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  1. 75aichan

    Conan x Ai

    Yeah(if the fans speculations are right of course) So that would be a way to avoid justice...which is not really something positive if you ask me. I would rather see her facing all of what she has done...Maybe the FBI will find a way for her to not go to trial (if she works for them or something like that) I just don't see the point of staying as Ai if she's not hiding from the BO anymore,for me that would be like Shiho Miyano never existed.Even if she had a sad life that doesn't mean she has to erase her real identity.
  2. 75aichan

    Conan x Ai

    And what if she found relatives,will she really want to stay as a child? I mean after the BO is gone she could have a life an an adult.She was alone before but now she has friends and Agasa,so what's the point of hiding with a fake identity?It would be much more brave for her to get back to her real identity and use all that she learnt as Ai in her real life.At least she wouldn't have to lie anymore.And DC is all about truth... Gosho said DC will have a happy ending, so I can't imagine that if the BO is not fully destroyed... Really, what kind of advice it would give to little kids watching DC...if your life is sad then take another identity and erase your past Personally I would be way more satisfyied if she took the antidote and try to use her knowledge to help people,as a way to take her responsibilities for the drug she made(she's still sad about the people who died because of it). For me it's better and more realistic than just enjoying a second childhood (that she already is enjoying)
  3. well don't forget Akai is still disguised as Okiya,in front of Haibara he can't really act as himself(and it seems like she's still suspicious of him) But I agree he should change his excuse. About the file I'm sad that Ai doesn't come to the crime scene with them,and that Camel is supposed to be her bodyguard...really Camel isn't the best choice considering how many times he ruined Akai's plans... And I was expecting some Ai/Akai confrontation but I guess it's too soon...
  4. 75aichan

    Conan x Ai

    Oh yeah I guess many people(including me) would love to have the chance to get back to their childhood days again,but only for a short moment...and that's what Ai experienced... She had the chance to enjoy the life of a child,and once the BO is destroyed,she will be able to live the life of a free woman,and assume her responsibilities in order to feel better in her new life. That would really prove she's not hiding or lying anymore,which would be a change from her past life. Anyway with Gosho we never know so wait and see...
  5. 75aichan

    Conan x Ai

    What if Haibara find lost relatives?there won't be any reason to stay as Haibara Ai... Really I don't get people who want Ai to stay as a child and living in a lie, while she could easily build a new life with her real identity once the BO is destroyed... and I agree with what Zerathus said...
  6. I think he deserves that...but of course after a while she will forgive him.
  7. I would love her to take the antidote and slap him in front of Conan and the professor...
  8. Well the Bourbon arc started because Bourbon was supposedly looking for Sherry,then Okiya,Sera and Amuro appared,each of them were interested on Ai,until we get the Mystery train case,that lead to Sherry's fake death...Soooo yeah I think she was at the center of this arc,even if she didn't act herself that much(but she tried to take off Okiya's scarf,and was the first one to make the link between Okiya and Akai),and the other characters were looking for her for different reasons(btw we still don't know why Sera was interested on Ai). it was kinda the same thing during the Vermouth Arc,the difference was that in the Bourbon arc Conan didn't tell her anything about the danger,while during the Vermouth arc she knew someone was hunting her(which is why she was more active) The FBI know where she lives and if they really knew the truth,they would have talked to her,even if they are focused on something else,Gosho could have made a small moment between Jodie and Ai exchanging words,it wouldn't have taken many pages.The fact that they are focused on another topic doesn't mean they can't talk together (for example there was the small discussion between Camel and Jodie talking about Camel's mistake that lead to Akemi's death,or when Akai's past is revealed to Conan while there are focused on Rena)...just a few bubbles is enough to put things in place... There were many occasions to talk to her,and Gosho could have created many other occasions(considering that the FBI know where Ai lives,and can contact her anytime ),but he didn't. You're talking about Akai and Camel who should apologize,but this is the responsibility of the whole FBI(including James who is their boss) I think Ai should have official apologies from them.Camel and Akai were not working alone,but for the FBI, so any action they make involves the FBI and their image. btw Camel never asked to meet Ai,he never talked to her,which confirm he doesn't know who she is...remember he really felt guilty about Akemi's death so I guess he would try to apologize to her sister... Anyway until you find me a good proof that the FBI knows Ai's real identity,I will stick with the idea that they don't.Remember we recently learnt that Conan didn't know Sera was Akai's sister,while he should have known for a long time,so for me as long as it's not explicitly written in the manga,then it's just a theory...
  9. Come on,she was in the center of the Bourbon arc(since Jodie said she was Bourbon's target),she also met the FBI agents several times (during the Rena mizunashi arc,and also in the Shrine case),not to mention that they know where she lives (they are not limited to the Haido Central hospital,they can move to see her XDXD) so if they knew who she really is,they would have told her something about Akemi's death(as I said apologies,or some kind of support since the FBI is kinda responsible of her death). The fact that they still call her Ai or Sherry(because Vermouth called her that way) means they don't know her real name....As you said there is no evidence to support your theory so for now I'll stay with the idea that they don't know anything. Btw an adult being turned into a child is a difficult concept to begin with,this is something unusual,not natural,so it's would be difficult for them to make that link,unless they know personally the victim or have sme proof (Akai made the link because he knew Ai/Shiho,and he could deduce that Shinichi=Conan by observing him closely) so it would be normal for the FBI to not make that connection.
  10. Well you're talking about Shuichi,one of the most secretive person in DC world,who didn't tell his collegues that he faked his death..Of course he didn't say that Ai=Shiho=Akemi's sister,we can be sure of that. (when Jodie/James talked to Conan about Akai's past in the BO,they didn't even mention Shiho's name,they talked about her as a high ranked scientist...if they knew Ai was Shiho and Akemi's sister,they would have mentionned it in front of Conan,considering he's close to Ai). Not to mention that they never talked to Ai,or apologized to Ai for what happened to Akemi,which makes me believe they don't know anything. Anyway Akai wants to take care of it personally(Akemi's revenge+the promise) so I guess it's logical for him to not tell anything about Ai's conditions to his collegues (that would probably endanger Ai considering that the FBI is watched by the BO,so it's better for Ai to not tell them her secret,and Akai knows that)
  11. Exactly.They don't know that Ai is a shrunken adult,they only know that the BO call her Sherry,and she's connected to them in some way.But they don't know about her real situation.
  12. Yeah probably XDXD that was a funny moment btw.
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