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  1. Happy Birthday for yet another year! :)

  2. hello! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! we have the same birthday! :)

    1. PuzzleSpell


      cool! same birthday, but our birth is fool's day, that means were both fools hehe. tnx for the greeting

  3. I wonder how you got that PV when you're not very active. :)

    1. PuzzleSpell


      no idea with PVs, maybe the profile pic and membership since 2009

  4. Hey, you've got quite a lot of profile views.. Ó.Ò'' But I'll catch up to you SOMEDAY!!!! XD


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    2. Kid the Phantom Thief

      Kid the Phantom Thief

      Haha, you've got almost a hundred thousand more views than me. :P Oh, and it's nice to see you back. :)

    3. PuzzleSpell


      I completely forgot logging in to this site. Anyway, were all busy. Its strange I only remember it because there's a super-typhoon coming to my area.

    4. Kid the Phantom Thief

      Kid the Phantom Thief

      A super-typhoon? I hope nothing bad'll happen. :P But how'd that remind you of DCW?

  5. I'll be dropping Full Metal Alchemist even though I like it. I feel like it doesnt belong to my top list but I'll be adding Yugioh GX
  6. I only changed that recently. Btw, Happy Birthday. I think its been almost a year i havent commented on you. Miss you too haibara17-chan.

  7. i wondered why i haven't seen you in a while, and now i know the reason why. it's because you changed your username and it took me that long to realize that! LOL

    i miss u though. XD

  8. Same here. And he wasn't just an ordinary genius he was frighteningly a genius. He's my second fav not because of his shadow manipulation but because of his intel. 1.Itachi - silent, mysterious, child genius, has dark side but very kind, Tsukoyomi. I didnt just like him because he has a mangekyou sharingan.
  9. Avatar: 6/10 - I dont get what theyre doing Sig: 9/10 - now thats Cute
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