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Found 2 results

  1. Fairly self-explanatory topic. It can be serious or fairly comical! I suppose I can start us off. One time at work, a very rude teenager came in and purposely underpaid. We gave him his double cheeseburger, but I secretly poured pickle juice on it. *laughs evilly*
  2. \o/ Third Annual DCW Secret Santa Event \o/ Ah, you may remember DCW doing something like this for two years now. Well, it's back! First of all, here are links to the previous two years we've done this: 2012 and 2011, and both of them went very, very well. There's also some cool information (and a little off-topic banter as well) in both these topics, so take a look if you need it! Here's the most ideal timeline for this event this year (it's a bit rushed, and I'm sorry): December 13-14, 2013: All signups close. I will send out PMs to remind everyone who signed up to get going, as well as the name of their special someone and their wishlist. REMEMBER REMEMBER REMEMBER that once you sign up, gift-giving is completely required! Make sure you can actually do this before signing up! December 22-25, 2013: Get your gifts in by this date. It's really important you get them in by this block of time. Hey, I'll take them earlier, but take what little time (:V) you have to make the best gift! December 25?, 2013 (ideally, but somewhere around there is possible): And the reveal! It's likely I'll probably be spreading out the reveal days, but who really knows. And now with that out of the way, I'll give out some information about this event that may come in handy: How to Signup How to Make a Wishlist How to Upload your Gift How to Make Brownies Current signups: - Cold Gangsta - blackhiden - Nara-chan - boringfreak - Red Angel - Phantomach the Reaper - Ren-kun - Aadikudo - Astraculpa - Rye - Misaki-chan <Oh, please tell me if I missed anything or should add something to this post or edit something. Also send delicious brownie recipes. No, I'm just kidding. Don't do the last one.>
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