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  1. Peter Pan Syndrome, huh? Classic! I still don't want to leave Never Land, too. lol!

  2. yep! i guess that's why my childish side never left me cause i dont want to fully grow up just yet! :D

  3. lol! i sometimes wish i were a child again.. less worries and loads more fun. ^^

  4. Dude i have a halo!!!! hahahaha.... nope i am not evil just.... ME hahahaha XD

  5. if you're attracted to evil people, does that mean you're also evil yourself? whaha! lol! :))

  6. everytime i say "woooo" i get all hyper and excited! then i would act like a child, laughing and stuff! lol! :))

  7. hahahaha somehow i am attracted 2 to "evil" people hahaha!!!! LOL XD

  8. the way you said, "wooo!" cracked me up! :)) i just had a mental image of you getting giddy and excited. :))

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