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  1. You blocked me at discussion. Why are you mad at me?
  2. Nakamura blocked me when he was very angry at me for asking the people questions when I typed the words on the discussion.
  3. Hey you guys. You don't need to block me, okay. Please don't block me. REMEMBER THE RULES!! DO NOT REPORT ME! DO NOT BLOCK ME! AND DO NOT GETTING ANGRY AT ME, GOT IT!!!!

  4. Guys, don't report and block me. I was being nice to you all.
  5. Hello everyone! I’m Arrimas Arrington. I’m 25. I loved detective conan at all when I watched case closed in adult swim when I was 11 years old. I lived in Washington, D.C. later than Maryland. I don’t support.
  6. Is Detective Conan an upcoming fighting video game? Including the victims, killers, minor characters, recurring characters and suspects.
  7. Everyone, don't block me at Detective Conan Wiki. Where are discussion, edit, history, plus, watch and move tabs? Can everyone hear me?

  8. Where are discussion, edit with a plus, watch, move and history tabs for Detective Conan Wiki?
  9. Hey everyone. I can't login because I got 21 content counts.
  10. Hello folks. I would be appearance in Detective Conan.
  11. Who wants to follow me. Anyone. I said who wants to follow me at this time.

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