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  1. im a American born Tainwanese im chinese sucks tho xD
  2. lol.... that's really cool!
  3. wow!! you're drawing are really good! i wish i could draw like that XD
  4. i don't really talk about manga with my friends unless that friend really likes it too... otherwise i don't mention it much... they don't tease me much but really, they don't care. XD i've never read bleach or naruto.. maybe someday tho
  5. i know!! he's should catch him while he has the chance! but i guess conan like the challenge too much to actually catch him.. and maybe it'll be shown later
  6. hmm... but when i go to mangafox it says this website may harm your comp....
  7. who knows what they are doing?
  8. hm.... i've found some more and my new faves are 1 KATEKYO HITMAN REBORN!!! i just love this one now. ^^ tsuna's cute in both modes and it has really good arcs, even if they are a bit long. and the art's really nice in my opinion. 2 Soul Eater! has a really good plot, and an original idea 3 Detective Conan! haha.. this got a bit demoted... lol need to watch more... 4 Fullmetal Alchemist! interesting plot... but i don't really like the characters that much 5 Kaichou wa Maid-sama! new 2010 spring simulcast... read the manga. anime seems good so far. ^^
  9. haha. everyone has such interesting usenames. lol. XD
  10. lol... i haven't checked the forum in soo long.... XD sadly, on my birthday, which was like 2 months ago, i had to finish writing my narrative essay, which took 2-3 hours, and ended up getting a 80%. not the best birthday. XD
  11. yay!! finally some people who agree with me!!! :grin: :grin: and yeah.. i know he's smart, creative, tricky, etc. but it just... "too perfect" he NEEDS to be caught at least ONCE. notch that arrogance down a bit.
  12. sato x takagi is cute. ^^ i personally like ai x conan better than ran x shinichi... but it's fairly obvious shinichi and ran will end up together...
  13. i like this one! what case/chapter/episode was it from?
  14. i'm reading QED but what's Kindaichi Case Files about?
  15. 'wow... that;s just sad....... who would seriously do that?
  16. i was reading hayate and saw conan in this chapter http://www.onemanga.com/Hayate_the_Combat_Butler/108/04/ http://www.onemanga.com/Hayate_the_Combat_Butler/108/18/ lol but this was the manga.... and it wasn't the statue... dunno if it's an episode tho
  17. ohhhh..... so kaito knows about conan's identity in the anime/movies for sure..... but has it been confirmed in the manga?
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