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  1. So... when I was new here, I was kinda confused by reps and how to change your member title, etc. So I was thinking maybe we could have some tutorials in the form of a thread and have them pinned at the top of the "Introduce Yourself" sub-forum or have a link sent to new members. For example, one thread could talk about "Adding Friends and sending messages" and another could be "How do I edit my signature?", etc. It's just an idea, but what do you guys think?
  2. Berumotto

    Tell us a secret about you!

    Fairly self-explanatory topic. It can be serious or fairly comical! I suppose I can start us off. One time at work, a very rude teenager came in and purposely underpaid. We gave him his double cheeseburger, but I secretly poured pickle juice on it. *laughs evilly*
  3. Berumotto

    Flappy Bird

    Heard of it, but not going to play. I think if I got addicted, there would be more at stake than meets the eye.
  4. Ran's hair makes her look like a unicorn... or is that just me?

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      lol you're right

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      *high fives with the commenters*

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      The Banana Paladin

      This question should be answered by Kyuu.

  5. Berumotto

    Tell us a secret about you!

    Secret of the day: While my best friend went on a date, I stayed home and took six pages of notes on Economics. Hashtag am I cool yet?
  6. Conan always says stuff like "I can't believe I missed such an obvious hint!" Thanks, Shinichi, for making me feel better about not figuring it out either.

    1. Berumotto


      (That was sarcastic) :P

  7. Berumotto

    Reason why u still read DC after so long?

    Detective Conan has been more than just a favorite TV show. On days when I wanted to simply disappear from this earth, I had Detective Conan to help me laugh the tears away. When friendships ended, family members fought, and relationships faded, I could always seek comfort in the sarcasticly adorable Shinichi, super-suave Kaito Kid, or wise yet unassuming Shiho. DC has truly enriched and shaped my life. Signs of KCN poisoning... dehydration... strangling... I've garnered an elementary understanding of forensics. A great entertainment, a slight obsession, and a learning experience--that's DC to me! Even though this series has run for 20 years and I am dying to know the conclusion of the manga, the little girl within who has loved DC since age 7 doesn't want it to end. I've already waited and watched for ten years; so ten more will not be a problem. (Anyone get the reference? ) I await the happy ending promised by Gosho Aoyama. Whatever it is, I am ready.
  8. Berumotto

    Dear Anonymous...

    Dear S.V., What can I say. I can't forget last summer, and I keep hoping that you'll remember me and will want to be more than last time. But in all honesty, I don't think you're the perfect fit for me-- your emotional stolidness doesn't complement my emotional instability. And you're leaving this year, so I don't even think this can work. The girls around you are so gorgeous and smart (especially your ex. She's so beautiful and thin.) I don't even know what to do anymore.
  9. Berumotto

    Tell us a secret about you!

    Another secret of mine: In kindergarten, I was bullied to the point where I once hid under a bus seat to escape my bully. My sweater was really dusty after that.
  10. Berumotto

    Explain your username

    Berumotto is the Hepburn romanization of how the word "Vermouth" is pronounced in Japanese. Vermouth is one of the most mysterious characters. I see a bit of her within myself.
  11. Berumotto

    What did you do today?

    Watched DC in bed all day.
  12. Berumotto

    What will happen to Miyano Shiho/Haibara Ai?

    I adore Ai. I would hate to see her die, but if Gosho Aoyama can pull it off in a satisfying way (without loose ends), then I will still be satisfied, if a little sad. If she lives, I want her to be happy. Preferably not paired with Shinichi, though-- I'm a big ShinRan. (Not that I thought Ai liked Shinichi like that anyways.)
  13. Berumotto

    Tell us a secret about you!

    Sometimes I do it unintentionally. I will say something that is expected of me, rather than something I truly believe. Example: If I hear that someone is sexual active, I will proceed to call them a whore, mainly to agree with the people around me. I don't believe in slut shaming at all, but I 'lie' anyways. It's one of my biggest regrets-- not saying what I think. I do that on Twitter and Facebook. I really hope they don't have profile view trackers; otherwise, I'd really be screwed. I feel that I don't either. Not to sound like "a teenage white girl", but I often feel that no one understands me. That sounds extremely stereotypical though... What I mean to say is that nobody besides myself knows all my secrets, thought proceses, and feelings... Therefore nobody understands me. Don't get in trouble with the law, now!
  14. Berumotto

    Japanese Chatroom for Beginners!

