comedies(comedies is one of the main reasons I like animes); the adventure's impression is like a sibling of hunter x hunter)

6.)Get Backers (jagan, quick akabane and ban)

7.)Rurouni Kenshin (wicked cool super-speed swordsman)

8.)Death Note (mind games)

9.)Lupin III (art of the masterthief; multi-type adventure)

10.Shaman King (calm yoh; adventure)

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havnt really watched that much apart from conan but the other animes I have wtached are really good so heres my top 5

1) Detective Conan

2) Death note - really good story

3) Lupin 3rd

4)ah my godess

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My favourites will be :

1. Detective Conan (love it when i was 13 yrs old. no reason y i love it that much.)

2. Kimi ni Todoke (recently watch/read it. simple plot. but it feels touching.)

3. Kaichou wa Maid-sama (funny. seeing how a the female lead working her best in the almost all boys school.)

4. Mahou Sensei Negima (it is funny and w lots of secrets in it.)

5. Death Note (love the plot. love L lots. he is so cute.)

6. D Grayman (love the fighting scenes)

7. Charming Junkie (the same reason as why i watch kimi ni todoke)

8. Fruit Basket (interesting. funny. touching. secrets. )

9. Bleach (fighting scenes is nice)

10.Shamen King (love the fighting scenes.)

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My top five animes? Hm... that takes some thought.

Detective Conan

I kind of feel this is a given. It's a DC wiki after all. I really just love this series and I don't really know why. My favorite character (Heiji) is only in episodes so often, the plot is painstakingly slow, there are too many episodes to keep track of, and yet I love it anyway. *shrug* However, if I really had to say why I liked it, I'd probably have to mention how realistic all the characters are. The characters are all unique in their personalities, their interactions with others, the way they think, their weaknesses (some even have really bizarre ones like Kaito), what makes them stand out... it's just a really great cast. There's also the relationship between Shin-chan and Ran that always has me on the edge of my seat. In many other animes I will get frustrated because two people obviously like each other but are too stupid/shy/something to either notice or do anything about it. Here they both know how they feel but there's an actual barrier between them that just makes it seem all the more real to me.

Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Both equally good series. I started out watching the first series and then after hearing that they were going to make a second based off the manga, I eagerly bought a few volumes and started to read it. I must say that I fell in love with the series all over again. Despite starting similarly, the series are two completely different entities. I love how there are so many different viewpoints of what's right and wrong or how a conflict should be resolved. There never seems to be any singular good way to do things. Everything has a price and the proper people will pay for their decisions. The world is also very creative and build fantastically. I never get tired of this series.

Code Geass

How can anyone NOT like this series? I'm not really a fan of mechas but this series just brings so much more to the table! With beautifully designed characters (Clamp did the character designs <3) and more plot twists than you can possibly hope to count, this series is always keeping you guessing. It has you laughing one episode and crying your heart out the next. It also has what I believe is the single best ending in an anime ever. It was just amazing. The music meshed perfectly with the storyline and really contributed to the overall feel. It's one of my favorite anime soundtracks.

Fruits Basket

This was my first real anime that I watched after learning what anime actually was (I had no idea things like Pokemon and Sailor Moon and stuff were made in Japan back when I was but a tiny child) so it will always hold a special place in my heart. A friend of mine introduced me to it after learning about it from her cousin. She told me all about it and I instantly fell in love with her description of Kyo. After finally watching the series, I wasn't disappointed. Being a fan of the zodiac (both western and Chinese), I loved the idea of the different zodiac animals being portrayed as people.

Tsubasa: Resevoir Chronicles and xxxHolic

I feel like I have to put them both here since their stories are so intertwined. For Tsubasa, okay, I admit, the anime suddenly stopped and didn't go anywhere and was never resolved. It ended crappily and didn't really do the manga justice. Still, it is one of my favorite stories so it needs to be mentioned. Anime-wise the music was fantastic. I also loved the return of familiar characters along with some newer ones. They took much of it out in the anime but there are also a lot of crossovers with other Clamp series. xxxHolic had more of this with random items from other series (such as the star wand from Cardcaptor Sakura) appearing in the storeroom. I also find the ending of Tsubasa simply hilarious. Anyone else might not but I was very amused.

Yea I write too much. Um... here are some other series I'm quite fond of.


Vampire Knight

Ranma 1/2

Yakitate!! Japan

Skip beat!


I'll stop now.

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hm.... i've found some more and my new faves are

1 KATEKYO HITMAN REBORN!!! i just love this one now. ^^ tsuna's cute in both modes and it has really good arcs, even if they are a bit long. and the art's really nice in my opinion.

2 Soul Eater! has a really good plot, and an original idea

3 Detective Conan! haha.. this got a bit demoted... lol need to watch more...

4 Fullmetal Alchemist! interesting plot... but i don't really like the characters that much

5 Kaichou wa Maid-sama! new 2010 spring simulcast... read the manga. anime seems good so far. ^^

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Detective Conan- I love detective stories so I love this one as well.

Fushigi Yugi- It has a good storyline, and the 1st anime I watched.

Super Gals- Soooo funny! :))

Death Note- It's story is so unique that I couldn't help but love it.

Yakitate Japan- I love baking! :)

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