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  1. thank you for the birthday wish!

  2. thank you for the birthday wish!

  3. thank you for the birthday wish!

  4. Happy 3rd anniversary, Detective Conan World!!! \(^.^)/

  5. Incognito

    Remove twitter messages from the status updates?

    If we do that, then the 'More social-oriented' / Facebook-Twitter connect integration (the possibility of having your tweets updated through DCW) will somehow be moot. I mean, why would I want to integrate DCW to my other social networks if I need to filter everything that I say anyway. There are upsides and downsides to this system upgrade, we all know that, but limiting what you can put as your status and what others can see as your status will kind of take away the beauty of this integration.
  6. Emiko-chan and AiLoveConan: I'm really sorry for the delay of your SS gifts. orz I'll finish it as soon as I can..! Here's a little peek on what it's gonna be: http://fav.me/d4l4m8r

  7. Incognito

    Secret Santa Gift 2011~

    OMG! this is so cool.. but quite embarrassing :oops: and your handwriting wasn't bad.. it's actually pretty i don't know what to say... but thank you, really! and just to let you know that i haven't forgotten, here are the WIP sketches. sorry that it's taking too long... i thought i could do it before New Year's eve. and sorry that it's not clear and that my table's messy ^^; i just took a quick picture. the one on the left is for AiLoveConan and the Setsuna one's for you! i still got to do a lot of adjustments here and there.. and.. yeah, a lot of shading and stuff. thank you for this, though. i really don't know what to say lol xD thank youuuu! (maybe this new year won't be bad afterall.)
  8. Incognito

    Secret Santa

    So who's your Secret Santa?! Check it out! Here's some Secret Santa FAQ: What is Secret Santa? Secret Santa is a Western Christmas tradition, in which members of a group or community are randomly assigned a person to whom they anonymously give a gift. Often practised in workplaces, or amongst large families, participation in it is usually voluntary. It offers a way for many people to give and receive a gift at low cost to those involved. (Taken from Wikipedia) Who can join? Everyone, as long as you love DC and are willing to spend some time to make or search for a gift for your baby! The more, the merrier! Remember, once you sign up, it is obligatory to give a gift! Tears are a no-no during the holidays! What kind of gifts should we give? Anything Detective Conan, ergo, the possibilities are endless! You may write a fanfic, create an artwork like a banner, an AMV or a wallpaper, search for a DC song that your baby likes, etc. Can we create wishlists? Yes, you may! Just make a post here or PM me. I'll be constantly updating this post. But to make everything more exciting, instead of telling us what you specifically want, list the top 3 DC characters that you would like to see in your gift. (Remember that not everyone is a writer or an artist.) That way, your Santa has the freedom to create something for you with your favourite characters in it! Of course, your Santa can add more if s/he wanted to! So when do we start? I say right now! Remember the dates: November 23rd I will PM everyone on the list to remind them that they have signed up for the event November 25th Last day of signing up, dropping out and/or populating your wishlist. That's 12 days from now so that's enough time for everyone to think. In the meantime, check out the profile of the participants or their wishlist, know more about them and picture what you will be creating for each one! November 26th You will be PMed the name of your baby and their wishlist. To assure everyone that we will be paired randomly, I will be using this program: http:// sant.as/ to draw the names December 18th - 23rd Gift-giving, yay! Everyone will be busy during the holidays so there's a one-week leeway for everyone to give and receive their gifts. The deadline is also a month from when you receive the name of your baby so that's plenty of time! Don't forget to post here or send me a note where your gift resides, mm-kay? Uploading your gift: 1) Create a thread in the appropriate section in the forum. Name it anything you want. Don't let anyone know who it's for yet! 2) PM me the link to your gift. (Reply to the PM that I sent you on who you're giving the gift to.) December 24th The Big Reveal! On Christmas Eve, I will update the list with gifts and their receivers. And there you go! Always remember that with this type of events, it's always the thought that counts! It's not some competition on who gave better gifts to whom but rather a means of spreading some DC cheers and love! Let the fun begin! ^^ Below are the people who are participating in the Secret Santa event: Anime Girl 4 Eva -> AokoNakamori AokoNakamori -> Wildheart888 Ro0ose -> JamieDC102 JamieDC102 -> Emiko Seiei Emiko Seiei -> IHKF IHKF -> Parkur Parkur -> Koizumi Akako Koizumi Akako -> BK201 BK201 -> Anti-APTX4869 Anti-APTX4869 -> Misaki-chan Misaki-chan -> Ayame Tantei Kanna Natsumi (Shim Cheon Minri) Ayame Tantei Kanna Natsumi (Shim Cheon Minri) -> yungching yungching -> Inoue Inoue -> AiLoveConan AiLoveConan -> AJ M. AJ M. -> redangelran redangelran -> Aeyra Aeyra -> HalfAngel HalfAngel -> JustaL JustaL -> Miike Miike -> aika aika -> mabel mabel -> NutCase NutCase -> Fuyuka Nura Fuyuka Nura -> lashedcheek lashedcheek -> Ro0ose Wildheart888 -> Shiraz.BO Shiraz.BO -> Elizabeth Antoinette Elizabeth Antoinette -> Anime Girl 4 Eva Bonus Gifts from Cindy-Chen: Drawing -> Anime Girl 4 Eva Story -> BK201 You may now edit your threads to reveal your Secret Santa baby! Thank you all so much for participating! Happy Holidays!
  9. Incognito

    Kaito and Aoko

    This is basically the pic in the Kaito Kid page in the wiki. I modified it a bit so Kaito is wearing his Kid costume and Aoko his hat. Too bad Kaito has an awkward pose, though >.<
  10. honestly.. it could be better. i hope yours was, though :)

  11. Incognito

    Secret Santa

    I'm really glad everyone enjoyed this event! \(^o^)/ To those who haven't uploaded their gifts, make your baby happy this holiday season and upload your gifts now!
  12. Incognito

    Secret Santa

    i have already updated the first post to link to your gift lol! will wait
  13. hey there! am doing good, thanks! i just revealed the secret santa gifts lol. how about you? merry christmas, btw. :D

  14. Incognito

    Secret Santa

    Hi everyone! I have updated the list! Check out who your Secret Santa is! \(^o^)/ As for the bonus gifts from Cindy-Chen, that's something that we did to surprise all of you. She wanted to join but was too late so we raffled her drawing and story instead. I really hope all of you enjoyed participating in this event. Merry Christmas!
  15. Incognito

    Kaito and Aoko

  16. Incognito

    Kaito and Aoko

  17. Incognito

    Secret Santa

    Tomorrow, guys... tomorrow It's the morning of the 23rd here so I will be revealing your Secret Santa tomorrow night.. that's to wait for last minute uploaders. And that would also mean Christmas day for some of you!
  18. Tomorrow's the BIG DAY! \(^o^)/ Upload your SECRET SANTA gifts everyone! http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/forum/topic/2805-secret-santa/

  19. 2 days until your SECRET SANTA will be revealed! Upload your gifts everyone! http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/forum/topic/2805-secret-santa/

  20. Incognito

    Secret Santa

    Hey, guys! To those who haven't uploaded their gifts yet, now is the best time! Looking forward to happy faces on the big reveal!
  21. 3 days until Christmas Eve! Your SECRET SANTA will soon be revealed! Are you excited?! http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/forum/topic/2805-secret-santa/

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      how sad.. I cant join anymore :(

      then maybe I'll just join next year.

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      yeah! that'd be great :)

  22. hello! welcome to DCW and thanks for the friend add :)