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  1. Party with Kogoro. Break Mitsuhiko's jaw. Do work with Conan. Forget everyone else. Oh, and ball with Yokomizo.
  2. Yeah it somehow disintegrates upon impact I don't really know. But one of these days Conan's just going to knock out Kogoro one too many times. He'll put him to sleep and he just won't wake up. Seriously.
  3. I don't know about the father it's been a while since I saw it but I think it has something to do with the fact that he's the 18th heir or something. Honestly I don't know. An I remember asking the same question myself as I saw the episode. Conan even tells the guy that there is a time error in the code. I think Conan just completely skipped a whole part of the code and didn't need the extra step.
  4. In episodes 406-408 some magician dude was said to have disappeared 10 years ago. It's him. Hands down.
  5. Secret of the High Sales = Literally HATED Mitsuhiko after that sad excuse for an episode
  6. Which trick do you think would have a VERY small chance of happening in real life? Was just re-watching all the episodes I only saw once and in episode 397 the culprit sets a phone to "vibrate," calls it, and it falls off a shelf and hits a computer mouse which in turn sends a e-mail so he can pretend that that was the victim who sent the e-mail. Yeah, right. I'm sure there are others, just can't think of any right now.
  7. One of these days Conan is going to tranquilize Kogoro one too many times and he won't wake up. He's just going to die from being knocked out so many times (probably can't die but there has to be some adverse side-effects).
  8. Look on Wikipedia when each episode was released an compare it to that of when each movie was released. I'm pretty sure the first movie movie was released in 1997 (I think) and just keep working up one year from that. I also think most, if not all, the movies were released sometime in April, so just drop it in where the gap between two episodes is.
  9. I heard some people didn't like it. Don't ask me. I thought it was amazing, partly because of the B.O. If it didn't have them in it, I feel like it would have been a lot worse. The helmet thing with the helicopter at the end was probably the coolest thing I've seen in my life. I seriously watched the mike like 5 times in a row when it was released. Unfortunately, I feel like Detective Conan has pretty much hit its prime and from here on out it will be downhill (hence movie 14). It seems like they're running out of ideas ad it's going to definitely be hard to top they're previous stuff. Detective Conan has done some pretty amazing things. Let's just hope for the best.
  10. Seriously, no male characters ever cry. Conan will eventually cry when Ran gets killed.
  11. Genta finds out his true biological father is Inspector Megure.
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