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    I believe is Shiho Birthday on the april 13
  2. Akemi is a Spy.Akemi not Die on episode 128.My theory sometime crazy but Possible. Akemi have a Husband.Husband is Shuuchi.Proof on the 580.Why not kill Scary shuu. Akemi is still alive.Akemi is Secret Marry to Shuichi.If BO or Conan find out this Secret.Will not Guess some people. I Think is Bourbon is Akemi Akai.She in the CIA.I Believe is Shuichi Alive.Shuichi is Scar shuu.
  3. Why out if this topic win will He Heart
  4. Why he is Still alive.No Anokata believe shinichi kudo is Die
  5. Do you Believe That Gin is a cold?If you Believe that then you most think Shinichi Kudo will die.So why is he Still alive.
  6. I believe is Black Organization one people in the group.
  7. Im Crazy Idoit.I Know is my theory.
  8. We didn't see Shiho bet see was there in the First Episode Detective Conan.
  9. I Believe Shiho Meet Shinichi. Before He take APTX 4698.Shinichi were together when they were chirdren From baby to 7 old year.
  10. Not Forgot Ran is Shiho
  11. 1.yugioh Series is First anime and watch bet like way Fight to alive.My Favories Game this yugioh to 75 Skill and 25 Luck .2 pokemon is Love game and Love characters.3 Case Closed/detective Conan Because I love this show is Funny,Action,Romance, and Many Theory.4 is code geass is I like this story and Love characters.5 InuYasha is love this Story.
  12. Yes i do.I Believs is Soulmate Conan/shinichi and Shiho/Ai.Bet I love ran not with Shinichi is something wrong in Couple.I Believe is Shiho 5-7 Friend if Shinichi.You them Episode 1 Shiho they not we see her in because Gosho Trick us thousand.I sorry.Bet My Theory is Shinichi forget her.
  13. Ran Scary cat if Vampire,Wareworf,Ghost,Witch,Course, and possible Zombie.Ran is brave to Risk own alive.Ran is Scary cat she is strong woman.
  14. I not believe is end soon because prouf is everything.I believe is end around 2012 or 2020.The year 2012 is be luck end in 2012 but if 2020 will end happen episode 1000.I Can't in 2010 or 2011 because Gosho is play around this Show.
  15. Akemi Miyano is Subaru Okiya.Subaru Okiya is bourbon but him is CIA or one Agent of USA not FBI.Because her Husband is Shuuchi Akai.Akemi Help him Die to walk alive like Zombie.Akemi not want know it Shiho her alive because is Conan not know her alive.My Theory is Gosho plan is soulmate meet again and war good VS evil Detective conan will Fight One or more season in the series I believe is episode will end is on 1000.My Predictions is next season is like war Black Organization VS Police,FBI,CIA,other Organization,Other Agent not say,Detective boy and lawyer.Will be hill season is detective conan.Subaru is a spy like her father Atsushi Miyano is a CIA.Subaru is in Black Organization a spy not cold kill.I believe shuuchi is alive to because is hard kill him.Akemi not professional agent like her Husband.Shuuchi more Strong and more Brave her.Akemi more smart and more skill.There team is hard to beat them.
  16. ShinichiXShiho.I believe Shiho Secret weapon in the Episode 1.prouf Shinichi alive.My theory is shinichi 5-7 Friend is shiho in USA.Shiho in love him.my theory is both love in now never this will never.Shinichi Forget her then Crush on the Ran.I Prouf is Episode 1.129 176-178 190-192 230-231 292 335 340 345 414 509 and little hint in the most her appearance bet little is hard catch.
  17. Kudo more win case with skill and brave will Light will lose anything is will Shinichi win and alive tell the story to win bet Could one will help light Masa
  18. Kudo Lot Better is L.L more lot more is Kudo
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