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  1. I have the same problem got back to dc after a long break and just couldnt get in to it again Iam on around ep525.
  2. its Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 5 ep 358 and ep 359 (I think that clips form ep 358)
  3. ok changed mine alot again 1.FLCL - funny,weird great music great charcters, just amazing 2.Clannad after story - so sad, didnt really like the ending tho 3. angel beats - great anime with some good animation 4.ah my goddess 5. Detective conan
  4. KaitoKID1419


    I think its already been licenseanced cant rember the name of the company, but I know it wasnt FUNimation and I dont think its been decided whether it will be dubbed or not yet EDIT: found a link http://www.japanator.com/ax-10-durarara-licensed-by-aniplex-of-america-15496.phtml
  5. I think thats movie 8 since no one got the last one heres another from season 15
  6. well I have a wii and a ps3 hardky ever use my ps3 tho because of the lack of turely great games so Iam voting for the wii
  7. decideed to post this here cus the other topic was sorta dead. woo second amv http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_FB1HVFFAU&feature=youtube_gdata with more focus and some random stuff at the end
  8. Ive watched most of them. Alothough in the run up to some of the big story events (clash of red and black, the BO 2hr specials) I have skiped a cople of them but Ill probley go back to them after Ive caghught up with all the episodes (Iam on 550 at the minitue) I actually think that some of the AOs have actually become better in reacent times.
  9. not really sure on this one but is it 509 Red, White, Yellow, and the Detective Boys I think thats near the start of the episode where conan hears about burbon could be wrong tho. I know the picture is one or two episodes after clash of red and black another one from me have loads of pictures taken from My ipod so theres loads more to come ah dam it just relised there was an upload qota for this site so this image is just from google, its a bit of artwork from an episode in season 16
  10. what she really wants to ask ep 523 heres another one I cant remeber the season but I know the episode anyway
  11. Think the number is 522 and the episode name is kudos ture face and rans tears heres mine from season 16
  12. woo second amv http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_FB1HVFFAU&feature=youtube_gdata with more focus and some random stuff at the end
  13. I have almost all the songs in romanji and english on my ipod could give the lyrics to you if youd like
  14. yes I love pokemon started with red and have had almost one game form every genaration after that. Picked up heartglod recently but have hardly got anywhere in it as I ve been playing Monster hunter tri
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