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  1. How do you edit these fiddly quotation bars? "He flirts and gets touchy with other women in front of her. That's a pretty horrible personality trait for a husband." They have been essentially divorced for 10 years. I don't think we see any evidence of him ever doing so when they were living together. She tends to belittle him and insult him pretty much nonstop. Why shouldn't he flirt? "Kogoro knows he shouldn't do these things. He's not stupid. I'm pretty sure he knows that's the reason why Eri isn't coming back." Why? I mean is he just inconsistent? Like "Im totaly in love with you enough too save your life on multiple occasions and really care about proving your innocence but changing my habits? NO". Thats just lazy writing. Maybe I am looking too deeply into this and Kogoro is just a lazily written character. "Hello sexism." Looking at the divorce rates (And the initiators of divorce) and the reasons stated for divorce this is pretty accurate. Call it sexism, but until I see evidence otherwise I see that as pretty accurate. "No they are annoyed. Remember this is Japanese society, and it is considered improper to embarrass someone in polite company by telling them to get the hell away from me. Kogoro is being extremely rude by taking advantage of this to bother women, because they can't really do anything without shaming him or themselves. "Proper behavior" would be tough it out and try not to let happen again." Evidence please. I don't buy that. The Women show NO emotion. Not even a HINT. Im pretty sure women in Japan are not THAT polite. And the men surrounding the women (And other women) tend not to think anything about it either. Like even friends or close family. They don't even flinch. Does Kogoro just create an "Anti-Sexual harassment law" bubble around him? I mean they "comically" hit perverts or whatever, but when they grow older they suddenly loose that ability? I call bullcrap. "I think men are a little stronger in self control than you give them credit for." Oh sure they are. I'm not meaning it in that way. Im just saying that he remains faithful to his wife and does at least seem to make steps to rekindle the relationship. Eri doesn't seem to do so. Relationships are something you work at. Its something that you nurture from both sides. "He has too get it on his own and I will take no steps forward on my own teehee *Bat eyelashes*" isn't really fair. Also I found it immensely vapid that Eri agreed too go too the hotel with Kogoro only after the reveal of the expensive jewelry. That was immensly vapid. I buy the "Kogoro is just oblivious" thing more (He ignores his constant passing out streaks and blackouts. In fact everybody does. People in this show have too grab the idiot ball like every 10 seconds) then his selective devotion (Im sometimes utterly devoted too you, and sometimes im not). "Also this thread is a sexism landmine." Why? Im not seeing anything that risqe. It will pass away on its own if you don't make a bigger deal out of it.
  2. My point is how many times does he see a beautiful woman and he does some weird thing and their reaction is indifference?
  3. Outside of the weirdness that any girl he flirts with tends not to be annoyed in any way (Or express annoyance in any way), maybe they find it charming? Considering we never see him even touch them, and he has been separated from his wife for 10 years, that man has the self control of a chastity god. Unless there are prostitutes he hires on the sides or something but thats the evidence Im looking for. The guys wife is mean to him, and he hasn't had any for 10 years. As for drunkenness I again chalk it up too "Obliviousness". Some people are just like that. They don't notice who they hurt sometimes. Makes all the more sense for people just to calmly explain how he hurts them. He comes of as more of an oblivious man rather then a hurtful or spiteful or uncaring one. Its never too late what's wrong or right. My Dad does some mean things, but he tries hard after I made it known how it hurts me. Hurting somebody you love is a strong motivational force. Seriously? That woman is kinda contemptible. Stop dangling his chain. Just outright come out and say it and not wait until he gets it based off of your spite and contemptible attitude for him (Wow an expensive necklace? NOW i'l go too the hotel! Material possessions proves how much he's invested. Not life-saving stuff or love or whatever). Is him saving her life cannon?
  4. I probably will as long as your not mindless drones. =D
  5. Yeah I know but Im looking for more reasons for Eri to be upset. What im looking for is Evidence that Eri is not being a needless tease. If all Kogor does is flirt with girls whilst his wife belittles, insults, (Is not afraid to dump her cat into his lap if she feels like it) and lives away from him, is willing to receive expensive gifts and his attention, then that makes her a tease. She is not willing to invest into the relationship, but demands that Kogoro does even though she gives him no incentive to do so. Kogoro has flaws but Eri doesn't ask him about them. I don't think I see anybody in the show say once "Hey Dad/Mouri could you stop Flirting/Being drunk, your actions really hurts me in so and so way. Please stop it. I would greatly appreciate it" All they do is get upset and indignant and quietly keep their disdain to themselves. The only people that seem to be bothered by Kogoros brash actions are his direct family, and they NEVER ACT ON IT. They just quietly bottle up their disdain and snip at him from a distance. How is he supposed to stop doing it unless you make it known to him? Thats why I made this thread to make sure that he doesn't/ didn't do anything worse than just flirt with girls and get drunk/ gamble. If so, then Eri doesn't come off as such a mean Tease.
  6. Hi. Why are you scowling? :P

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  7. No I mean sexualy (Though I compeltly agree that Kogoro should be involved more. Stories that focus on him are usually better than any with connan focused ones). I know this sounds weird, but I want too find out if he goes into a more "Serious' relationship with anybody in the series other than just a flirt or such. This is just to confirm my suspicious for which I would post a different thread to explain.
  8. We see Kogoro go after chicks allot, but is there any confirmed evidence or example of it being more than that? Ever?
  9. Yo I enjoy watching Detective Conan Every once in a while. I find it at its best when: Conan's Small stature is used (Instead of wheasling a way out with Gadgets) When the Crimes feel solvable (Some of Conans leaps in Logic feel insane) When Conans not showing off, and the focus is one of the 100,000 more interesting characters, rather than him. And its not language based (I don't know japanese) My Favourite Character is Kogoro. He feels well rounded and his relationship with Eri I find myself much more interested with than the Shingi/ Ran Relationship.
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