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  1. As a connoisseur of various fiction series, I notice that decade trends tend to be very apparent when it comes to two different works. (For example, compare all the animated versions of the TMNT, you'll see what I mean.) So this brings me to the question. What if the DC manga and anime started in the Early 1980's instead of the 1990's? My own speculation would be that judging by the trends of 80's shows compared to 90's shows, is that shows from the 1980's tend to be a lot brighter and lighthearted. I suppose that it would be the same for DC. The last thing I'd add is the elephant in the room. In the 80's, the Soviet Union was still alive and kicking, and with the inclusion of the FBI in DC, I would put a safe bet that the KGB would also make an appearance of some sort, considering that the 1980's was the absolute zenith of the Japanese Communist Party. Perhaps the BO has something to do with it? We've seen them take out high profile targets plenty of times. What are yall's thoughts on an 80's DC?
  2. Really, all I want to see is Heiji speaking English more in the anime. His VA is shockingly fluent.
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