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  1. Where to watch earlier episodes online

    @katsumi Miao you can find episodes on kissanime, gogoanime, and 9anime. Some others sites as well
  2. Need Detective Conan Dubbed

    English dub is good as dead. Can't see them ever doing that again.
  3. What's on Your Mind?

    oh wow you're back
  4. What's on Your Mind?

  5. NBA

    lmao at cp3 and rondo/ingram
  6. 10 Years Later

    Do we track you down if we lose you
  7. NBA

    Yeah the Pelicans look real nice. They did well in the off season. Lel the Jazz had like 81 points in the first half, and the Warriors still come back and win. Man no lead is safe with that team. Toronto with Kawhi looks legit
  8. Favorite Episodes

    A lot of good ones in that top 20
  9. NBA

    Celtics looked real good last night. Tatum stepped up as expected. Also Ben Simmons with almost a triple double lol he's gonna be special this fultz thing is gonna be interesting to watch with the sixers...especially if he continues to start thunder-warriors was pretty usual stuff. this okc team doesn't look too strong tbh, even w/o russ they struggled at times offensively.
  10. When will Detective Conan end?

    I wouldn't put much stock into that statement if he really said that. If that were true, DC would've ended around 1000 chapters, and we're currently at 1021. It's similar to the One Piece editors/Oda saying the story is like 60-70% done every few years in an article. Now that Gosho goes at a pace that likely won't lead to a burn out, DC should continue for quite some time. There's still a lot more we need to know, and we've been getting some progress as of late. Maybe like 5-7 more years? not really sure.
  11. NBA

    24 days left until the season starts
  12. What's on Your Mind?

    wait nyaa is down?
  13. What's on Your Mind?

    lol just staying busy with work, and yeah my semester starts back up soon as well man time flew by cause I remember some of you talking about entering college lol good times
  14. What's on Your Mind?

    kenzi wtf lmao!!!! how you been
  15. Aw man, I totally forgot about the signatures