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  1. Voted Korean dramas, since they're the ones I watch the most. A close second would be Japanese, but I get my Japanese fill on animes and mangas already. I've watched tons of Japanese and Korean (and a few Taiwanese) dramas that I don't think I should mention all of it in one post. I'm currently watching two Korean dramas, though: Chuno (Slave Hunters), which is a historical drama. It's super action-packed and has great acting and beautiful cinematography. The second is Pasta, which is a light-hearted series about a girl who wants to be a chef at an Italian restaurant. My recommendations would be: The First Shop of Coffee Prince, Soulmate, Hana Yori Dango, The Last Scandal of My Life, and the ones I'm watching right now.
  2. Have they? I thought Funimation is still doing the series, although they're released straight to DVDs. :/ I could be wrong though, cause I'm not a fan of the dubs, either. I like watching it in Japanese and just having English subtitles. For one, like what was already mentioned, the names are kept. I've known Shinichi as Shinichi ever since I was a kid and I don't like to see him, or any other character, do a name change. Second, it helps me with my Japanese, even for a little bit. EDIT: It seems that there are no plans to dub the other seasons.
  3. la vanille


    This is the only drawing I've made (so far) on Detective Conan. I wonder why? ...and yes, my coloring technique with felt-tip pens/markers suck, I know. XD Wish I had Copics. D: Click for the full image. I have a few other non-Conan art over at DeviantArt.
  4. I actually know someone personally with the name Maurice--and that person's a she, hence my first assumption was that you're a girl, but then this is the internet, so I quickly threw that assumption away. Haha. Turns out I was wrong--my detective skills are awful. D: Anyways, if I haven't told you how much potential this site has to be that one resource for all things Detective Conan, I'm telling you now. I really hope to see this site become that, and hopefully, contribute a few things on the way there! I'm not sure if this question has already popped up around here in the forums, but I just wanted to ask: how did you first come across Conan? I'm pretty sure there's a thread around here somewhere about that, but my internet connection is acting up and I was curious.
  5. La vanille sounds French and I love vanilla in my coffee as well as vanilla ice cream, so...there you go.
  6. Conan's world is kinda like Simpsons--they never really do grow. I've seen quite a lot of episodes but they never grow up. It's like they're stuck on that certain age and time probably until Conan gets the cure--and that means it's the end of the series. Like what Southpaw said, there are times when he goes back to being a high school kid, but that's only temporary.
  7. Hi, Jessica! *waves* It's funny how erm...attractive some anime characters seem to us, lol. I've had several crushes in the anime fandom as well, including Heero Yuy of Gundam Wing. XD Hahaha.It's always those animes that you hate at first that would stick to you forever. XD
  8. Ooh, thanks! I'll check them out.
  9. I've always thought so too, but then a former teacher of mine said there's quite a difference. XD Ah well. And yeah, it's great to know people who are interested in it, cause most of my friends who are into martial arts tend to go for foreign martial arts instead of our very own. XD
  10. @ lashedcheek: Oh, you were a member of Sangkil Karasak? That's cool. I went to UP Manila for two years before migrating, but during those two years I only did one class of Arnis for fun and that was it. I was more into it during high school since my friends were so good at it and I was only so-so. I did Presas' Kombatan--I think that's what they call it, but I always just called it arnis for the heck of it. XD
  11. Do you guys have any animated movies to recommend? I'm looking for Japanese animated ones, so that's why I put it in this board instead of the movie board. I've already watched some interesting animated movies and I was hoping to see more. I've already watched these ones: - Hayao Miyazaki films (My Neighbor Totoro, Howl's Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, Nausicaa, Spirited Away) - Grave of the Fireflies - Akira - The Girl Who Leapt Through Time - Makoto Shinkai films (5 Centimeters per Second, The Place Promised in Our Early Days, short film Voices of a Distant Star) Oh, and if you can, please recommend movies that aren't connected to any animated series so I wouldn't need any previous knowledge of the anime series to watch it. I hope I'm not asking for too much. Thanks!
  12. @Southpaw: Shucks, you know how to knit! I've always wanted to learn how so I can make some clothes for my stuffed toys. XD @lashedcheek: You do arnis? XD I was so into that during grade school and high school (and even college!) but I left my rattan sticks back home. D: And wushu...wow. I'm always amazed whenever I see people do wushu. I laughed at your remark on cleaning. XDD I'm very sensitive when it comes to dust (or my nose is, to be more exact), so I try to clean whenever I can so the house will stay dust-free as possible. It's not my favorite thing to do in the world, but I do it for myself so I really can't complain.
