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  1. Yeah its listed here : https://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/Shogakukan_Learning_Series#Historical_Manga:_Japanese_History_Detective_Conan It's just that there is no proper page dedicated to that series.
  2. Turns out I'm wrong. The 3rd Yusaku is probably just Kaitou Kid thanking Yusaku for saving him in a case.
  3. I too think there is only one Rum. The spoiler pics also showed three Yusakus (the real one, Yukiko in disguise and a mysterious one). I think the 3rd one is Akai or Amuro in disguise.
  4. I think it'll probably be released later in 2021, say September or October.
  5. Plus I wasn't expecting much from a movie done by Sakurai again, but yeah, there might be miracles.
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