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  1. Anokata is not know Shinichi is conan because he or she know shinichi is Alive, smart and probably run his live and best possible protect is his friends. Shinichi most do hide.Anokata no idea where. This final arc is hunter vs group hunter.
  2. Ran know conan is shinichi. Ran chance winner is around 47 percent.
  3. If Ran find out conan is shinichi news arc and I'm fun is Conan x Ai but Ran will fine out Ai have a crush on him. Circle around to I say is ran favorite to win shinichi heart but shiho is second favorite to win his heart. Ran best chance to win heart his is not find out conan is shinichi and Ran not find out Ai Haibana is other take pill aptx 4896
  4. detectiveRJB

    Conan x Ayumi

    You guy is pervert! Conan is shinichi! Ayumi is Ayumi. Why I hate this couple.
  5. Anokata not know shinichi is conan.
  6. Yugi and kaiba! Ash and Gary! Goku and vegeta!
  7. detectiveRJB

    Anime Couple??

    Seto kaibax serenity wheeler All main character yugioh and romances.
  8. I think is detective conan multiverse manga, anime, special, ova, movie and live-action. Ran win manga,anime and live-action. Shiho win movie and ova.
  9. Conan is smartest second for his father.
  10. Shinichi is smart mathematics, habit person and stratagy. Shiho is smart mathematics, stratagy and body . Akai is smart mathematics, habit person and hearthy. Ran is smart body, fight and healthy.
  11. Not end on episode 1000 but around it.
  12. Haibara and Ayumi sleep on the conan and conan need restroom.
  13. I believe shinichi will die age around 20 to 40 with ran and detective job. Shinichi and shiho will protect other better then ran. The best detective is lot more dangerous then good detective.shiho will to everything her power to save Shinichi. Ran better person to haibara.
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