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  1. Ryo


    both lineups look really good though
  2. Ryo


    *cough* James Harden
  3. Ryo

    Where is Everyone From?

    Lol I don't mind rain too much, especially after this annoying winter
  4. Ryo

    What's on Your Mind?

    LOL those have been here for a bit now
  5. Ryo


    yeah that's true lol green can be a spark, which is valuable too. oh I'm an inspector now
  6. Ryo

    Where is Everyone From?

    Oh Seattle, nice! always wanted to go there. We got through most of our cold already, so I hope for early spring
  7. Ryo

    What's on Your Mind?

  8. Ryo


    I think Klay and Green would have to take a slight discount
  9. Ryo


    But I doubt they will give Klay, Draymond, and KD Max contracts. Plus Steph still has like 120+ million on his contract left. I could easily see one of those guys testing the free agency market, and getting more possessions on another team.
  10. Ryo


    I know man it's been awhile haha yeah even though I don't wanna see him in Boston, they would likely have a trade package ready if they were serious about AD right cuz one of these days the warriors guys are gonna wanna get paid, and will look elsewhere if GSW doesn't offer a deal
  11. Ryo

    Last Poster Wins

    not so fast!
  12. Ryo


    @Balthazar Manfredie how you feel about the potential AD trade?
  13. Ryo

    Where to watch earlier episodes online

    @katsumi Miao you can find episodes on kissanime, gogoanime, and 9anime. Some others sites as well
  14. Ryo

    Need Detective Conan Dubbed

    English dub is good as dead. Can't see them ever doing that again.
  15. Ryo

    What's on Your Mind?

    oh wow you're back