    Konichiwa. Ehhhh... uhmm.... arigato... demo.... NANI... kuso... zutto... (end of Japanese knowledge)
  15. Berumotto

    What Gets on Your Nerves?

    People who judge harshly for someone doing drugs/drinking. I say this with my one girl friend in mind-- she completely cut off connections with her crush once she learned he drinks and smokes. I personally don't see the big deal. So long as you don't pressure your friends and harm others, I don't see the problem with befriending someone who uses drugs. I genuinely don't understand people like that.
  16. Kaito Kid is just amazing. Just having a fangirl/Kaito-kid appreciation moment over here. *-*

    1. Lovestruck


      Haven't he always been?

  17. Berumotto

    Who is the best character in the series?

    I can't vote. I can't choose between Vermouth, Ai, Shinichi, Kid, Heiji... Vermouth is so bad-ass. The way she can tease Gin and not be reprimanded. The way she's Anokata's favorite, yet hides so much from him/her. The way she protects Ran and Conan, to the extent where she gives up her manhunt for Sherry. Call her the 'Rotten Apple' if you want, but I find her to be one of the most human BO members. Ai is so mysterious and sad, yet intelligent. Always giving Conan reality checks when his hormones go awry. Hard to do when a dangerous organization is hunting you and the memories of your dead sister follow you everywhere. She reveals so little about the BO to Conan... I wonder why that is. Shinichi is cocky, but I adore his intellect and his ability to make deductions off of minute proof. Kid is just great. So bad-ass, I can't even. Heiji's accent gets me everytime. I also find him signficantly funnier than the other teen detectives.
  18. Berumotto

    What's on Your Mind?

    Glad to be back. I really missed everyone! Have things changed for you, Kid?
  19. Berumotto

    Tell us a secret about you!

    I went to a high school party last night. I feel very mixed about it.
  20. Berumotto

    What's on Your Mind?

    I love all "it was meant to be" couples from DC. (ex: heiji & kazuha) I adore Ai, but I don't like the idea of AiCon.
  21. Berumotto

    Favorite Episodes

    I adore ShinRan episodes (Desperate Revivial was AMAZING), but my absolute favorite goes to episode 96, one of the first times when Ran figures Shinchi out. The confrontation is absolutely hilarious. If you don't know what I'm talking about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJhxUdvW6nY
  22. Berumotto

    Yo. Enjoy DC every once in a while

    Believe us, we're not mindless in the least. Allow me to heartily present you to DCW! It's quite fun. I'm berumotto. If you've got any questions, do speak up. My personal preferences for episodes: -when romance is involved. Especially between the main couples (Shinichi and Ran, Heiji and Kazuha, Sato and Takagi, etc.) -when I can understand the hints and deductions. It bothers me when Conan says something like "The person touched their glasses. Therefore they are a 39-year-old woman from Osaka who works in an office because x, y and z" (where x y and z stand for ridiculous, far-fetched details nobody really understands but we go along with it, because it's Conan. -when there's something SPECIAL about the case. With 700+ episodes, I don't have the time to watch all them. I pick and choose: I skip TV originals (don't contribute to plot line), and cases where nothing is developed (romance? BO appearances? new characters?). Enjoy your time here!
  23. I had an emotional fit today because my brothers ate my secret stash of Luna bars (screaming and scowling included.) Call me spoiled, as you will, but the moral of the story is 'don't touch my food'.

  24. Berumotto

    What's on Your Mind?

    Indeed. I've never been much of an AiCon-- I am a very adamant believer of "love that is meant to be". Shinichi and Ran have been friends forever, and therefore I think they should be together (not to mention they like each other). Although Ai does know Conan better. But I mean I have some very close friends whom I know very well, and I wouldn't ever date them. Why yes, it's me! Though I'd have to say, I'm not at all the same person who registered for DCW in 2011. (that was three years ago-- where does the time go?) Quite a bit more cynical and skeptical. Very rude and boisterous. Only thing that hasn't changed is my intense love for DC. I don't know you that much, that's true. But WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA THAT COMMENT IS SO KAWAII I MISSED YOU TOO <3 What is the MTAP? I hope they came out favorably! Today I had work... but the manager didn't really care what we did. Some really emotionally unstable customers, though. I swear, this world is getting more and more dismal.
  25. Berumotto

    Replace One Word in a Title with ________ (Forum Game)

    The Coffee on Elm Street. (I bet it'd be killer. ) couscous