  13. Hmm, let me see...these are some of the things I do during my free time: + Watch anime + Surf the net + Read manga/books + Clean the entire house/parts of it + Finish sudoku puzzles + Study Korean/Japanese + Draw + Write short stories + Listen to music/podcasts + Laze around only when there's absolutely nothing else to do
  14. The special episodes are already there in the Watch section--just look through the episodes and find the season where the specific special episode is included (ie. Miracle at Koshien Ball Park! The Defiants Face the Dark Demon is in Season 13).
  15. I don't know exactly why, to be honest. XD I watch and read all kinds of anime and manga, so I wouldn't pass up a brilliant one like Detective Conan. It's entertaining, it gives out interesting information about a myriad of things, and I like the animation, so I guess that's why I stick with it. And for some reason Detective Conan appeals to me in a way that the board game Cluedo as well as Sherlock Holmes appeal to me: DC gets me thinking. I also read somewhere that Detective Conan appeals to a very broad age range, 7-40 years, if I'm not mistaken, so having older teens and adults watch it is not really surprising.
  16. Hi there, Ellaine! Welcome to DCW! It's cool that this is the first DC forum that you joined--DCW is also the first Conan forum I joined. XD Seeing as your username is 1412, I assume you like (or love?) Kaito Kid. I'm a fan of his as well, hence my avatar. XD I hope you enjoy your stay here.
  17. My mom says that reading widens my knowledge about the world (not to mention my vocabulary), so she lets me read as much as I want, only with the exception of mangas, so I do have to pay for my mangas with my own money, which I really, really spend a lot on. And she never did mind me reading as long as I kept my grades up, which I do, so we get a win-win situation. And I really don't get what people have against manga/anime, seriously. My father doesn't like it and says it's childish, but oh well...they really can't do anything now since I've already grown up loving it. XD LOL. I definitely agree. XD
  18. Hey there, Rica! I'm Kat--welcome to DCW! Cool name, btw--Gin. Ahh, that guy gives me the creeps. XD And yesss, there are so many Conan episodes, but I recommend that you don't skip over the filler episodes--most of them are just as fun and exciting as the main storyline ones, including the anime original episodes. I know having 500+ episodes to go through can be tough, but it's really fun to watch them, and before you know it, you're already anticipating for the newly released episodes in Japan. XD I actually rewatched Detective Conan from episode one this summer and I'm already in the 460s. XD See you around!
  19. San Diego. You? Oh, and it's great that your mom was the one who actually recommended it. XD Although my own mother encourages my love for books, she tries to keep me from manga and anime, as she thinks I don't get anything from it. Ah well...it's too bad that I love it. XD And no, we're not old, lol. You're just young. XD
  20. You're so young! O.O I'm only turning 20 in a few months yet I suddenly feel so old. XD How did you come across Detective Conan? Seeing as you read the manga first, maybe you read the English translated DC (or Case Closed) by Viz? Or maybe you read it online? XD
  21. I think when you're watching the movies, you have to at least know what's happening at the time it was shown in Japanese cinemas, but it's not really required for you to understand the story itself. I watched 1, 2, 6, 10, 3 and 12 in that order, but at the time I watched those I was only halfway through the series.
  22. Hi, Julia! I'm Kat, and I just wanted to welcome you here. Just curious--did you start reading the manga before watching the anime? Cause you're pretty far off with the manga chapters. XD I watched the anime before reading the manga, you see, so after a few tankoubons, I stopped reading the manga but am catching up with it. Anyways, see you around!
  23. Episode 425. Black Impact! The Moment the Black Organization Reaches Out. Also, I don't know if this will later play on an important part in the series, but in episodes 421 and 422, Professor Agasa's first love is introduced.
  24. Oh, sure sure! I finished making the list, but it doesn't have much info on it yet. I've just marked the un-subbed episodes as well as the low-quality English subbed episodes made from Chinese subs since they're quite hard to understand and the timing's usually off by a few milliseconds (which irks me to no end). But then I found a list on DCTP's forum which is really informative--it was updated last June 1, so it's still missing a few subbed episodes here and there. If you wanna check it out, the link's found here. It's the best list I can find, and the one I made is nowhere near that informative. Oh, and I also found a little spelling mistake on the episode list on the Watch section - episodes 166 and 167 should have the word 'Tottori' instead of 'Totorri'. The DVD for movie 13 won't be out until October, I think, so they won't be able to sub that given there is no raw file available. As for Conan vs. Lupin III, someone already made soft subs for that Conan-Lupin special. I haven't finished watching it, but the subs are pretty good although it lacks the visual introduction for each character, especially since those watching Conan who aren't familiar with Lupin may get confused with the names.
  25. I was wondering about that myself, but I didn't think it was important so I didn't say anything. I'm glad we have avatars now, though. Oh, and is it just me or is BBCode disabled for this particular board (News and Updates?). Just curious, since it's not showing up on mine as I reply right now, but it's enabled in other threads.
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