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  1. Turns out I'm wrong. The 3rd Yusaku is probably just Kaitou Kid thanking Yusaku for saving him in a case.
  2. I too think there is only one Rum. The spoiler pics also showed three Yusakus (the real one, Yukiko in disguise and a mysterious one). I think the 3rd one is Akai or Amuro in disguise.
  3. I think it'll probably be released later in 2021, say September or October.
  4. Plus I wasn't expecting much from a movie done by Sakurai again, but yeah, there might be miracles.
  5. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrate. still active out there on the wiki.
  6. maybe this case: The Beauty, The Lies, and The Secrets (episode 826)
  7. America is not a country but I believe you mean United States? Anyways, welcome
  8. Welcome to the wiki then Twiggy Chenmae!!!
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