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Found 7 results

  1. since i have a feeling tha shiho/ai will not end up with anyone, it makes me wonder... what will be done with her character? she can't stay as a child ... a least, i doubt that would happen... but she most likely won't end up with shinichi... i am actually starting to think that possibly killing her off in the end may be done... i don't want that to happen but it might... if it does, i would want it to end with shiho/ai telling shinichi/conan her true feelings for him... even if he doesn't feel the same way, i think that would be a good way to end it... i'm depressed writing this since i love shiho/ai... but i was thinking really hard about this and i don't think that she has a place in the living world anymore (not like an outcast or anything) but it's like there is nowhere for her to turn... she isn't necessarily shunned, but her only life would be as haibara ai, but as an adult, and what she's said over the course of the episodes and chapters she has been in... i think she wants to be an adult again, and she doesn't like seeing herself as a child... yet she has no family other than the professor and he's not even blood related... that's why i wonder what would become of her... most characters end up with a lover or child-hood friend as a lover, but that isn't possible for shiho/ai unless it's mitsuxai and i really don't see that happening... i'd love to hear what you guys think will actually happen, not what we wish would happen, but what might actually be a valid ending... so i think that shinshi/conai endings are not included (sorry conais and shinshis, but i want a plausible ending...)
  2. Personally I believe that Shiho is someone that Shinichi can't afford to lose. She is the only person who he can really benefit from in both his social life and also his career as a detective. I feel like if things ever get tough and seriously dangerous, Ran wouldn't be of much help. Shiho on the other hand can handle herself and wont hold him back as oppose to Ran. I believe that after the end of the series, Shinichi would develop as a person and a detective if Shiho was still in the picture.
  3. shotgunben

    BO Smell

    Why was Haibara unaware ( though BO's scent ) of Vermouth who posed as a pregnant wife of the suspect in episode 734 'Jodie's Memories & Cherry Blossom Trap'... In Episode 230-31 'Mysterious Passenger' She has keen sense of smell to know a BO member was inside the Bus (?)
  4. Yellow !!! I'm very VERY new here , though i apparently did an account YEARS ago x'P silly me Anywhos So , if I'm not wrong i just throw my art here in multiple Posts to the same thread , right ? If I'm wrong please correct me , anywhos here you go , Starting with one of my favorite of ALL time Haibara Ai >>>Speed Paint:<<<< Youtube: Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHzTOIfWu7Y Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41ZOipXtep8 Do drop a comment If you liked it pelase^_^ Links : DA :http://alicin.deviantart.com/art/Drabble-Ai-Haibara-596799862 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BC--w6Ej2t6/?taken-by=anikixvi Tumblr: http://aniki-xvi.tumblr.com/image/141096835723
  5. Hello. I was wondering for sometime about the reason her birthdate was stated to be unknown in Conan Drill book. If I remember correctly Ran's birthday is also unknown but I read in an interview that the author has a reason that keeps him from revealing Ran's birthday for the time being. So how about Haibara? is it the same case as Ran?Was he never asked about her birthday in any of his interviews?
  6. Going straight to the point -- Do you know Lina Inverse? If you are a die hard fan of Detective Conan, it's impossible that you had never seen. Maybe you do not remember where, so here it goes -- Lina is the protagonist of Slayers, one of the very first animes launched in DVD in late 90's. Watch the Funimation trailers! The character voice in japanese is performed by no less than Hayashibara Megumi, in other words, the voice actress who gave more life to Haibara Ai. Although Slayers takes place in a world which monsters and knights are part of landscape, you'll still feel at home. Imagine how Haibara would do to, without the use of physical force, knock out the most evil enemy? Yeah, that's it... with her intelligence and sharp tongue. Just a short phrase from her would disturb anyone who opposes to her. Watch Slayers! Pay attention on the verbal techniques of Lina Inverse and post your comments. I bet that you won't feel uneasy!
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